Video Production Conshohocken: What Does a Professional Video Production Company Do?

Video content marketing in Conshohocken can help you stand out in a competitive market. That’s because videos can be used to tell your story and encourage customers to trust your brand. If you are hoping to create custom video productions in Conshohocken with the help of a reliable service provider, you might be wondering what to expect. 

In this article, we’ll help you understand what a video production company in Conshohocken does and what goes into producing a promotional short film or video. 

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What Is a Video Production Company?

A video production company (VPC) produces video material for the marketing plans of other businesses. This includes commercials, web advertisements, product demonstrations, corporate videos, and clips for coaching.

Film producers are different from video production companies since they primarily produce films or television programs. However, video production companies frequently create shorter videos for a variety of channels as a part of a bigger marketing plan.

Keep in mind that a production company isn’t the same as a videographer. Videographers are generally employed to capture a special day, such as an engagement party or wedding day. They are simply there to document the event and do no creative production. 

On the other hand, video production companies in Conshohocken are more involved in the process.

The Corporate Video Production Services VPCs Provide

Now that you understand what a video production company is let’s take a look at what such a company does. The truth is that video production in Conshohocken, PA, involves so much more than just picking up a camera and capturing footage. 

There’s meeting with clients to learn more about their needs, conducting research to learn more about the target market, writing scripts, editing, and creating animation and motion graphics. 

These tasks can be broken up into three main stages:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

In the section below, we’ll discuss some of these functions in greater detail.

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Before filming can commence, a west Conshohocken, PA, video production team will spend time planning the video before filming can begin. At this stage, the video marketing agency in Conshohocken, PA, will do the following: 

Discuss the Project

The first step is meeting with a business representative to find out more about the goals of the project. During this phase, the video production team will learn more about the company’s budget, film location preferences, time limitations, and more.

Conduct Market Research

Because promotional videos are meant to invoke a feeling and build trust, it is important that the video production company conduct the necessary research. The team will be better equipped to create engaging video content by learning more about the target audience.

Creating a Storyboard and Script

Next, the production team will plan the storyline, camera angles, lighting requirements, and more before creating a script for the video or short film. After that, locations and actors will be selected.


Following the conclusion of pre-production, the filming will begin. Modern cinematography, audio equipment, and lighting are used to create quality videos n West Conshohocken, PA.

Depending on the intricacy and duration of the clip, the team can complete the filming in one day or take several weeks. 


Once the filming has been completed, it doesn’t stop there. Video editing, sound mixing, and distribution may also be necessary.

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Video Editing

Video editing is an integral part of the production process. To create a coherent video, editors edit, splice, and merge several video clips. Editors will add on-screen visuals, captions, transitions, and other visual elements.

Clients are given a set number of updates they can make to the final edited material, depending on what was agreed on during the initial planning phase. 

Sound Mixing

Excellent audio is essential to produce great videos. Audio is layered over the video while also adding volume, dynamics, and other adjustments. Ensuring that a clip sounds as well as it does during this stage entails adding on voiceovers and effects and doing any necessary foley work.

Distributing the Short Film or Video

Some companies that produce videos simply hand over the finished result. At Padula Media, we’ll help you use it effectively to grow your business. 

That’s because, as a responsible video marketing agency in Conshohocken, PA, we don’t just provide video production services but are committed to helping your business grow with high-quality, strategic content.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Digital Video Production

Conshohocken, PA, residents can turn to us for reliable video production services. At Padula Media, we pride ourselves on providing quality content to promote your business. Because we are marketing experts, you can rely on us to conduct the necessary research and create commercial videos that will engage, attract, and retain customers in west Conshohocken, PA.

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