10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Businesses in Philadelphia

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The role of marketing for your business can not be overemphasized whether big or small, businesses need marketing at its core to succeed. Most importantly, marketing is not limited to some kinds of business. It cuts across goods, products, and services. So, if you’re wondering if this blog post is for you, you have your answer. We have established that marketing is for any business, however, understanding marketing strategies will require that you first examine the uniqueness of your business. This way you can better understand what strategies will be more efficient.



Working with professional services is a smart way to improve marketing and sales and also understand the strategies suitable for your business. Today, we will consider 10 effective marketing strategies for businesses in Philadelphia.


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Effective Marketing Strategies


There are numerous strategies that can be used by a marketing consultant and we will discuss them in two parts – traditional and digital marketing.


Traditional Marketing Strategies


Before the advent and growth of technology, businesses engaged in marketing and this is what we refer to as traditional marketing. Below are 5 effective ways to market using the traditional method;



1.Print Media



This strategy consists of the display of billboard signs (about a product or service) at strategic points, especially along busy roads. Also, it involves placing ads in newspapers, flyers, and magazines which are sold or distributed.


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2. TV and Radio



Commercials are made and played at intervals on TV and Radio stations about a product or service. Everyone who watches the TV or listens to the radio will be reached via this method.



3. Direct Mail



This involves the use of postcards, letters, catalogs, and samples. Prospective customers are reached directly through postal services.



4. Exceptional Customer Service



Customer care service at its best is a powerful marketing strategy. Word of mouth is a proven method to get new customers and what better way to gain it than through satisfied customers? Serving your already existing customers well will guarantee that they do not just come back but they will not come back alone. Now this is what I call unpaid ads.


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5. Partnerships and Sponsorships



A brand or business sets itself up for visibility by partnering with other businesses for events or projects and also through outright sponsorships or brands, projects, or a given course.



Digital Marketing Strategies



Digital marketing basically covers business online marketing and it includes elements like web design, search engine optimization and search engine optimization services offered by an SEO firm, and other online services that give visibility and brand awareness. It is the dominating marketing strategy now. However, this does not in any way make traditional marketing ineffective. In fact, both of them work best together. That being said, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of digital marketing and what makes it all the more outstanding.



Our company specializes in reputation management, and high-quality work in the Philadelphia area.



6. Paid Ads



Similar to traditional marketing, the digital aspect of marketing also involves ads but the medium makes the difference. Here, ads are done on online platforms like search engine, social media, and more.


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7. Email Marketing



An email marketing manager can so easily engage your mailing list with consistent valuable content and resource. This keeps you and your business in the faces of your audience and soon enough, leads to conversions.



8. Social Media Marketing



It might interest you to know that as of 2011, 72% of Americans were active on social media according to Pew Research Center. More so, Tiktok’s active users are over 1 billion in more than 150 countries. And Instagram second to Facebook has over 500 million daily active users. Mind-blowing! I’m not sure what you make of these facts but I’m thinking market. This is where the game changes for your business. An expert social media account manager can be in charge of your social media management for assured success.


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9. Content Marketing



It only gets better. Content marketing is a step further into the marketing game. This digital strategy deals with everything content – from videos to blog posts, articles, social media posts, and the like. Content writing services create relevant content using keyword research and search engine optimisation techniques to improve search engine results pages and awareness of a brand.



10. Search Engine Optimization



This is the icing on the cake! Search engine optimization is an effective way to drive organic traffic to your website, unlike search engine marketing. This would require web development if you do not have a website already for only ecommerce SEO. The best SEO services you can get in Philadelphia from the Top SEO agencies and SEO professionals are as follow;


  • SEO consulting from skilled and experienced experts.
  • Expertise to identify valuable keywords for your search engine optimization.
  • Off-page SEO and off-page optimization (covers aspects of link building, reputation management, SEO audit, and more).
  • Specialized hands-on SEO campaigns
  • On-page SEO and on-page optimization
  • Technical SEO team for technical support and maintenance.
  • Monitoring web analytics, and other SEO strategies.

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Philly SEO Consultants Company Philadelphia


Like many other businesses thriving online, you can employ the services of SEO agencies in Philadelphia. Reputable SEO companies have a track record of increasing visibility on search engines. You can however choose to use a digital marketing agency because they offer much more than just SEO services. A digital agency service will range from;


  • web development and web design
  • inbound marketing
  • social media marketing
  • project management
  • mobile app development
  • ensuring search engine optimization (SEO) success including local SEO
  • e commerce SEO
  • providing an expert project manager for each task
  • other digital services

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Top SEO Companies


Enjoy the best full service SEO from the best SEO company or SEO agency. There are a couple of them that you can check out like Ahrefs, Neil Patel Digital, and SEMrush (kindly note that these SEO providers are not based in Philadelphia, though they offer global services). However, be sure to do your homework on them before you trust them with your business and money. Also, consider their payment plans (some SEO agencies have monthly SEO plans). One way to be certain about the SEO agency you pick is to check their SEO efforts and search engine optimization works previously done for other companies.


Final Words – Our SEO Agency


We are a reliable SEO company here in Philadelphia and we offer search engine optimization services for all businesses even for brands like a law firm. Our SEO strategy amongst others has proven to work effectively for businesses over the years. Consider the marketing strategies we’ve discussed and watch your business grow exponentially.