How a Video Marketing Agency in Philadelphia Uses Long and Short-form Content

How a Video Marketing Agency in Philadelphia Uses Long and Short form Content

Whether in private or corporate video production, it’s essential to learn how to use different kinds of content to achieve different results when necessary. The capabilities of video content have evolved and that means the way audiences consume it has also changed.

For example, while long-form content has its place, some marketing videos will only achieve the intended objective in a shorter form.

How Does a Philadelphia Video Production Company Define Short and Long-form Content?

Suppose you were to ask a general marketing company, a real estate marketing company, and a social media marketing company. In that case, you may get three different responses, but thety’ll likely all revolve around the same basic premise.

There is a timeline at which anything over it is considered long. Video production agencies will often use the 10 minute mark.

When Should Video Production Companies Use Short-form Content?


Shorter corporate videos are more important today than ever considering the ever-lowering attention span of target audiences. Whenever a multimedia company wants to put out content that’s on the easier-to-digest side, going shorter will usually be a good idea. Some examples of this are:

  1. Ads, which should be as short as possible while informing viewers of the intended message.
  2. Brand videos that are more suited to a social media audience.
  3. When video producers have a lot to say over time and will be releasing the information over a series of individual videos.

When Is Long-form Content Better?

Given the attention span challenge with today’s audiences alluded to earlier, you’ll want marketing services to be very careful about when it is that they use long-form content. There’s no need for you to immediately start looking elsewhere when you find that these videos remain one of the main service offerings of a video production company.

The format is most certainly not dead. On that note, this is when you’d want to go for longer videos:

  1. When your objectives are to inject personality into your brand and build a deep relationship with your audience.
  2. As is the case with other kinds of content, being longer boosts its SEO readiness.
  3. If you find yourself wanting to leave a lasting impression, for example, when you premiere small business creative projects.
  4. When you want the time and space to tell a good story to your audience.

How do Philadelphia Video Production Companies Help Small Businesses?

They do so by coming up with marketing strategies that use the right kind of video production style depending on the objective. Beyond that, they will also, through strategic planning, come up with the touchpoints that the production needs to highlight to have the best effect.

This information will be used to shape the script, personalities, and effects used to ensure that the message is delivered as intended.

Why Is Hiring Video Production Services a Good Idea?

It’s simple! While you could try to do the video production yourself, you would not have access to the tools, experience, staff complement, and post-production equipment necessary to achieve the lasting impact you want on your own.

Final Remarks


A video marketing strategy in today’s landscape should use both long and short-form content depending on which is appropriate. Above, you got a look at the strengths of both options.


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