Video Marketing Agency in Philadelphia – A Complete Guide to Video for Real Estate

The real estate industry is much like marketing. Agents have a product – homes and property – that they want to sell. As such, they must present them in the best way possible. A video marketing agency in Philadelphia can add depth to your real estate agency marketing by creating visual content that engages with your clientele.

Continue reading to learn more about everything you need to know about how real estate videos can boost your marketing.


Why Use Real Estate Video Marketing?

Marketing videos create a more polished and professional atmosphere for prospective buyers. It shows that real estate agents take the time to display property. Additionally, it allows buyers to receive a more comprehensive view that goes beyond photography.

Therefore, real estate video content can generate quality leads with more inquiries than without. An embedded video for a property page can boost visibility on search engines, which means potential clients can find properties much easier.


How a Real Estate Agent Can Use Videos

There are several reasons to create videos for your real estate marketing efforts.

The first reason is to make a video tour of a property. This can give a more intimate look so that clients do not have to travel to see an inclusive view of the home or building.

Client testimonial videos are another beneficial element of your marketing strategy. These help boost the agency overall, rather than a specific house.

A similar video option is to create an engaging one wherein you are in front of the camera. You can answer questions or provide a personal touch to show a residence online.

Here are some other video project ideas to get your creative juices flowing when meeting with videography services:

  • Informational video about negotiation skills, insurance, and money when buying a house
  • Home improvement projects and ideas
  • How to boost home curb appeal
  • Short film or footage introducing the real estate team

The beauty of working with production companies is they can help you identify the best ways to create more engagement among prospective clients.


Where to Post Real Estate Videos

The digital age allows past clients to connect with potential buyers from your agency. However, you can create a testimonial video or a listing video to help control a positive conversation.


Many homebuyers start their search through websites. An engaging video shows high-quality work from your agency. As such, you can impress potential customers by going the extra mile on your website.

Social Media

Additionally, social media videos are highly effective, as almost any real estate agent should not be without these networking accounts. A social media campaign can be a selling point that generates interest and new leads.


Finally, email marketing is a popular format for brand awareness. You can attach a video to the email chain, which makes it more engaging and also shows a home online that goes beyond photos.


How a Video Production Company Can Help

The National Association of Realtors Research Group surveyed that less than half of real estate agents take advantage of video to showcase new properties – despite the many benefits. You can work with a respectable, boutique real estate group to generate video content created specifically for your agency.

There is a lot that goes into displaying the best features of a specific property or a real estate business. The best real estate videos have quality background music, natural light, and a relevant video description.

You may not be too familiar with some of these characteristics. Therefore, working with a top-notch production company can engage with the right audience for more leads.

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