Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Video Marketing for Your Business – Video Marketing Agency in West Chester

In order to create a good video marketing strategy, you must be aware of several factors that can determine whether your video will attract customers or not. However, remember that marketing isn’t an exact science, so feel free to experiment with your video content and distribution strategy to learn what works best for your brand. Nonetheless, if you still feel lost, you can always hire a video marketing agency in West Chester.


Video Strategy Do’s

Create Authentic Content

Nobody wants to see the same repeated content they see everywhere. Therefore, the most appealing way to get to your target audience is by creating authentic content, such as success stories, video testimonials, and other great marketing videos that connect people to your brand.

Be Aligned to Your Goals

You must always have a goal in mind before creating videos. Some examples of this could be to reach your target demographic or a certain number of sales. Either way, having a clear picture of what you want will make it much easier to create aligned content.

Hire Video Production Services

Although making our own content might feel much more personal, once your business starts growing, you won’t have the time to do that, so hiring video production services might be a great idea.

Get Good Lighting and Audio

In order to create a great video shoot, you can’t use bad lighting and audio, as this will terribly affect the final product. Therefore, make sure all your online videos have the highest possible quality.

Keep the User’s Attention

Most people have a very short attention span because of all the media we consume every day, so you must measure the watch time and create new strategies for your preferred marketing channel so that people watch all your videos.


You can’t have a good marketing strategy if you forget to measure your KPIs. This is especially true if you have a landing page, as you must apply search engine optimization techniques to get more people to watch your video.


Video Strategy Don’ts

Forget the CTA

All marketing strategies must have a CTA because your potential customers won’t know what to do after they’ve watched your content unless you directly tell them. Adding a CTA will surely improve your business’ conversion rates.

Always Try to Go Viral

Don’t forget your branding because something is trendy, and you want to go viral. Many brands create videos that are completely out of character for their brands to get views, but this rarely ever works well for them.

Assume Users Will Hear the Audio

Most videos are watched without turning on the audio, so you need to rely on the visuals to send the message, even if that means you should add subtitles.

Share It Only Once

Don’t share your video only once; you can rely on other channels to share it as much as possible and get many people to see it.

Finding the Best Video Production Company

This sounds like a lot of work, and it is, which is why many business owners rely on video production companies to create a solid strategy that will allow them to reach their objectives.

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