Inside the Best Advertising Agencies West Chester, PA, Has to Offer

There are a lot of people and hard work involved in running a successful ad campaign. If you’re a business owner, reaching out to one of the leading advertising agencies in West Chester, PA, to grow your business is crucial.

From understanding the client’s needs to developing a marketing strategy, creating an advertising campaign, ensuring compelling writing, crafting stunning visuals, and more, an ad agency must execute every aspect of an advertising campaign flawlessly.


Functional Departments of Advertising Agencies

An ad agency has several functional departments to assist them in executing a successful marketing campaign, including the following.


Contact Department

The contact department is one of the most important departments at an advertising agency. An advertising agency needs to maintain existing accounts and allocate resources to bring new clients to the business, which is the primary responsibility of the contact department.


Media Planning or Buying Department

The media department is responsible for planning, budgeting, and executing client media campaigns. Executives in the media department must work together to implement media strategies and reach the client’s target audience effectively. 

After running the media campaigns, the department is responsible for analyzing and reporting on the campaigns’ success.


Copy Department

Also referred to as the copywriting department, the copy department is the creative brains behind the media campaigns. The department is responsible for getting the client’s message across through writing.

The copy department works closely with the contact department to understand the client’s brand, their products and services, and their target audience. 

After understanding the client’s needs, the copy department starts to write compelling and persuasive content for different media channels.


Visualization and Art Department

Also referred to as the creative department, the art and visualization department creates visual content for media campaigns.

The creative team is a group of graphic designers, visual artists, and executives. They collaborate with the copywriting and contact departments to create visual representations using various tools and techniques.


Production Department

Once the copy is ready, the production department assesses the technical aspects of producing advertising campaigns. Some advertising agencies outsource production services to companies with the tools and people to execute TV commercials, radio spots, print ads, digital banners, and more.


Traffic Department

The traffic department must coordinate with other departments, create schedules for running media campaigns, and ensure they meet deadlines.


Accounting and Finance Department

The accounting and finance department is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the company. They are responsible for

  • Managing cash flow
  • Creating budgets
  • Processing payments
  • Maintaining accounts
  • Forecasting revenues and expenses
  • Complying with all relevant tax laws. 


There may be other responsibilities depending on the size of the advertising agency.


Research Department

Key to the growth of the ad agency, the research department is responsible for researching and analyzing trends, competitors, and the target audience to help develop effective media campaigns. 

The research team also provides reports to the office management to help them convince clients to subscribe to their advertising services.


Public Relations (PR) Department

A favorable public opinion about the advertising agency can help build goodwill and attract more clients. They are also responsible for running the company’s social media account.

All the departments at an advertising agency must work in unison to ensure effective advertising campaigns that address the client’s needs and help them achieve their goals. Depending on the size of the advertising agency, there may be other departments as well.


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