Digital Marketing Services in Philadelphia – Google Analytics Metrics Every Small Business Owner Should Recognize

While digital marketing services in Philadelphia can help small businesses reach their goals, utilizing software can also help generate successful marketing materials. Google Analytics is a program that allows owners to track their site’s performance. It is excellent for any sector, including the financial services industries, IT, and other services.

Continue reading to learn more about how this tool builds user engagement.


What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that tracks unique data regarding the website for your business. It helps identify whether you are reaching goals or whether you should make any changes.


What Are Google Analytics Metrics?

Google Analytics metrics are the data points found within the software. These are what help you track performance.


Metrics Every Small Business Owner Should Know

The Google Analytics dashboard is divided into four different user segments. A small business owner who recognizes the different components and the metrics that make up each can strengthen their digital marketing strategy.


Top digital marketing agencies always recommend business owners recognize who their target market is. Google Analytics has features that can help you find your demographics. Some critical metrics you can gather from this section include:

  • Number of site visitors
  • Average session duration
  • The ratio of new customers and returning ones
  • Demographics

Utilizing the audience section of Analytics is a fantastic way to develop your content marketing and web design. It provides insights into how potential customers interact with your business and its website. Understanding this data unlocks better development of:

  • Email marketing
  • Public relations
  • SEO services and organic traffic
  • PPC advertising
  • And much more

Acquisition and Social Media Marketing

The acquisition is the second part of web development. Once you identify your audience, you can discover how you acquire visits. Successful marketing campaigns rely on intel, which can be found on Google Analytics:

  • Traffic generation
  • Google Ads
  • Campaigns

A top-quality digital marketing company would advise small business owners to sift through these Google Analytics metrics, so they can see what works. This area greatly benefits the brand’s online presence through social media marketing strategies, search engine optimization, and internet marketing.


Digital marketing professionals advise business owners to understand how customers interact with their website after arriving. Google Analytics displays the following metrics that can help you enhance your digital strategy:

  • Website flow
  • Website speed

While online advertising can bring people to the site, the design of the website is what solidifies the conversion of a site visitor to a customer. As a result, digital marketing experts highly recommend using behavior metrics to advance your website.


The conversion section helps track when website visitors take the action you want them to take. This data includes:

  • Tracking business goals
  • Completion of goals
  • Conversion rate
  • Abandonment rate

Before you can track this data, you must input the goals you hope your site achieves. Then, Google Analytics begins to track progress – from completion of the goal to the value. The abandonment rate alerts you of the ratio between completed goals to goals that were started.


How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Help

A digital marketing agency located in Philadelphia, PA, can help small and medium-sized businesses achieve their goals. Smaller businesses’ target audience is found within the local community.

As such, marketing professionals can assist with content marketing services, video production services, reputation management, social media management, and more to develop marketing efforts.

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