Sailing to the Top: Norfolk, VA’s Route to SEO Excellence

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Search engine optimization just got better with key strategies that ensure SEO excellence in Norfolk, Virginia. Here are some ranking factors that our SEO agency prioritizes for sure search engine rankings.

Ranking Factors for Search Engine Optimization Norfolk VA

In order to achieve excellence in your basic SEO efforts and stay ahead with a competitive edge, allow our reputable SEO agency to use the following ranking factors for your business website.

Click-through rate (CTR)

This ranking factor deals with the number of times that a link is clicked on by users. Compared to the impressions that it makes on search engine results pages, the number of clicks that it gets matters as well. It may be for web pages or search engine advertising as with Google ads but whichever the case may be, the click-through rate on a website is important for ranking on search engines.

Top SEO companies in Santa Cruz strive to increase the click-through rate of the websites of their local clients through other supporting search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Proper use of keywords for search engines

How a keyword is used for on-page SEO services is just as important as using the keywords in the first place. Without proper knowledge, one may shoot themselves in the leg in a bid to use relevant keywords to drive web traffic.

Sure, keyword research tools are used for professional SEO services to get the accurate search intent of the target audience. However, common mistakes can be made with these keywords if apt care is not taken.

One such mistake is keyword stuffing. This is when a keyword is used disproportionately on content like blog posts. In keyword stuffing, an SEO agency may use keywords more times than required thereby reducing the chances of a better search ranking.

Usually, keywords are to be evenly distributed among the meta tags, title tags, meta descriptions, headings, the content itself, and other aspects of on-page search engine optimization. But with keyword stuffing, the case is different.

Proper use of keywords by an SEO company in Santa Cruz is guaranteed to boost content marketing strategy using websites.

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Significant content

Content marketing is not just about using content to sell. It is essentially about using the right content. And this is where keyword research comes in handy for specificity and accuracy. Content marketing without consideration of what the audience in question wants is an unproductive effort.

Relevant and compelling content will ensure search engine visibility and conversion of potential customers. The content can be videos, blog posts, infographics, etcetera. More so, it can be educational, informative, or entertaining but ensure that it is relevant to the users’ search.

Relevant backlinks

Anyone would instinctively be drawn to influence and authority in any field or subject and this applies to search engine optimization as well. Having authority in the industry works like a gravitational pull. It pulls your audience toward you and as a result, Google and other search engines.

You may ask, how can one have authority in their industry especially when they are just starting out as a small business in Santa Cruz? The answer is quite simple – link building. This is an off-page SEO service that helps small businesses build credibility on search engines through backlinks.

Even with local SEO services, a digital marketing agency builds a network of inbound links that gives credibility to websites.

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Notable social media influence and local seo

Social media marketing is not left out in all of this. Significantly, digital marketing services have an interconnected relationship. From web design and development to search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, reputation management, and more.

The influence of social media engagements and the level of online visibility it brings impacts the ranking of a website on Google search results and the diverse search engines. Social media marketing may lead more customers back to a website which means more leads.

Technical SEO

A digital marketing company in Santa Cruz has to consider the technical functionality of a website in order for search engine optimization services to be successful. Search engine optimization is always an ongoing process and would require continuous efforts.

These SEO efforts involve a wide array of specializations to complete the SEO experience. And one of these areas of specialization is the technical aspect. Fixing broken URLs, sitemaps, and technical updates and maintenance make up this aspect of search engine optimization service.

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The digital presence of many businesses is in the mud just because of this factor. Mobile optimization is important for ranking on search engines because most users, the target audience you hope to reach, access the internet through their mobile phones.

Having a site that responds to mobile devices gives SEO experts ease with their efforts. It ensures more reach and increases traffic with more users able to access it.

The loading speed of pages

As a business owner, you still access other websites for other needs you may have. Now, imagine how frustrating it would be for you to wait 2 minutes for a site to load. Chances are, you may have experienced this yourself with another business and how did you feel and react to that?

Likely not a good feeling. If you did leave the site, you can understand how your audience may interact with your site if its loading speed works like a snail.

Ensure that your local team optimizes the loading time of your site and ranks on search engine results as an offshoot.


User experience

An SEO team may not be able to ensure that the experience of users on a website is the very best. Hence the need for the digital marketing agency in charge of the website design and development to incorporate some basic elements into the website.

Simple elements like the navigation of a website (from the first page to other pages and sections), the layout, interactive elements, and many more make the website engaging and in other words pleasing for the users.

The impact of user experience on a site is that it increases the user’s time on the site, reduces bounce rate, drives traffic, and more. All these contribute to the success of search engine optimization and all things digital marketing.

Final Word from SEO Companies

As we have discussed, there are basic factors that contribute to search results ranking for Google and other search engines. However, each search engine has its unique requirements on how to rank on its search results pages. These requirements are constantly evolving as well and these updates must be followed closely in order not to miss a thing.

With our competent SEO company, your business can enjoy full search engine optimization services without compromising on values and search engines’ requirements.

Contact us now for further deliberation on how we can take your business to another level in Santa Cruz and beyond.