Philadelphia SEO: Should You Cut SEO in a Recession?

seo in a recession

Should You Still Make Use of Philadelphia SEO Services?

Because of the volatility of the economy, companies, like everyone else, reduce expenditures during an imminent economic recession. When sales slow down, firms frequently first cut their digital marketing budgets.

Cutting back on content production and link-building is an easy and immediate expense to cut without seeing revenue suffer immediately since brand recognition and search engine optimization (SEO) are always long-term strategies.

Should you still be hiring SEO companies during recessions? Is it still essential to rank at the top of various search engines?

Yes, SEO is still crucial!

Google’s Algorithm

After working with Google for a while, you can start to tell what they do to always support quarterly results. It’s amazing; for instance, it became evident in Q4 2021 that Google’s PPC algorithm was becoming careless with excessive spending on utterly useless traffic.

As Google made adjustments to its algorithm to increase the aggressiveness of spending mostly on traffic with limited value, overspending issues that would only occur once per quarter happened five times a month.

Google’s Current Algorithm

Currently, Google is filling the entire SERP with ads before organic listings. Therefore, it’s crucial for your business to rank as one of the first options on Google to be seen by potential customers. A Philadelphia SEO company can help with this.

Should People Stop Investing in Search Engine Optimization Services?

No, absolutely not! SEO is a high-profit spend-once strategy that helps your brand invest in more PPC. You only pay once; however, the results will keep improving over time. Therefore, it is a cost-effective way of managing your business.

Allowing an SEO agency in Philadelphia with experience in digital marketing services to handle your web design and SEO campaign will also help save you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

How Does a Recession Affect SEO?

Honestly, it doesn’t! The main difference is that Google might increase the amount of unpleasant advertising it displays to maintain its revenue. Since SEO is not a digital marketing expense that is instantly profitable, individuals believe they can reduce it without immediately noticing a decline in business revenue.

However, the opportunity cost is enormous. Being an online brand, you shouldn’t fully abandon your SEO strategies when the majority of brands rely on it for about 30% of their website traffic and earnings. The opportunity cost of skipping SEO during a recession when others are slashing their digital marketing budgets is the bigger problem.

Local SEO in Philadelphia and PPC both operate in a highly competitive sector. However, SEO is often the first thing to be cut during a recession, which means everyone else is doing the same. Brands that maintain an evolving SEO plan during a recession will fare much better than those who let theirs stagnate while everyone else gets bogged down.

organic rankings or clicks

Do People Even Click on Organic Listings?

Despite the fact that 63% of people click on advertisements, 37% of Google users do not! If your plan is a PPC-only strategy, you are ignoring millions upon millions of users because Google holds roughly 85% of the market share.

It is evident that when SEO is done correctly, it can provide great value. Never use a recession as an excuse to hire a low-cost “we’ll get you #1!” firm. Our Philadelphia SEO consultant is here to help you succeed and get you through difficult times. Your bank account will appreciate you if you execute SEO correctly and create a strong brand presence. 

We can help you get to the top of various search engines if you commit to the process.


Why Should You Still Use Philadelphia SEO Services During a Recession?

Philadelphia SEO services will be your company’s savior in times when the economy is suffering and marketing budgets just don’t go as far as they once did. You might be wondering why the SEO industry is effective in tough times. 

Here’s why:

SEO Builds Trust with Your Target Audience

When things are difficult, people tend to become a little less certain about who to believe, which makes sense. Think about the messaging we are exposed to at times like this.

Any sane person can become infuriated by sponsored social media posts, flashy banner ads, or overly loud 30-second TV spots. Regardless of how people behave, Google continues to be quite constant and trustworthy for various reasons.

People simply trust Google, for better or worse. Google’s endorsement carries a lot of weight when your potential customers are looking for the goods and services you have to offer. You’re missing out if your website isn’t at the top of Google’s list. You must show that your website deserves this priceless accreditation. Digital marketing agencies can help with this.

SEO Is Flexible

The fact that SEO is always evolving, much like your website and your overall marketing plan, is part of what makes it so effective. SEO consists of flexible, adaptive digital marketing strategies that, when used well, build your brand as your business expands.

There’s always an opportunity to improve, regardless of how long you’ve been successfully using eCommerce SEO services in Philadelphia or how new you are to them.

SEO Is Cost-effective

This is vital, particularly in a time of economic hardship when every dollar must be carefully considered and spent with at least some expectation of return.

SEO is cost-effective, not cheap. What does this mean? Your highest return on investment will come from a focused and successful SEO approach when compared to your typical marketing and advertising expenses. 

Your brand must be seen by people who are actively searching for what you have to offer. That is the only expectation for the money you spend on SEO. These are excellent leads who are prepared to make a purchase; all they need is the proper supplier.

SEO Is Authentic to Your Brand

The idea of Google’s mysterious algorithm, the opaque formula that instantly tabulates billions of variables to offer the most relevant pages for each imaginable search topic, is certainly familiar to you if you’ve spent any time devising SEO Philadelphia techniques. Many people have attempted to unravel the secret technique over the years (without success, unfortunately).

However, no one will suddenly move your page to the top of the search engine results for a broad search term, and no professional SEO company in Philadelphia would ever make such a claim in the first place. This requires time and effort.

We are arguing that making the necessary preparations to move your website closer to the top of the results is sufficient evidence for customers to make a purchase. It doesn’t get more authentic than Google claiming that you are the best company for a specific search term.

SEO Will Have an Impact Ling After a Recession

Even if it’s difficult to notice today, recessions are only temporary. The economy will recover eventually, and life will return to normal. People will start doing the things they enjoy, and both your company and your staff will be back in operation.

The uncertainty and fear you’re experiencing now will only be a memory in a few months. Because of this, getting ready for when life returns to normal is the most crucial thing you can do for your company.

Web development and keyword optimization are long-term investments. Reliable Philadelphia SEO agencies can help position your website at the top of Google’s suggestions in six months, a year, or five years (assuming you keep up with it, of course). Therefore, even though the future may be uncertain at the moment, start planning your SEO strategy now.

SEO Is Essential

By now, you’ve probably put this one together yourself. The future of your business depends on SEO. You’ll receive leads from the optimization of your website from top to bottom that you weren’t aware of. Maintaining a high-ranking page through a comprehensive SEO strategy is essential because it is the ultimate recommendation for your audience.

The work you put into SEO today will last much longer than any other marketing strategy or campaign you’ll be running in the near future, and it provides an ROI that other methods just can’t match. SEO is the way to go if you want your company to prosper once the economic downturn is over.

seo is essential
seo is essential

Hire a Philadelphia SEO Company Today!

A strong SEO strategy needs to be the focal point of your marketing strategy during a recession. A recession is not the time to give up or to start experimenting with wild or new advertising concepts.

We advise locating a trustworthy full-service SEO firm that can lay out an SEO-focused plan, lead you in the right direction, and position you for a significant increase in sales once normality returns. If you work hard and prepare your company now, your clients will find you rather than the other way around.

Similarly, if your competitors are out there and neglecting the advantages of SEO, they will have a long way to go before catching up to you. Businesses that make use of SEO services are well-positioned for success. However, companies that don’t will be buried on Google’s second page. Put your SEO plan of action into place as soon as possible for the benefit of your company. Hire a Philadelphia SEO agency today to prepare your business for any upcoming recession!