The Top Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Online Marketing Agency in Philadelphia

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Being able to review and go over your digital marketing efforts will either inspire you to do more or help you improve your marketing insights. Without much ado, check out simple ways you can track your efforts and also improve your services.

Top Metrics for Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Your digital marketing team can use the parameters I will discuss below to know if you are helping local businesses succeed in Philadelphia.

Customer Feedback

This has got to be the best way to know if your digital marketing services are paying off or not. Feedback from your clients about their businesses. This feedback can take different forms.

Firstly, when your clients get outstanding results from your digital marketing insights and services, you don’t have to be told twice that your strategies were pretty much effective. They can tell you this directly or continue to pay for your services.

Also, how satisfied are your clients and their target audience? I believe that when you are in charge of any business accounts (social media, email, and website), you can see the reviews and performance of the business. This way, you can see first-hand how their audience is responding. With this, you can measure your strategy with that business and know if it is doing well or if you have to change your strategy.

Another way you can get feedback is by checking your return customers. Once again, this relates to both the businesses you handle and their audience. What is your return rate like? How many of them reached their business goals in the space of their time with you (depending on how your contract with them is)? If you can check these clearly, then you have your answer on how you are doing as a digital marketing agency.

Lastly, on customer feedback, ask your clients what their foot traffic is like. This is information you can only get from them because you can only monitor engagements and traffic online.

Conversion Rate and ROI

You can know how far you’ve come as a digital marketing agency by the number of conversions you get from your website, social media, emails, and other strategies.

Your basic responsibility as a digital marketing agency is to increase sales and make potential customers stay with the businesses you manage. You just have to produce results. This makes it a lot easier to know whether you’re doing well or not.

Do you deliver results? Given your campaign management, content marketing, social media marketing, keyword research, paid advertising (pay-per-click), and basic search engine optimization (SEO) services (including technical SEO, off-page optimization, link building, and other SEO efforts – all to drive more traffic), would you say that you see it working? The results speak for themselves and are not hard to see.

More so, you can tell how your service is as a digital marketing agency if your clients are getting more customers, website traffic, engagements, and of course, conversions.

Be honest with yourself. Do you feel confident about your digital marketing service or do you need to go the extra mile? Local SEO firms or any other SEO agency use this to know how their service is doing. Give it a try today.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is one topic that is always on everyone’s lips when it comes to digital marketing. And it sure is one hell of a digital marketing strategy. Yes, it is worth the hype.

Online marketing agencies like yours can track their success by observing a client’s website on a regular basis. Check if it is ranking on search engines or if you would have to work on your search engine optimization ranking factors.

Every digital agency finds a uniqueness that works for them although some things remain constant. You must endeavor to retain these elements that are constant in the digital marketing space like local SEO services, web design, and web development.

For any local business you manage (whether new business or old), you are responsible for everything that leads up to their search engine optimization (SEO) success. That makes you their local SEO company for a while. Therefore, you must ensure that from their web design to web development, every lineup puts the business on-page (of search engines). And if they make it to search engines, you did a good job right there.

As a search engine optimization (SEO) company ensure that you provide good content writers with search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge. This will save you a great deal of trouble. Also, be ready to fix broken links, do a user-friendly web design, offer pay-per-click service, and fully maximize reputable directories and citation building for local businesses in Philadelphia.

Engagement on Social Media

You already know how important social media marketing is for online marketing agencies. And beyond just putting your client’s business online, you use it to engage their audience.

That being said, you can tell if your marketing company is using a successful strategy for that business if there’s engagement on their social media platforms or not. Business-oriented engagements I must add.

Local SEO companies usually take advantage of social media engagements to create awareness and redirect the audience to the website of their clients in Philadelphia.

You can clearly tell if you are getting engagements by the number of followers you get on an account from the time you start handling it up until the time you are measuring your efforts. Engagements will take the form of likes, shares, comments, and needless to say, conversions.

In the same way, your digital marketing experts can work together to increase social media engagements and search engine optimization (SEO) for your clients.

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Metrics on your Email marketing

This is pretty easy to determine. It is said that a great percentage of users who subscribe to the newsletter or email of a company end up unsubscribing! Take a look at your mailing list. Are people unsubscribing or clicking away?

Email marketing tools allow you to monitor your performance over a period of time. You can easily see your click rates (open rate, click-through rate, otherwise known as CTR). You can also see how many persons unsubscribed and those who haven’t engaged or clicked on your emails for a period of time.

Digital agencies and other agencies use these metrics to measure the growth of their businesses.

Final Word

It must surely be a tasking job to hold businesses together. Use the above metrics and see how you’re doing as a digital marketing agency. Know when to offer a particular service, maybe an aspect of SEO for a flat fee. Be the best SEO company you can and most importantly, a marketing agency.