How to Perform a Content Gap Analysis Just Like an SEO Agency – Philadelphia Business Tips

Many digital marketing agencies propose clients take advantage of SEO, or search engine optimization, to boost their content and brand. There are several SEO tools to develop user experience, but quality campaigns go a long way with regular content gap analyses. When it comes to an SEO agency, Philadelphia has plenty of digital marketing experts to conduct this search, but you can do this too!

Continue reading to perform an SEO content gap analysis just like a top digital marketing agency.

What Is a Content Gap Analysis?

The process involves analyzing the existing content of your website and comparing it to competitor websites. In doing this, you can identify content gaps to fill and engage with your target audience.

Routinely performing this kind of investigation can boost your business online, turning more website visitors into customers. Many SEO companies in Philadelphia apply this to their digital marketing strategy, especially for local businesses.

Why Is This Analysis Beneficial for Digital Marketing

Content creation is obsolete. Conducting keyword research is a core part of SEO strategies, but the relevancy of those words changes, and so does the overall content of a website. As such, a comparative study between your site and its competitors can be an effective method of progressing your web development and building more business.

Digital marketing services effectively utilize these analyses to tailor content to search engines. While keeping competition in mind is crucial, your SEO strategy should still focus on optimizing a particular keyword.

How to Complete an Analysis without Search Engine Optimization Services

You don’t need an expert SEO team to perform an effective content gap analysis. Here are the steps to identifying the specific content gaps your site should fill:

  1. Understand the site visitors’ experience
  2. Conduct market research
  3. Analyze the results

The first step involves mapping out the journey of the website visitor. What is their experience from someone who has found cool content online to a customer?

Once you understand how potential customers trek through your platform, expert SEO consultants recommend performing more research about the market. What are some of the biggest questions and concerns regarding the topic or the product?

After this, you can compare the current site content to user interests. Then, make adjustments accordingly and boost your SEO campaign and content marketing strategy.

How a Philadelphia SEO Company Can Help

The SEO services of an internet marketing agency can implement digital marketing strategies, such as a content gap analysis. While it provides helpful insights into the SEO industry, you can conduct research from your own office. However, experts can help fill in gaps.

Having the tools for filling in content gaps is especially important for a small business owner. Local SEO is changing constantly, and Philadelphia SEO experts can assist in this strategy as it can benefit marketing techniques.

Overall, you don’t need an SEO company to perform a content gap analysis. With the proper know-how, you can enhance your SEO campaigns within your own company.