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Your Google My Business Page is a way to show up in daily, worldwide searches and for shoppers to find you and believe in who you are.
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The best rule to follow on your Google My Business Page is NAP – a consistent Name, Address, and Phone number. Having this across 46 directories Google cross references will get your business to where it needs to be on Google. It is important for your business to have an up to date and well managed Google My Business Page because it is an easy and simple way to show up in daily searches done by customers worldwide and for shoppers to legitimize who you are.

Google My Business is a constantly evolving online solution that requires strategies. We stay up-to-date and give you tools to implement including a way to easily to read reviews from customers and interact with them! This allows you to have a stronger connection with your customers and improve your customer service and satisfaction. 

Padula Media is more than happy to aid you with your My Google Business Page to keep it up to date and efficient, allowing you to focus your time and effort elsewhere!

Allows you to manage reviews, local reputation management, and keeps your brand consistent across all platforms. Keeping things organized and uniform.

Analyze customer behavior and profile interactions through this function. We help make data-driven decisions to shape your marketing campaigns and improve your businesses presence.

Engage more profile visitors with informed branded content, market your products accordingly and acquire customers faster, improving lead generation.

While building your online reputation, monitoring reviews is excellent and engaging with customers frequently at scale. This is easily done through a Google My Business Page.

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