Digital Marketing Services in Philadelphia – 6 Steps to Guide You in Branding Your Business

Implementing effective marketing strategies can involve successful brand building. While there are many resourceful digital marketing services in Philadelphia, you can start developing a brand on your own.

Continue reading to learn the six steps you can take to build a brand just like a professional digital marketing firm.


What Goes into Building Brand Identity?

Before starting to build brand awareness, you must first consider the elements required to ensure your marketing materials are as effective as possible.

There are three components to consider:

  1. Brand strategy
  2. Brand identity
  3. Brand marketing


The strategy part considers the goals of your business growth. This is when you should determine your target audience. Do you want to favor existing customers, or is there another demographic you hope to shift toward?

In addition, the identity segment of the brand-building process is combining your goals with your brand story and marketing strategy.

Brand voice, messaging, color palette, and overall brand personality make up this part.

The final part is marketing. Conducting an effective marketing campaign that aligns with your goals plays a role in your overall brand image.

A top digital marketing agency can assist with social media marketing, web development, search engine optimization, and more!


6 Steps to Build Your Brand

Brand creation and development is no easy feat. Digital marketing experts can provide input, but you know your business best.

As such, you can follow these steps to start building your own brand:

  1. Identify your business’ purpose and values
  2. Understand what makes you stand out
  3. Determine your target market
  4. Create a personality and voice
  5. Develop visual assets
  6. Design brand guidelines


The first step in building a strong brand identity is finding your purpose. What service does your business provide? What makes you passionate about it? From there, you can determine your values.

Next, discover what makes you stand out. How do you differ from your competitors, and what makes customers choose you over someone else?

Subsequently, you can determine the target customers you hope to engage with.

Digital marketing professionals recommend starting with the more strategic steps before delving into the more creative side of brand development.

Once completing these, you can identify the personality of your company and its unique voice. This is how your business is going to communicate with its audience.

The next step deals with visual identity. This includes the brand logo, web design, and general imagery.

Your brand’s logo design should effectively communicate the identity of your business while your brand’s online presence should maintain a uniform brand vision across platforms.

Finally, solidify your brand positioning with guidelines. This should include your mission 

statement, values, and the coordinated iconography assigned across the brand.


How Top Digital Marketing Agencies Can Help

Seeking brand success starts with taking the right steps. While you can develop your business identity yourself, the resources of a digital marketer can make a world of a difference.

A digital marketing company can assist with many critical tasks, including content marketing, internet marketing, and generating effective marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, your goal should be to develop a recognizable brand within your audience.

There are lots of experts in Philadelphia, PA!

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