Web Design – Wilmington Businesses Want to Know Why It’s Important

The world was turned upside down when the pandemic hit, making people change the way they shop. Companies had to create a digital marketing campaign that met all their needs, and that started with web design. Wilmington, DE, brands had to step things up and explore new ways to reach their audiences. 

Everything starts with web development. The site must be easy to use, and this begins at the core (in the code). Once that’s set up sufficiently, you can move to web design. Every small business requires these things. It takes about 50 milliseconds before users form their first impressions of your site, so it has to be great. Let’s learn more!

How Your Website Affects Business Growth

Custom websites are nothing new, but companies are now turning to them more than not, especially brands that focus solely on online sales. Wilmington eCommerce web design is a powerful thing. 

Continue reading to find out how your website will affect your Wilmington, DE, business:

Setting a Good First Impression

Visitors assess your website and determine if they want to use it quickly, so you must make each moment count. When the user goes to your site, a good web design makes them feel special. Modern colors, styles, and organization are welcoming, which encourages them to stay for a while.

You need a design team who understands what customers want, but they also need tried-and-true methods to create it.

With effective web design services, your site is a welcome mat for all the potential customers. This also includes graphic design and many other factors.

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Building Trust

A well-designed and thought-out website will build brand trust among visitors. It must be engaging, clean, and strong, focusing primarily on the user experience. That helps the audience know what you’re doing and what you offer.

Trust is invariably lost when websites look confusing, deceive readers, and aren’t easy to follow. Therefore, you need simple and clean web design. Wilmington, Delaware, customers should feel safe on your site and easily access whatever they need quickly.

Bolster Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

Recently, Google announced that it was considering “core web vitals” for a webpage as a ranking factor. Those who focus on search engine optimization (and we all should) must understand that website design plays a part.

The Core Web Vitals include:

  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) – Amount of layout shift for visual content
  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) – Time taken for page content to load
  • FID (First Input Delay) – Time taken for interactive elements to go live

It seems complicated, but a Wilmington, DE, web design agency can help you sort all that out. Essentially, you need a well-planned website design that improves those areas because Google puts user experience first above all else.

Additional Factors

Web design can even have an impact on these factors:

  • Bounce Rates – How long it takes a user to leave a page after landing there
  • Time on Page – How long the user spends on your page
  • Conversion Rate – Percentage of users visiting the site and converting (buy something or join a newsletter)

You should be tracking those metrics to determine how well your design works. Most SEO campaigns target keywords and phrases, and web design services can handle that on top of everything else. This ensures that your website looks excellent and functions correctly.

Stand Apart from the Competition

A responsive website means that your site changes its appearance based on the orientation or size of the screen. It’s non-negotiable in today’s age, and web designers in Wilmington, Delaware, understand this.

Make sure you choose web design providers to help you compete with the competition. Strong branding and consistency for fonts and colors across all pages are crucial!

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7 Elements of Good Web Design from Top Web Designers

Now that you know why Wilmington web design is crucial and how it affects your marketing strategy, you should focus on the elements that make website design superior.

It’s wise to work with a web design company full of developers and web designers who can build a custom site that’s uniquely catered to your brand. Small businesses often think they don’t need this or feel they can’t put it in the budget. However, it’s essential.

Here are the elements that make up good web design, though it’s not an exhaustive list:

1. Navigation

Users want to navigate the site easily and understand the navigation. Your web designer can help you achieve this.

2. CTA Buttons

Call-to-action buttons should be strategically placed on your websites and stand out. As a Wilmington-based business, you want people to browse your website and buy from you.

3. Responsive Design

Mobile apps are the way to go, and a web designer can help you create them. However, your website should work on any mobile device to produce the best results.

4. Font Styles

Font styles are part of graphic design, and your web design company should help you select the two best options.

5. Colors

A web designer is a genius when it comes to creating brand colors and sticking to them.

6. High-quality Images

Beautiful photography and graphic design elements elevate your website. Stretched and grainy images just won’t do!

7. Animation

Used in moderation, animation can turn flat and still designs into something magnificent. Your web designer should be good at that!

web design agency wilmington
web design agency wilmington

Choosing a Web Design Agency

There are many Wilmington, DE, web design companies out there, and you must research them, know your budget and requirements, and ensure they offer excellent customer service.

What’s a Web Development Company Do?

Most people focus on choosing a web design company. Wilmington businesses also have to think about web development, which creates the framework, navigation, and architecture for the website.


Whether you need assistance with a logo design or redesign of your entire website, you require a trustworthy Wilmington, Delaware, web design company to assist.

Padula Media is a top-rated digital marketing agency that cares about its customers. The full-service company has a reliable and quick-working design team ready to assist when the need arises. Call for help today!