From Likes to Leads: How an SEO Social Media Marketing Agency Can Help Your Business Succeed

Likes are a good indication of how responsive your target audience is to your business service. How do you ensure your business can build traffic and get more likes which can be converted to leads?

SEO services, especially ones targeted toward improving your performance on social media, are the key.

Here is a rundown of ways a social media SEO agency can help your business succeed.

Shoot up online visibility with an SEO Agency

Social media marketing amongst other services in digital marketing has a unique way of increasing awareness of small businesses. Social media has become the mainstay and a leading digital strategy.

Top SEO companies adopt social media marketing as a great means to increase the online presence of their clients. And in turn, benefit the return on investment for the business.

Social media marketing can ensure online visibility in two (2) different forms; social media presence and website traffic.

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Social media presence

Having a strong reputation on social media is a good avenue to stay ahead in the industry trends and also, an integral part of digital marketing strategy.

Increases brand awareness

Firstly, social media presence increases brand awareness. People will only buy what they know and the same applies to your audience. Using content creation, SEO companies promote brands by creating awareness.

Wide audience reach

Additionally, an effective presence on social media helps to reach a larger spectrum of audience. Businesses have gone from local to global using digital marketing services of which social media is a part. Business growth is the core essence of every business, and social media presence guarantees that (with terms and conditions applied).

Strengthens engagement with audience

Another benefit social media presence offers is a relationship with your audience. Not everyone truly understands the importance of having a good relationship with their customers (after all, it is just business right?) Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

The mere knowledge that you have competitors who can snatch your customers away in a blink should keep you on your toes. A healthy relationship ensures that your audience stays loyal to your company. And just to add, every customer deserves to be kept.

Effective advertising

So, you have followers and likes, but how do you convert these likes to leads and sales? Targeted advertising. An SEO company in Philadelphia can leverage paid advertising on social media to reach a target audience. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, algorithms streamline the content to possible clients based on their histories and interests. This helps your ads to hit your targets spot-on.

Review platforms

Finally, an SEO company can get insights into the market by tracking the campaign performance on social media platforms. They can tell how posts and campaigns are doing and are also able to compare them with those done by other SEO companies. This helps to improve digital marketing strategies and techniques.

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Website Traffic

It may seem tricky how a marketing agency can drive website traffic using social media, but surely, they can. When a business is doing well, it is only normal to ask for its website. That is where the action happens. Major lead generations, conversions, and lots more.

Visibility on websites has its many perks and just like social media presence, it heightened the awareness of a brand. This time, it is done through search engines.

More so, increased online presence on a website boosts search engine optimization. After the web development firm has done its bid in creating a beautiful and user-friendly web design, the web developer builds the site, and then, an SEO agency takes over.

This SEO company makes the site ready for traffic and traction which can come from social media or other means. Ranking factors are put into consideration to increase visibility and sales for clients. A suitable digital strategy like content marketing and search engine optimization tactics are adopted.

Optimize Conversion rate

The chances of clients signing long-term contracts with the award-winning agency of the year in Philadelphia, Padula Media increase greatly after a first trial. Undoubtedly, conversion rates grow exponentially with social media and content marketing on various platforms.

It is not enough to have a functional website but one that generates leads and conversions (whether physical or digital products). An SEO team bears the burdens of page rankings, building links, and other website services that boost search engine optimization and increase leads.

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Aid digital marketing services with web development companies

For a company’s digital marketing strategy to be full-blown, a team of experts in different fields will be on board.

A marketing agency offers these services; search engine optimization, social media management, email marketing, link building, off-page optimization, local SEO, web design, web development, and lots more.

Every team handles specific tasks making the whole digital marketing process smooth and seamless.

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Social media marketing as it has been established is only but an arm in the body of digital marketing. In the project management for your digital marketing, a web development company will play a prominent role. Most times, a mobile app development company as well (if there’s a need for mobile apps).

This is of course only necessary if you do not partner with a digital marketing company that isn’t a full-service provider.

Web development companies oversee the very basics of keeping websites running and at optimal levels. They handle web design, web development process, technical SEO, and in all, monitoring the overall website performance.

Furthermore, web development companies take care of fixing the navigation structure and URL structure of websites for their clients. Whereas, an average marketing agency does the on-page aspect of search engine optimization which includes local SEO, title tags, meta descriptions, placing Google Ads, and the like.

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Final Word

Make the top rankings in your industry with our effective social media and search engine optimization team. Padula Media finds pleasure in working with businesses in Philadelphia and beyond. Whether international or local SEO, we got you covered.

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