Marketing for Self-Storage Companies: How to Level Up Your Business

The self-storage industry has a promising future. It has seen consistent growth over the last few years, and experts predict the industry to maintain this steady rise. One in three Americans rent at least one self-storage unit.

With so much promise ahead, self-storage businesses are in a great position. However, that doesn’t mean much without the proper marketing strategies.

Developing the right self-storage marketing ideas can boost your reputation and gather more potential customers.


Conduct Market Research and Identify the Target Audience for Your Self Storage Business


One of the best self-storage marketing tips is to conduct market research.

Understanding the status of self-storage facilities within the local community can help you build a more effective marketing strategy.

Much of the research for your company can be conducted through internet searches. Look to popular websites or other social platforms to recognize what people are talking about.

After researching the current market for self-storage units, you can find your target customers. Finding the customers to whom you want to direct your advertising streamlines the development process.


Implement the Right Self-Storage Marketing Plan

There are many strategies to advertise storage space rental. Traditional methods include getting involved in the community and spreading awareness by word of mouth. However, our digital world allows your storage advertising ideas to develop online.

Social media marketing efforts are a great method to expand your audience and gain more leads. Creating and maintaining an online presence even appeals to previous customers because it builds on past business relationships. Popular platforms to promote your business include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.

Another popular strategy is email marketing. It is a simple way to inform current and potential clients of all the happenings within your storage services. Plus, it is a simple path for your clientele to access online rentals.


Build a Website and Optimize Your Self-Storage Facility

A great storage marketing tactic is to build a high-quality website. A user-friendly site is a favorite landing drop for customers to receive information about your business. Plus, your website is a reflection of your company or brand. Why not make it the best it can be?

Adding information that customers–both current and potential–need in a visually appealing manner on your site can set you up for greater success.

Information your site could feature includes a clear explanation of the rental process, positive reviews, and contact details. Creating a great customer experience makes a positive difference. As such, your site’s content should be accessible, look visually organized, and be easily readable.

After building the best website, allow people to find it quickly and easily through search engine optimization, also known as SEO. This is the technique of adding relevant content to a webpage so that it can rank high on search engines.

With a high SEO ranking, people are more likely to click on a webpage, resulting in high traffic and more potential business growth. SEO is a cost-effective method of digital marketing that can increase visibility for your storage service. It’s a skillful tactic that can take your self-storage company to the next level.


Marketing Can Greatly Favor Self-Storage Businesses

As you can see, marketing can be a great tool to level up your business. It’s time to take advantage of it!