A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO: Philadelphia-Based Strategies

Search engine optimization, also called SEO, is becoming a prominent method for digital marketing services because of its effectiveness for both large and local businesses.


Any company with a physical location can greatly benefit from optimized local searches to boost business online. Fortunately, if you want to optimize your business with local SEO, Philadelphia has many options.


What Is SEO?


Search engine optimization is the marketing method of optimizing website content so that it ranks high in search engines.


When you type a couple of keywords into Google, the search results displayed are gathered by the search engine’s algorithm. It presents you with the content it thinks is most relevant and generates a positive user experience.


One of the biggest ranking factors for local search results is the use of relevant keywords. Search engine algorithms consider the correspondence between the searched words and the keywords present on a website.


Well-formatted sites with great content also tend to appear higher in search results.

Overall, local SEO efforts work to optimize online content according to what makes search engines happy.


Additionally, local search engine optimization considers the location a search takes place. As a result, local businesses can enhance their marketing tactics with local SEO services because it brings better brand awareness to users in the area.


Is There a Difference Between Standard SEO and Local SEO?


A national-level SEO strategy utilizes target keywords for a broader audience. Meanwhile, local SEO uses centrally focused keyword research that helps the website appear higher in local rankings.


A local search considers the specific targeted keywords in addition to the current location of the searchers. Google, for example, recommends a local business website in the target city to provide the best user experience.


Local SEO can be a great benefit to businesses in the Philadelphia area, especially as there are almost seven billion Google searches every day. As a result, boosting organic search results through local SEO can increase traffic to your site and business overall.


What Makes Good SEO for a Local Search?


Almost half of the daily Google searches seek local listings and utilize local SEO. However, a search engine must think that your content is the most relevant to certain keywords. To do this, there are several local SEO tools and techniques to enhance your relevancy.


The following are some local SEO ranking factors that can boost your online visibility.

  • Local link building with other websites
  • Accurately display your business name, address, and phone number in online listings
  • Enhance your site for Google My Business
  • Appear in local business directories
  • Link to Google Maps or Apple maps
  • Be compatible with mobile search
  • Complete a local SEO audit
  • Produce local content
  • Sponsor local events and get involved in the local community

How Does SEO Help Local Businesses?


Local SEO increases the chances of reaching local customers on search engine results pages. This is a fantastic internet marketing method as potential customers seek a specific service.

If search engines consider you one of the top local services, then you can grow your small business even more without direct marketing tactics.