Tips for Successful Video Marketing in Philadelphia

Located in the Greater Philadelphia area, Padula Media has helped various businesses reach their goals through video marketing. This unique, up-and-coming form of marketing is important to master as it continues to grow every day. According to statistics from Lemonlight, 99% of respondents enjoy watching video content from brands online. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a video marketing campaign in Philadelphia.

1. Ensure there is a takeaway from the video. Whether it is teaching the prospective client/customer how to do something or providing testimonials from previous consumers, it is important to identify what the audience should take with them from the video. a. Here is an example of a customer testimonial used for video marketing by LifeLock. 2. Keep the video short and to the point. Viewers may lose interest if the video they are watching is too long or redundant. This is also beneficial in having potential clients do more research and, therefore, visit a website or social media page if there is one available. If all the information is given up in one video, it prevents the potential clients from going any further in their search. 3. Stay up to date with trends. It is important to recognize what the target audience is interested in at specific times. This will help to keep the video content updated and fresh; no one likes watching the same promotional video every time they visit a website. Not only is it crucial to stay up to date on the trends in terms of content, but also where said content is being posted. There are so many different social media platforms and websites out now, so pay attention to the audience being targeted and where their attention may lie. While it has not been around as long as other forms of marketing, video marketing is the key to reaching a wider audience and growing one’s brand awareness. For questions on how to begin with video marketing, contact our team Padula Media at or visit our website at