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The growth of the online retail industry has made it difficult for brick-and-mortar stores to compete. However, due to the overlaps between the two, local businesses can take advantage of this and improve their online customer experience to maximize sales. If you’re a retailer in Philly looking to take your business online, contact the leading company specializing in Local SEO Philadelphia.


How to Use On-site Features to Complement Physical Stores

The marketing strategy you choose for your physical outlet will always differ from what you should do for your online store. 

Besides focusing on search engine optimization, small local businesses can use the following tips to complement their retail stores:

Address Queries Immediately

Live chat support has made it easier for businesses to provide the same level of exceptional service as their physical store, making their customers feel valued.

Businesses can automate live chat support through the implementation of chatbots, allowing them to answer common queries and concerns, only leaving complex matters to the support assistants.

Letting your customers know how easy they can get support whenever they need it is encouraging and will help build trust.

Offer Rich Product Content

One of the key advantages of visiting a retail business is to explore and inspect the products before purchasing. Online stores cannot replicate this type of physical store experience.

However, no matter how much you’re interested in purchasing a product from a retail store, you cannot browse around for hours. Online stores eliminate the rush associated with brick-and-mortar stores and allow users to spend as long as they like to browse local listings through the store’s product catalog.

To replicate the shopping experience at retail stores online, businesses can offer rich product content, such as tutorials, explainer videos, guides, size charts, product descriptions, and more. It can help users choose a product or determine if it is right for them.

Incorporate Dynamic Recommendations

Brick-and-mortar stores place their products in a unique manner. A supermarket, for example, has staple foods at the back of the store, requiring customers to walk past many different products.

This type of store layout allows shoppers to grab items they may not need before reaching the aisle with their products, increasing the store’s sales. You cannot do this in online stores.

What you can do to maximize your store’s revenue is to provide dynamic recommendations to your online shoppers.

Using data and add-on software, you can offer your customers relevant product suggestions. It lets buyers know what the online store has in stock, enticing them to purchase items and increasing their revenue.

Focus on After-sales Service

Another advantage of a website over a brick-and-mortar store is the after-sales service you can offer your customers. You can reach out to your existing customers through social media and ask them about the product they’ve purchased and any feedback they would like to give.

In most cases, customers often have minor issues with their purchases, and since they don’t consider it serious enough, they won’t actively pursue customer service. 

However, if you were to reach out to them, you could learn more about these problems and take action to resolve them, resulting in happier customers.


Boost E-commerce Business with Best Local SEO Company in Philadelphia

Ranking for search engines is crucial, and so is providing features on your online store that replicate the same level of customer service as your physical outlet. Step up your game in the online world by contacting the best local SEO company in Philadelphia today!

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