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As a leading Philadelphia marketing agency, Padula Media understands that accessibility is not just about complying with guidelines – it is about improving your website and online presence to accommodate everyone, regardless of their abilities. Just as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) transformed how we build and navigate a physical location, it is also now reshaping the digital landscape to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to the internet in a way that works for them. As a business owner, having an ADA-compliant website is more than just ticking off a compliance checklist – it is about showcasing your brand’s commitment to universal accessibility and inclusivity. At Padula Media, we can help you achieve ADA compliance with our team of web developers and digital marketers, who are up-to-date on the ADA standards and basic principles of making your web content accessible to all.

What is ADA Website Accessibility?

Creating accessible websites is vitally important. It ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can use and access digital content online. This is what ADA website accessibility is all about. It is the practice of designing websites in a way that removes any barriers that could prevent people with disabilities from interacting with them.

ADA website accessibility is not just about making websites accessible for the visually impaired. It also includes people who have a variety of disabilities, such as hearing disabilities, visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, and other motor disabilities that can impact a person.

It is important to make sure that websites are accessible and usable for people who use assistive technologies like screen readers, text-to-speech tools, and switch technologies.

How to make a website ADA-compliant

There are many ways to make websites ADA-compliant. This includes different user interface components like:

What is ADA Website Accessibility?

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has developed a set of ADA compliance standards known as WCAG Guidelines. These guidelines can serve as a starting point for website owners to update and keep their websites accessible and usable for all visitors.

The federal government has also outlined guidance on how commercial websites can provide reasonable accommodations to those with disabilities. This guidance outlines specific steps that website owners can take to ensure that their websites are accessible, such as providing text-to-speech functionality and ensuring that all content is available in alternative formats.

Creating an accessible website is not just about being compliant with the standards — it is about creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all users.

By making websites accessible, virtually all businesses can create a better experience for everyone and potentially gain more customers, partners, or brand advocates. It is a step towards a more empathetic and inclusive digital world.

Padula Media can help you follow these guidelines outlined to provide a better user experience to all visitors. Give our team a call today if you are ready to improve your website and provide an inclusive online experience for your brand.

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What is ADA Website Accessibility?

Making your web content ADA-compliant benefits not just your disabled users — it also helps improve web accessibility for all site visitors. Making your website fully ADA-compliant means you will:

Draw in a Wider Audience

Did you know that nearly 1 in 4 U.S. adults live with a disability? An ADA-accessible website can help you reach this vast audience and provide equal access to everyone that is hoping to interact with your business.

Enhance Brand Perception

By promoting inclusivity, businesses project a positive brand image, demonstrating social responsibility and thoughtful user experience design. At Padula Media, we bring accessibility to the center of our web development and content services. Our team of experts are professionals in building websites in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), making sure that all functionalities and information are accessible to users with a wide range of abilities.

Boost SEO Rankings

The biggest search engines score your website based on its user accessibility, which also makes it easier for search engine crawlers to read. By incorporating automated tools, text alternatives and other assistive technology, you are also indirectly improving your SEO strategy.

Minimize Legal Risk

Accessibility lawsuits and web accessibility complaints have been on the rise. Having your website be ADA-compliant minimizes the risk of any legal action or other potential damages from state and local governments. You can save on legal fees and avoid any legal action with an accessible website.

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ADA compliance, when done correctly, is much more than just a checklist. It is a commitment to building a digital space where everyone is welcome and able to benefit from your business. And in today’s digital age, the importance of your website meeting ADA compliance is crucial.

If you are looking to overcome accessibility issues on your website, our development team at Padula Media can help. We have a team of experts who are well-versed in all of the ADA compliance standards and can work with you to ensure your website is fully accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities.

We understand the importance of providing a great online experience for all website visitors, and that is why we can help work closely with you to ensure your website meets all accessibility requirements.

Ready to create a website that is accessible to everyone? Contact Padula Media today and take the first step towards improving the digital accessibility of your online marketing and website!