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Just like documentaries or music videos, your wedding videography tells a story about your love. The celebration of your love with your spouse is captured in fine detail. Take advantage of drone videography and bring a unique perspective to your special day.

How a Drone Videographer Works with Wedding Videographers on Your Wedding Video

Teamwork and communication

From the planning stage until the final output of your wedding video, your wedding videographer works in tandem with the drone operator to ensure a symphony. Teamwork and constant communication are paramount for a smooth and successful video coverage of your wedding day. Teamwork is especially important to avoid collisions and disruptions between the drone and ground videographers.

In the case where there is no teamwork or proper communication, shots from either professional videographer may interfere. This may lead to the complete loss of an important scene or moment at the ceremony. Meanwhile, this can be easily avoided with efficient communication.


All the details of your wedding videography are sorted out in the planning phase, long before the big day. All the creative moves and special moments are taken into consideration in the planning stage. Most importantly, both videographers strive to understand your vision, goals, and expectations of the event.

Things like capturing special moments, your preferred style, important guests, and more are all discussed here. Even so, you can chip in on the angles you would certainly love to see in the final product.

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Shot list

There is usually a list of expectations for the videos and photos for the wedding day. Starting from the couple’s preparations to the reception area and the event itself. Surely, there is room for spontaneity, however, expert videographers set out with a list of must-take shots.

Before the event day, the drone and wedding videographers work together on possible shots to be taken. If there’s a need, both videographers decide on which angles to focus on.

The best videographers consider these key areas for an ideal shot list;

Before the event

The couple getting dressed for their big day is a profound moment for them. Videographers capture videos of this with information about their outfits and jewelry. What’s more special than capturing the reaction of you and your spouse upon seeing each other before the wedding?

During the event

The entire setup of the ceremony and its beauty are captured in videos. Also, wedding photography takes a more professional approach to capturing the bride and groom as well as family members and guests. The couple’s first kiss, exchange of vows, walking down the aisle, signing the marriage certificate, and more are also taken here.


Videos and photos of your reception hall are taken. Video content for this aspect covers the decor, food, bouquet arrangement, cutting of cake, couple’s first dance, toast, speeches, and the like.

Emotional moments

There’s no fixed moment for this aspect of wedding videos and photos. Clients differ and so do their emotional moments. The key is to look out for emotional times which may vary depending on the couple and the setting of the wedding. However, times to look out for may include the exchange of vows, toast, speeches, and first kiss, just to mention a few.

Unique elements

Long years of family traditions that may apply to one person or both are seen in this aspect of the video. Special dances or performances are also a part of this wedding videography element.


The videography covers the services of each vendor working at the wedding. This may include the vendor for decorations, the florist, musicians, photographer, and so on.

Additional shots

Possible takes here may include footage of the venue at different times before, during, and after the wedding event. Behind-the-scenes and collaborative efforts of all services that made the day possible are also included here.

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Camera positioning

The video production of your wedding video starts from the venue. Like other events, the videography for your wedding requires the proper setup of video production equipment. Hiring professionals for both your drone and ground-level videography services is the first step to getting an artistic video of your wedding. However, if both professional videographers near you do not work in sync, you may not get a desirable video.

Your drone videographer must understand his job as it aligns with the wedding videographer. Understanding each individual job description and predominant area of coverage helps both videographers to work optimally.


All videography services offered on occasions such as your wedding are geared towards creating inspiration for young loves. Both professionals find a rhythm and singular style to create a love film about the couple. Just like a documentary, storytelling starts from the planning phase through the filming process and post-production (editing).

Both videographers near you are saddled with the prime responsibility of creating a film about your love. Reviews and heartfelt comments about the couple from the guests may be included in the video as well.

When you hire videographers for your wedding, ensure that they are on the same page with you about your dream film.


The work of videographers does not end after the filming of the event. They take a step further to turn the raw footage into something appealing with special effects and features. This is one area where your videographers for drone and ground level need to be on the same page. Depending on how they work and the packages, one videographer may have to put the clips together.

Music and texts may also be incorporated into the video for special effects. Texts may be in the form of reviews from guests. This usually evokes emotions for the clients when they read reviews about their love and union.

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Collaboration with the wedding photographer

Photography for events is just as important as videography. Collaborating with photographers also enhances the quality of footage from events. The drone operator may take pictures from different angles and the photographers may be aware of proper movement at the venue to avoid disrupting the flow of things.

Final Word from a Wedding Videography Company

The celebration of your love is nothing compared to the cost of a wedding videographer. Drone videography has been more prominent in popular cities like New York and has given perspective to videography and photography.

No matter the cost of hiring a professional videographer for your wedding, it can never substitute the joy of having a classy and creative video. And don’t forget to hire experts who are prepared to go the extra mile.

Fortunately, you can find videographers near you at affordable prices using our video services. Search us at Padula Media and get the perfect videographer for your wedding.

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