Boost Your Visibility: The Ultimate SEO Company for Contractors

SEO marketing for home contractors

The market is filled with all kinds of contractor businesses looking to leverage the power of human attention. Yes, it is fleeting and very hard to keep, but it makes all the difference between staying undiscovered and connecting with your target audience.

There are millions yet to discover your contractor business. SEO services aimed at boosting your online visibility can get them knocking on your door before you know it. Here is how.


What To Expect From an SEO Company for Contractors

You are not a stranger to your SEO company. As much as you have your client base as a contractor, you are the client in this case. Have some healthy expectations from your contractor SEO marketing company.

Here are some expectations to have if nothing comes to mind;

Open lines of communication

Being able to communicate freely with your SEO agency is one virtue you must not trade for anything. It is your marketing lifeline – the fate of your marketing success depends on it.

Proper flow of information leaves no stone unturned in any dealing. It is through smooth communication that you can get your message across to your audience. And most especially, the way you want it.

The lines of communication between you and your SEO marketing company should be open enough for your brand messaging to be well captured and conveyed to your audience. How important is this?

It shades off misrepresentation from the get-go. A lot may be lost if damages are incurred even if damage control measures are later implemented. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

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Open lines of communication for your contractor SEO services are beneficial for the understanding of the following key points;

Brand information

Important information about your brand is the basis for your digital marketing. Your brand identity is used to propagate your contracting business given that it sets you apart from your competition.

More so, it is your trademark on which your potential customers rely. This simply means that when a marketing strategy is executed whether through an ad or posts, your brand identity leads your audience to you. They are not confused as to which contracting business it is.

Your brand name, logo, brand voice, colors, and many more are used to create all your marketing campaigns across all platforms. More importantly, consistency with branding stamps your identity online.

Target audience

Every business has its unique points that make a difference in their industry. And one of the pointers to these distinguishing factors is their target audience.

Your client base may differ significantly from that of another company in the contracting business. However, your SEO company may not be aware of this unique difference and is susceptible to creating marketing strategies for the wrong audience.

This can easily be avoided through communication. Clear information about your definite audience can make the strategies adopted for your contractor SEO marketing apt.


What are you trying to achieve with SEO for contractors? The communication process makes room for better understanding and insights into your search engine optimization goals.

The fruits you hope to reap by the end of a period should be clearly outlined to your SEO company so they do not miss the point. Imagine pouring so much resources, time, and SEO marketing efforts only to gain more leads that are not beneficial to your business.

SEO marketing ideas

Your contractor SEO process starts with going over various ideas with your agency for the best possible fit. You both need to see eye-to-eye on the SEO marketing strategies to work with.

Based on your preferences and budget, you can conclude some contractor SEO services to opt for. You can align these services and strategies to your business goals in ways that benefit you.

Work dynamics

The structure of working together and implementing SEO services for your contractor marketing is determined through communication. You decide the finest way to work to achieve the set goal.

If your internet marketing company will need content from your site or from your company to put up social media posts or website content, they may need to come on-site or receive materials from you.

Mapping out deadlines for this keeps the flow of work rather than tearing it apart. You can agree on a good time to send marketing materials and content to your agency to maintain the flow of work.

contractor SEO strategy

Made-to-order SEO marketing strategy

It is no longer news that all businesses have different ways of doing things. You definitely have some ideas of your own of how you want your business to go and the things you hope to achieve.

Your preferable disposition about your contracting business must be integrated into your SEO marketing to enjoy the benefits. A custom contractor SEO strategy is what you need for this purpose.

A made-to-order strategy focuses on the unique qualities, goals, and expectations of your business and uses it for your marketing. You cannot miss it with SEO marketing when it is tailor-made just for your business.

This means that keen attention is given to your brand, specific audience, and every little detail that makes your business special and different. Getting your personalized SEO strategy is one of the benefits of using an SEO company for contractors. Be sure to take good advantage of it.

Clarity in all dealings

Being in the know is expected of your relationship with a contractor marketing agency just like any other relationship. Do not be afraid to demand that of your project manager.

Be a part of the process and stay up-to-date. You can know the milestones that have been achieved, the stumbling blocks that you can help sort out, and other delicate marketing-related options.

Transparency in your dealings allows you to collaborate freely with your agency. It puts you in a relaxed disposition and you can make notable progress.

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Contractor industry knowledge

You may want to pick a marketing agency that is well acquainted with the contracting business. They must have a good level of industry knowledge that allows them to market your business well.

Basic insights into the preferences of your audience as well as the local market are some profound perks of industry knowledge. You would not spend extra time on basic education.

More so, building a rapport with your audience will not be a struggle. Communicating with your clients in the way they understand will not be a hassle and a better flow in language will be formed easily.

White-hat SEO practices

Fraud and unethical practices exist even with search engine optimization. These practices are bound to tear down the reputation of businesses online in no distant time. Unfortunately, SEO marketing has some black sheep among us.

Black-hat practices indulge in activities that try to manipulate the search engine rankings without putting effort the right way. They do so without considering the effects on their clients.

contractor SEO

Black-hat practices include;

Keyword stuffing: this involves using too many keywords, relevant or irrelevant for website content. The adverse effect of this is poor user experience.

Cloaking: Manipulating crawlers of search engines by showing them different content from the ones on websites is another way that people practice SEO. This content is usually different from the ones presented to the audience.

Manipulation of links: Website rankings can be inflated artificially through link farming and other ways of gaining links. People also buy and sell links to affect their rankings.

Hiding texts and links: White texts on white backgrounds, tiny fonts, and other CSS techniques may be used to hide links within web pages. This is aimed at making them visible to search engine crawlers while hiding them from users.

Doorway pages: Users are left with little or no value when specific web pages are created with low-quality and stock-rich keywords only to serve as doorways into the main websites of those pages.

Content scraping: Search engines lose the trust of websites when they plagiarize other websites. Content scraping deals with duplication of content with permission or proper referencing.

These are just a few of the methods unethical SEO agencies adopt for search engine rankings. These techniques can ruin your long-term chances of ranking on search engines. This can be avoided however from your choosing process.

Ensure that your SEO company uses ethical practices for their search engine optimization and save your website and business issues in the long run.

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Knowledge evolves with time and so do trends. Marketing right requires that you evolve with new knowledge and trends available to your industry as well as to the general marketing world.

Being stuck in old techniques and ways of doing things may cost you greatly. You lie at the mercy of going extinct. Nonetheless, you can grow with new knowledge.

Whether it is digital marketing or just SEO strategy, your agency should be flexible enough to adapt to changes that can bring your business good fruits.

Best practices and algorithm changes are the bedrock on which your SEO manager reforms your strategies for good. This also means that they must be up-to-date with trends and changes in the digital world.


You may call this loyalty to your brand but it goes beyond that. You should expect a dedicated account manager assigned to your project to ensure consistency with your SEO marketing.

Beyond being loyal to your contractor marketing, there is a need to ensure dedication to it. This is the one element that ensures they grow your business.

Through dedication, your contractor business is given complete attention and nurtured like a growing child. And guess what, the child will grow into a good adult.

Expect that close attention is given to optimizing your contractor website so it ranks organically on Google and other search engines.

account based marketing

Full knowledge of search engine optimization

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to search engine optimization. It involves much more than creating content or pressing some buttons to rank on search engines.

Many independent areas come together to create a wholesome search engine optimization experience for websites to rank well. These different areas cover elements on web pages, at the back end, and even outside the website itself.

Without proper knowledge of all these distinct areas, your SEO efforts fall short and come to naught. However, SEO companies with rounded knowledge bring completeness to your SEO marketing.

You do not have to look for all these qualities and many more. Contact our full-service SEO company for your customized contractor marketing strategy.

SEO Contractor Marketing Ideas

Your contractor business can make do with these ideas to create an ideal SEO strategy that ranks;

Keyword research and optimization

Researching relevant keywords for your website optimization is the first step to optimizing your contractor’s website. Your contractor SEO services rely on these relevant keywords in your industry to host all SEO campaigns.

When customers search for anything related to contracting business, they can see your website if it is well-optimized because they searched with these keywords.

Conduct keyword research to help you gather the search phrases of your audience. As a result, you can output content and optimize your web pages to be seen by them.

The right keywords come in two basic forms: short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.

Short-tail keywords: These are keywords that contain one to three words in it. They are mostly important for new audiences searching out the industry for the first time. Examples include construction companies, contractor services, and more. However, short-tail keywords tend to have more competition as opposed to long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords: These are more concentrated keywords that contain longer words. Unlike short-tail keywords, these are less broad and quite specific. An example is, the best contracting company in Philadelphia. They are less generic, hence, less competition.

search results

Quality content strategy

Optimizing your website is incomplete without quality content. Content on which you can implement SEO strategies like keyword optimization and updating your meta information.

Elements like meta tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, and a lot more are basic meta-information needed for SEO success which anchor your content.

More so, crawlers and bots look out for quality content to answer internet users’ search queries. Your potential customers can also lean in for valuable content that serves them to return over and over.

This is a sure way to retain your audience and keep them stuck on you. They are always searching and they will definitely find it. If they do not find it on your business page, they will most definitely find it on your competition’s page.

Technical SEO

Sorting out website issues that can hinder the optimization of your website is one way to rank. At the back end of your website, basic elements like your URL structure can make or mar your SEO marketing strategies.

You can keep this under wraps and ensure that it is always functioning at the optimal level to get the wholesome benefits of SEO.

Technical SEO uncovers areas like;

Site speed: The amount of time it takes for your web pages to load can determine your site’s bounce rates. An increased bounce rate is not a good sign and having a delayed loading time contributes to an increase.

Indexability: For your website pages to appear on search engine results pages, it first has to be on search engine indexes. This means that your website has to be indexable. Your meta robot tags, HTTP status codes, and canonical tags just to mention a few are attended to.

Crawlability: Being recognizable by bots and crawlers for further vetting means your site is crawlable. Elements like your sitemap, robots.txt file, internal link structure, and the like make it possible for your site to be crawlable.

Mobile-friendliness: To rank on search engines, you have to pay the price of optimizing your site to function properly on mobile devices. Having a mobile-friendly website gives room for more of your audience to reach you. This also means that they would not encounter challenges accessing your website from their mobile devices.

general contractor marketing strategy

Local SEO and optimization

Ranking on local search results can benefit your local business much more than ranking on the search results of a different location. Of course, you can still service many areas but before diversifying your business into other areas, focus on optimizing locally.

Local SEO strategy draws in potential clients from your local area to your business. It gives you online visibility with your local audience and allows you to connect with them better.

Your SEO marketing campaign in your geographical area adopts strategies that appeal to your audience considering their preference, demography, and even culture. It is a tailor-made approach that gives you leverage for your construction company.

Furthermore, you can take on other approaches to rank your local business. Using local optimization tools like Google Business Profile gives you an advantage in Google search results of your area.

The chances of your business gaining search traffic have increased greatly. Not to mention that it is an organic traffic. Which means that they are likely to convert and grow.

Generating leads that are more probable to convert is increased when you invest in local SEO. Whether it is paid advertising, social media marketing, and the likes, ensure that they are targeted to your local audience.

Social media integration

Your account-based marketing would include other strategies like social media marketing for business growth. Having a social media presence boosts your SEO efforts and opens a doorway to your website.

You can gain website traffic by integrating your social media platforms into your website. Your social media posts may include links to your website which potential clients can visit for more information on a particular campaign or content.

Potential customers can be drawn to your business page just by being a part of your social media community. With the right keywords used also on your social media, you can be visible to your audience.

Additionally, backlinks to your contractor’s website can be gained from social media. This aspect of SEO is called link-building or off-page SEO. Social media integration is a win-win.

A general contractor’s digital marketing strategy covers ads like Google ads as well as social media ads. These are targeted ads that can be leveraged on social media platforms likewise. Social media is an effective marketing channel that can be a building block for your SEO marketing tactics.

mobile-friendly site

SEO audit

As new leads are gained, they must be managed unless they are lost. Your SEO team is in charge of keeping track of every activity on your website. In addition to hosting contractor SEO marketing like on-page SEO, there is a need for tracking.

SEO audit allows you to go over the general contractor marketing strategy for your website and note its performance. This is essential to review your efforts, know what works, and how to improve your contractor’s SEO marketing.

As much as you gain new leads, have increasing online visibility, and even have more conversions, it is important to know its intricacies. Tools like Google Analytics make the work easier as you can have on-the-go data for better decision-making.

Final Word

You know what to expect from us as your SEO company from contractors and some of the many services that can grow your business. It is up to you to make your contracting business stand out.

Whether it is SEO marketing for home contractors or any other specialization of contracting, we are here to service you fully. Let’s be your full-service SEO go-to guy and watch your business grow so fast.

We are just one chat away. Contact us now for more information.



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Ethan is an experienced Content and Copywriter. He graduated from Clemson Univeristy with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. After graduating he moved to Europe to teach Englsh in Hungary and Spain before returning home to get back to his marketing roots. When he isn’t working, Ethan loves to travel, play soccer, play guitar and spend time with friends and family.



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