Where to Go for Video Production – Philadelphia Company Selection Considerations

Starting a new content marketing campaign is exciting, but you’ve got to think about the information you provide and the avenue you choose. While text with images is nice, you may want to branch out into video production. Philadelphia, PA, businesses should be focused on multiple content-viewing options to engage customers and keep them coming back.

However, Philadelphia video production isn’t as easy as you might think. In fact, most company owners can’t do it themselves. Therefore, you need the right team created for you, and a branding agency or marketing company might be the best choice. 

Let’s learn more!

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What to Ask the Video Production Company Located in Philadelphia, PA

The most important thing to consider is that your budget should not be the crucial factor when choosing a video production company. Philadelphia brands know they’re putting money into making the video content, and they want it to be good! 

Low-quality and poorly-executed brand videos can do significantly more damage to your brand’s reputation. 

Here are a few questions to ask:

The Experience of Top Video Production Companies Philadelphia Offers

Video production isn’t easy to do, so you must ensure that the team focuses on your needs and has experience. That doesn’t always mean a specific number of years in the industry. For example, the advertising agency could have over a decade of years in business, but they’ve never handled a broadcast video for the industrial supply association.

Experience focuses on the amount of work accomplished, its quality, and client satisfaction. Often, this question allows you to ask for samples from past work. The best companies aren’t afraid to show you their corporate video production. Philadelphia business owners must ensure everything lines up with their digital strategy.

You can actually see how the creative agency puts videos together and how they build the content! It should focus on search engine optimization, but it must also fit in with your social media marketing strategy.

video grapher philadelphia
video grapher philadelphia

The Education of the Video Production Crew

Find out where the project lead, group account director, and creators went for their education. While they don’t have to attend the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School, they should have a formal education background.

The Niche of the Video Production Agency

You want the best video production companies Philadelphia, PA, has to offer, but it needs to be tailored to your niche. They might have tons of viral ideas, but they’re not part of your marketing strategy.

For example, a homeopathic medicines company might not want a broadcast video that showcases aerial shots from drones, but that’s what the video production brand offers. Make sure their branding expertise fits your requirements.

Likewise, economic development industries may not want a video with animals, though that’s what the video production company is best at.

Types of Videos the Video Production Company Can Produce

You need the best video production services Philadelphia can offer, and the company you choose should be able to create all types of marketing materials. These can include tutorials, about-us videos, live-action broadcasts, and product videos. 

Though you might not need those video production options now, you may require them in the future. Make sure their creative vision matches yours so that you can create a digital strategy that meets all your goals.

Information about Company Culture for the Video Production Agency

You must ensure a new employee fits in with your company’s culture, and that’s true for luxury commercial video production. Philadelphia business owners must ensure that the company they choose has the same successes and values. 

Talk to past clients to ensure that content was consistently over-delivered, the staff features a very professional feel, and they offer customized solutions for video production to meet your needs sufficiently.

How Does the Video Production Company Located in Philadelphia Measure Success?

Understand the metrics used by the video production company. How do they know they’ve delivered quality goods before post-production?

What’s the Production Process Like?

Ask the company what their video production process is from beginning to end. That tells you how much resources, effort, and time they’ll put into your digital strategy.

What Ideas Does the Senior Video Marketing Manager Have for Your Video?

Once you speak to the video production company about your needs, ask them how they would approach the situation. They won’t give you their secrets, but they will present ideas that they’d use for you.

Work out the Logistics 

You know that Philadelphia video productions are hard to create, which is why you’re hiring someone for the job. Here are a few more questions to consider:

  • How long is a normal timeline for similarly sized projects?
  • When can you start video production?
  • Do you use custom or stock designs?
  • What potential delays might we hit, and how might you overcome them?
  • What music will you use?
  • Do you provide the actors or voiceovers?
  • What backdrop settings and locations are included?
  • Is there a professional screenwriter available?
  • Do you include editing before post-production?
  • What equipment do you use?

Can You Provide Professional-grade Videos?

While most video production brands can’t offer an immediate response time, they should respond to you quickly and be responsive at all times. Make sure you ask if they’re extremely flexible and provide quality animations or live scenes, depending on your needs.

video editing
video editing

Do You Have Marketing Expertise Along with Video Production?

You’re making this video for a reason – to market yourself in some way. Therefore, you require a video production company that will partner with you and ensure it’s all done correctly.

What Other Services Are Available?

Usually, ad agencies don’t offer only one service. The team specializes in search engine optimization, web development, or social media marketing, but they also handle video production. It’s best if you can get everything possible from one business.


Are you interested in the best video marketing Philadelphia has to offer? Padula Media provides various services to meet all of your needs. Video production isn’t easy, but it’s possible to promote your brand more if you utilize it effectively. Now is your chance to get assistance. Contact us today!