Struggling With Inbound and Outbound Marketing? Hire a Video Marketing Agency in Philadelphia

Effective marketing services are those that are geared towards not only finding customers but also building a connection with them. However, reaching out to your target audience in this way is not always an easy thing, which is why you need to hire a good video marketing agency in Philadelphia.


Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Video producers have long since discovered that one of the best ways to attract potential customers is by taking full advantage of the power of visual media. In this case, inbound and outbound videos can be used to effectively boost the potential of your digital marketing campaign.

When we talk of inbound marketing, we are referring to those strategies that utilize the “pull factor” to bring customers toward your business. You could, for example, use video production to help entertain and engage your customers.

Outbound marketing, on the other hand, is a more traditional strategy that aims to “push” customers toward your brand and deliver higher sales figures. It is mainly used to target customers who are not yet ready to make a purchase but would appreciate knowing about your brand for the day they need your full service or product.


Is Google Ads Inbound or Outbound Marketing?

Yes, Google Ads is a very effective inbound marketing platform. It allows you to easily advertise your products or services on Google and gain wide visibility on search results pages.


Importance of Marketing Videos in Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies

Videos in both your inbound and outbound marketing strategies are very important if you want your marketing campaign to succeed.

With the right video production company making your videos, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Improved visibility on video-focused social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Ability to say a lot more in very little time
  • Your target audience will find videos to be more easily digestible
  • The pre and post-production is a chance to create a video with a personal touch


Three Inbound Video Tactics Used by a Video Production Company

If you are using a video production company to enhance your marketing strategy, here are three tactics for inbound videos it should employ:

  • Email and Newsletter Video Sharing – This is a great way to use video production to announce a product launch or event via email
  • Organic Social Ads – Video blogs, or Vlogs, are a great way to connect with potential clients in a relaxed and genuine way
  • Educational YouTube Content – When you need to educate and convince customers that yours is the right product for them, you can create educational YouTube content


Four Tactics for an Outbound Video Marketing Strategy

Outbound videos rely on the following tactics:

  • OTT Ads – OTT platforms provide you with a great alternative for publishing brand commercials
  • Television Ads – Although a bit dated, TV ads still have the potential to reach millions of viewers
  • Paid Social Media Ads – These provide one of the easiest ways to reach out to customers in your location using videos that stand out
  • Video Billboards – You can create billboards that are a lot more eye-catching than traditional ones


Looking For Effective Video Marketing Solutions? Hire Philadelphia’s Top Video Production Services

If you want your videos to make a splash in your niche industry, you will need a video marketing team that can focus on your needs and develop an effective video marketing strategy.

There are many such video production companies to choose from in Philadelphia, so find the right fit for your website and get your stories out there.

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