The Importance of Marketing for Remodeling Companies

marketing for remodeling companies

Quality services are important, however, without visibility, the services do not count. The best way to get online searchers and audiences in need of your remodeling services is through proper publicity.

Impeccable Perks of Marketing For Your Remodeling Business

If you’re still wondering if marketing is worth the buzz, check out these incredible benefits;

Brand recognition

The best phrase that captures this is being heard and seen. Life is good when you are seen and heard. Everyone wants that. Especially as a brand, what you want most which opens up possibilities for achieving your goals is to be seen by your audience.

Your target audience is the crux of all your remodeling company goals – to service all remodeling needs especially in your area of specialization.

Whether it’s a home remodeling business you’re into or you’re an all-purpose remodeler, you want to get the attention of your target audience and this is exactly what marketing does for you.

Drawing the attention of prospective clients to your remodeling company helps you shoot into new markets, business ventures, or even product lines. That’s of course at the right but the door gets opened first.

If you’re looking to grow your business globally, the need for expansion into various lines and territories becomes inevitable. Hence, the much-needed doorway that makes it easier for you to penetrate new pathways when you’re well-known with a strong customer base.

Now, this means that you have the loyalty of your customers which is also possible from being visible. First, you can gain potential clients who become loyal customers when they enjoy your services.

It is needless to point out how important it is to offer quality services and maintain good rapport with your clients throughout. One happy client can come back and this time, they may be back with an addition to your business.

More so, you can count on your customer base during trying times. Constantly having their attention and loyalty keeps them around even when your remodeling company is going through some challenges.

On a light but serious note, having a strong brand awareness among the general public opens your remodeling company to important partnerships that change the course of your business.


Lead generation

Your business growth begins with awareness of your remodeling company but there’s more to it. You need leads for actual conversions.

With more leads, your remodeling company enjoys the following;

More opportunities for sales: You don’t always need a sales pitch to make sales. Just putting your remodeling company out there increases your chances of gaining potential clients and sales.

When you have more leads, it simply means that you’ve attracted interested prospects and you know what that means – given the right circumstances, they will need your remodeling services.

Better conversion rates: Even without making more sales on the go, you stand a better chance of optimizing your conversion rates. Data from your large pool of leads can be analyzed to create better strategies to improve conversion.

Insights into your target audience: Based on your leads, your marketing company gains insights into the behavior of your audience and other valuable information for strategizing.

Based on their demography, preferences, and behavior, you earn a grounded understanding of their needs and possible ways to solve them.

Long-term benefits: Marketing efforts that generate more leads are good business investments because the leads convert sooner or later. More leads sustain the life of your remodeling business. It is progress whether seen or unseen and is soon to pay off.

home remodeler marketing strategy

How to Generate Leads

Search engine optimization

Potential customers are scattered all around, especially on the internet. 65.7% of the entire world population uses the internet and interestingly, the numbers keep growing.

Out of these numbers, you can bet that a great deal will require your services given that your remodeling business deals with structures that are basic needs for us. Remodeler contractors like yourself can count on the need for your services.

One of the sure ways to generate leads is through optimized websites. Optimizing your remodeling company’s website helps you build brand awareness and online visibility using keywords related to the remodeling industry.

Local SEO marketing strategies increase brand awareness for a local remodeling company by leveraging organic search results. This means that your search engine rankings are good enough to put your remodeling company website up front.

This would require you to ensure your site is in the club of home remodeler websites or any other specialization. In other words, a home remodeling contractor needs a fitting website for an effective home remodeling marketing strategy.

This website is designed satisfactorily to fit digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization which in turn generates high-quality leads for your remodeling business.

Social media platforms

Your social media platforms may be one of the best places to generate more leads. With the increasing presence and usage of social media, it is easy to reach a sea of audiences.

Social media platforms serve various marketing purposes in addition to the fun it’s used for. What better way can you get an audience to be receptive without fighting your marketing other than when they are having fun?

Even so, social media channels are perfectly fitting for the remodeling industry as channels like YouTube are specifically dedicated to video content. Do you see the point already?

You can easily implement a design-build marketing strategy for your remodeling company. With this strategy, you showcase the full scope of your creativity, especially on challenging projects. The before and after visuals of your remodeling projects, including the process are shown.

Furthermore, your home remodeling marketing strategy may involve influencers who advertise your remodeling company and remodeling services. This strategy lays claim to the already existing audiences of the influencers. Think about the many leads that can be generated from this strategy.

Social media also has an option for you to reach a specific audience using ads. Social media users who are interested in remodeling services or related fields like construction, real estate, and the like are recipients of these ads.

home remodeling

Email marketing strategies

Campaign management is one way a home remodeler marketing company works up leads. From your website, social media, or other means, your remodeling company can amass prospective customers.

These prospective customers become a part of your online community for email marketing. It only gets better. A smart move from your marketing agency is to keep them engaged systematically.

Hosting and managing definite campaigns about a remodeling service, a promotion, or whatnot keeps your prospective and current customers in the loop. They are up-to-date on every development or enticing offer they could cash in on.

Email marketing campaigns from your home remodeling company not only ensure more leads but conversions as well. Having this strategy in your book gives you leeway to stay in the faces of your potential customers without choking them out.

Pay-per-click ads

Talk about using search engines in a different light. Pay-per-click advertising makes advertising much easier. You do not have to worry about throwing away money for ads that may or may not reach your audience.

Paid ads in the form of PPC advertising allow you to pay only when your ad is clicked on. Moreover, the ads are deliberately placed by search engines on websites that are related to remodeling companies in one way or another.

These are sites that have the likelihood of having your potential customers as website visitors. So, they don’t necessarily have to visit your site first or see you at the top of search results pages to know about your business.

local SEO

Content marketing

Impressing your brand story and messaging consistently across all platforms is a good way to generate leads. Leveraging your uniqueness through stories through content marketing is a source for lead generation.

Individuals connect best with stories and legacies that resonate with them. Businesses are no exception to this including your remodeling company. Premium content across boards draws in more customers than you can imagine.

Whether it’s on social media, for email marketing, or content for Google ads, prioritize compelling content to boost your marketing tactics. Content marketing keeps your audience engaged beyond just knowing about your remodeling company.

What distinguishes you from other remodeling contractors? These are things you may want to incorporate into your content marketing to attract new customers. It counts a great deal.


Events, especially physical events create the buzz that pulls crowds. It’s a major marketing tactic that encourages customers to be a part of your course. Virtual events in the form of webinars or physical seminars give room for a better connection with your potential clients.

Solid networks and partnerships are also established from these purposeful meetings and they go a long way to benefit the business later. Optimized websites in related industries can offer their sites for link-building.

With more contacts and networks, you become formidable and surpass your competition. Inevitably, new customers will be drawn into your nest.

home remodeling marketing ideas

Distinction in the remodeling industry

You don’t want to be classified under remodeling companies, you want to stand out. This way, you make a mark that offshoots your remodeling company. Being in the crowd doesn’t exactly help your business, especially in terms of building awareness or gaining leads.

Marketing with industry knowledge at heart pulls you up to higher grounds. You gain an advantage over your competition and make waves for your business. Digital marketing efforts, especially locally-concentrated, build your online reputation and make you a center of attraction.

Here’s how marketing sets your remodeling business apart from the rest;


The foundation for all marketing ideas is your brand identity. Who you are is the starting point for all marketing strategies including your digital marketing. It is on this that your online reputation is built.

Remodeling contractors are in the same line of work but each brand has elements that mark them for their audience – the brand. Your branding efforts are the first moves you make to market your company.

All efforts at publicizing your remodeling company and gaining new customers fall back on your identity. Your branding includes your name, logo, messaging, tone, personality, values, colors, cultures, and much more.

As expected, your banding captures the uniqueness of your venture. Your goals, vision, and objectives are also encapsulated in this process thereby giving your audience room to resonate with their best pick.

remodeling company marketing

Unique service offers

If you have a distinct way of delivering your projects, your marketing strategies will tell it. The features included in your packages as well as the benefits of choosing your remodeling company are some shown in your marketing.

Content marketing strategies, email marketing, video content strategy, and many more are ways that you can pass these offers across to your audience. Other traditional methods of marketing can also be used.

Promos, discounts, coupons, and the like are also part of the unique offers that differentiate your remodeling business from the crowd. It may also be a special remodeling service or a freebie.


Marketing gives you room to be your authentic self thereby having your customers connect with you on more levels than business. Your brand story with the truth about your history, struggles, and vision opens up an emotional portal with your clients.

When your brand communicates meaning and purpose, your customers trust you beyond the remodeling services you offer because there’s more to running a company than providing services.

digital marketing

Customer service

Quality services online and on-site encourage customers to return. Marketing for remodeling companies doesn’t rise and fall on publicity. It also includes reputation management which involves good customer service.

Ensuring that your customers are satisfied is part of the job. Your remodeler marketing move in line with customer service can improve your business to the point that it can’t be compared to other companies.

Prompt responses to messages on your service pages, phone calls, complaints, and whatnot speak to the clients differently. It communicates care for the customers, not just their money. They feel safe with you and they wouldn’t be in a hurry to leave for less.

This results in positive reviews from your clients. Online reviews are good sources of lead generation and they give your marketing efforts a boost.

Brand presence

Marketing campaigns give local businesses dominance. With tailor-made marketing ideas, your remodeling company gains access to many spheres where it leaves a footprint. Consistently, your brand name pops up and cannot be missed.

The more marketing efforts you put in, the more online visibility you gain. This distinguishes you more and more from your audience and they can easily tell your content or projects when they see it. This establishes your credibility as a remodeling business as well.

digital marketing ideas

Customer loyalty

Loyalty from your customers can earn you a return on your investment in marketing and marketing services breed loyalty. Where your money stops, customer loyalty carries on.

Not only that your customers return for your remodeling services, but they will also bring more customers when they are satisfied and loyal to your company. They become free-walking ads for your business even when you’re unaware of it.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a reliable strategy that has stood the test of time and the best people to carry out this strategy are your satisfied customers. When you get it right with your first marketing services which includes quality customer service, you gain much more.

More than just offering quality services to your clients, here are some ways to ensure loyalty from there;

Better management of relationships

Your clients are not just people you take money from in return for your remodeling services. They are your basic asset, so treat them as such. Establish a relationship with them beyond rendering services, processing their payments, and awaiting their return.

Whether it’s through traditional or digital marketing, carry them along in ways that make them feel like a part of your community. Digital marketing strategies like email marketing and social media marketing offer opportunities for you to connect with them better.

With email marketing strategies, you can send them personalized emails that communicate thoughtfulness. More so, you can keep them updated with the latest deets and happenings in the industry.

Social media creates a platform for your followers to relate with each other and share comments on your posts (videos and images). Either way, you can keep track of your customers in a database that allows you to follow up on them.

online reviews


Do not get scared when you hear engagements and think of the stress involved with keeping up with all your clients. That is why we are here. A digital marketing agency like ours handles all activities that engage your audience while you focus on your regular tasks.

Your audience does not feel forgotten when they are constantly kept busy with fresh posts and news related to your remodeling company. Whether it is a new project you’re on or one you just finished, being a part of your creative process holds water.

Both posts and periodic check-ins are engagement techniques that get your audience emotionally attached to your brand, hence, customer loyalty. Make them feel as seen and important as they are to your business.

Customer education

People go where they see value. If you give them what they want, they are bound to stay with you. As part of your many marketing ideas, consider giving your audience much-needed value.

It can be explanatory, demonstrative, training, or even outright educational content. Videos that explain or teach them how to care for their home to avoid minor mishaps. As much as this would also help you rank on search results if well-optimized, it serves as value.

search engine trend

Adaptation to market changes

You get a seat at the table when you’re constantly trying out new marketing strategies for your remodeling business. Your business profits much from incessantly looking into customer behavior, preferences, new styles, and more.

They keep you on your toes. Decisions relating to your business and services are sieved through data and market trends thereby making it more accurate. Tools like Google Analytics speed up the process of getting real-time data for informed decision-making.

It is impossible to slack off on market trends when your business is always looking for ways to improve your services and be more innovative. Even with changes in trends, marketing makes it easy for you to adjust accordingly without gaps.

Exponential growth

From website development to search engine optimization (including local SEO), and every other marketing effort, deliberate steps are taken to achieve a particular goal. It may differ from company to company, however, one thing covers them all – substantial growth.

Marketing strategies like being on a business listing like Google My Business are sure paths to local search rankings as well as yielding high-quality leads. A simple search online can bring in one customer that changes the course of your remodeling business.

Traditional marketing has its special effects and you can only imagine the power of merging both traditional and digital marketing for your business. The possibilities are endless – as far as you can think.

Marketing gets you into the door of growth opportunities and all you have to do is get inside. Through strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, events, and many more, you can be the business you want.

Final Word

With custom-made marketing solutions, your remodeling business can expand into an international enterprise with diverse product lines. These and more are obtainable just from investing fully in marketing your remodeling business.

Let us be your one-stop shop for all your remodeling marketing solutions. We have years of expertise and expertise to give you the best results.

Contact our home remodeler marketing company today and get an outstanding marketing deal.



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Ethan is an experienced Content and Copywriter. He graduated from Clemson Univeristy with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. After graduating he moved to Europe to teach Englsh in Hungary and Spain before returning home to get back to his marketing roots. When he isn’t working, Ethan loves to travel, play soccer, play guitar and spend time with friends and family.



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