Comprehensive Guide to Media Buying From the Top Advertising Agency Philadelphia, PA Has To Offer!

How does your company choose the right advertising agency? Philadelphia has lots of them after all! The same ad concept for the same type of product in the hands of two different advertising agencies can have very different results in terms of boosting sales or client interaction. Why is that?

The answer may lie in the media planning and media buying strategy each advertising and marketing agency uses.

Small decisions regarding who to target, how to get the message out there, and when to run the digital marketing campaigns can have massive ripple effects on the success or failure of the marketing strategy.


Social Media Marketing Has Changed the Advertising Landscape

An advertising agency based on anything other than social media marketing strategies will find it very hard to survive in this digital marketing landscape. 

The demand for marketing services in Philadelphia, PA has changed drastically over the last few years.

Marketing agencies in Philadelphia now find themselves having to deal with the latest developments in technology focusing on, for example, web development, search engine marketing, web design, public relations, and mobile app development.

However, through all that, some things remain the same since the days of running TV commercials. One of these is the need to have an effective media buying strategy.


Five Steps to Media Buying and an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Advertising agencies in Philadelphia, PA that want to provide effective digital marketing solutions that are relevant today need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Know Your Goals

Do you want to sell more products, get more brand recognition, or simply improve the levels of interaction between you and your audience? The answer to this question will set the tone for the rest of your digital strategy.

Step 2: Determine Target Audience

While millennials will most likely be found on Facebook, YouTube, or their couch watching the game, younger audiences prefer TikTok and Instagram. 

If your target market is the professionals of Philadelphia, PA, LinkedIn is your best bet. Know your audience first so that you know where and how to reach them.

Step 3: Choose the Best Time

A digital marketing agency based on audience targeting strategies needs to also know the right time to reach out with their ad campaigns.

Step 4: Know Your Budget

Digital marketing services will come at a cost, as all seasoned advertising professionals know very well. Philadelphia advertising agencies must be able to budget properly and make sure they stick to the budget at all costs.

Step 5: Consider Predictive Analysis

Once a Philadelphia advertising agency or advertising firm grabs the attention of its audience, staying on top will be a matter of knowing the behavior of the target market as well as future trends in the industry. This is what predictive analytics is all about.


Find a Full-Service Marketing Agency in Philadelphia That Ticks All the Right Boxes!

With so many Philadelphia marketing agencies to choose from, it’s more important than ever to choose the right one. Find a full-service advertising agency that provides realistic solutions to your needs through effective media buying strategies.

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