Why Platform-Specific Creative Is the Key to Success: The Top Video Marketing Agency in Philadelphia Has the Answer

These days, if you want to get the word out on the street about your main service offerings, a lot of strategic planning regarding your video content is needed. At the very least, you will need a competent video marketing agency in Philadelphia to back you up.

Even award-winning and established brands are feeling the heat as the pressure to create effective marketing videos is building up.

There are simply too many different video-sharing platforms to choose from that even the best video production agencies are struggling to choose the right platform.


Video Production Companies Need a New Approach!

Close to two decades ago, Philadelphia video production companies only had to worry about making a great TV ad and they could consider their role as done. 

However, since 2005 when YouTube burst onto the scene, corporate video production has become a different beast.

To provide effective video production services, a multimedia company in Philadelphia has to first decide which platform they will target and base their video marketing strategy on that decision.

Using a one-size-fits-all approach is dated and ad agencies that still use that approach are finding it difficult to sell their marketing services. 

Platform-specific video content is the only way for video producers to meet the targets set by their clients.


Five Top Platforms a Philadelphia Video Production Company Must Target

If you were to approach, for example, a top real estate marketing company in Philadelphia and hire their services to help you sell your properties, one thing they will need to know is which platforms you want to target.

In that regard, you usually have to choose between the following five platforms as a starting point:

  • YouTube – As the pioneer of online video sharing, YouTube is still leading the pack when it comes to audience sizes, popularity, and effectiveness when it comes to ad campaigns
  • Facebook – This giant in social media can help you reach thousands of millennials in a very short time and is always at the top of any Philadelphia list of best platforms to consider
  • Instagram – If you are targeting younger audiences than those who frequent Facebook, Instagram is your go-to platform thanks to its focus on entertainment and photo sharing
  • TikTok – A newcomer in the industry, TikTok relies heavily on content creators, brand ambassadors, and influencers to push video production and marketing campaigns
  • LinkedIn – To reach a more professional audience, LinkedIn is the number one choice for any video production company


How To Choose the Best Video-sharing Platform for Your Needs

A platform-specific approach to video production is the only way to premiere small business products and services or boost sales for already established brands. 

Knowing the platform you intend to use will allow you to choose, for example, between ordinary ad videos for YouTube and short-form content for platforms like TikTok.


Only the Best Video Production Companies in Philadelphia Can Help!

If you are in Philadelphia, PA, you need an experienced and reliable video production company to help you choose the best platform for your needs or you will risk starting your marketing campaign on the wrong foot.

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