Competing Online: Strategies for Home Remodeling Companies in a Digital World

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The battle for success in digital marketing is not an easy one – it is not for the weak. Don’t get me wrong. It is not impossible, just intense.

There are strategies and weapons that only the skillful can wield to win competing advantages in the digital world and these arsenals will be shared below.

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Competing in a Digital World

Compete with an advantage in the digital world using these powerful digital marketing strategies;

Operating with a professional website

A professional website can fully take the place of your digital office where potential customers come and interact with your business. To reach a large audience through digital marketing, you need to fund a digital rendezvous for all your clients.

Your target potential customers do not need to visit your physical location before they can book your services in this digital world. After all, digital advancement has made it all easy and accessible at the fingertips (literally).

Importance of a professional website

A website for your contracting business is a perfect spot for your prospective clients to meet your business online before further deliberations. Essentially, they can even find your business for the first time as a result of your website.

Additionally, an available website is like a confirmation site for your contracting and remodeling services. When your prospective clients encounter your contracting company from other digital marketing services and platforms, they may most likely make a stop at your website for some checks.

They will look out for things that point to your authenticity and credibility through the quality of your site. More so, they can check out the services you offer as well as make further inquiries into your operations and pricing.

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Functionality of your site

Now, that you understand the importance of having a professional website for your contracting company, another vital factor is functionality. The functions of your website must serve your customers nicely – both new and potential customers.

This means that the entirety of your site’s functionality is built with your target audience’s best interest at heart. To achieve this, you may start with a study and understanding of your audience. Furthermore, you test out how your site can serve this audience properly from your findings.

Based on the unique features of your target audience, you can create a fitting site for them. For example, if your target audience is a newly wedded couple starting out alive together in a new home, your website development would be wrapped around this audience with understanding.

From the first impression they get on visiting your site to the navigation that leads them to the rest of your website pages, your web development process must be done with your prospective customers at heart.

This looks like having a website that is fast at loading its pages and processing requests, is easy to use by the audience and not just the owner, has clear promptings and action points, and many more. Also, it adapts to mobile devices and screens of all sizes.

The backend and front end of this website are carefully developed with little or no usage issues. There are no errors while loading any page and it actually fulfills what it is meant for. With a fully functional website, you can avert a lot of disadvantages that hang around the corner.

Bounce rates are reduced, user experience is unimpressive, and you risk losing high-quality leads. However, the opposite is the case when you put extra care into your website design and development.

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Local SEO (search engine optimization) Services

Digital marketing experts go beyond search engine optimization for marketing local businesses, they get intimate with the strategy. A more concentrated approach to search engine optimization is a better SEO strategy for your local business.

A local SEO company for contractors using this strategy optimizes your website to rank in your local area. Here, the bulk of your website traffic is your local audience. Your website’s visibility among other things is mostly local.

From keyword research to on-page optimization, more are targeted toward gaining more leads from your local community. This way, your contracting business gains online visibility and popularity in your home base which gains enough root strength to expand into other locations.

A local SEO strategy adds to your SEO marketing efforts in technical SEO, link building, content strategy, and other vital SEO marketing services to rank your website on the search results of various search engines.

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Importance of Local SEO

When you’re starting out your home improvement business in an area, you want to have a large percentage of your customers to be close to you while you build. This is for the sake of stability and balance required to grow your business.

To achieve this, you need to align your digital marketing strategy to this goal. This means that you target your local audience and this is exactly what local SEO services offer. These services generate leads that are around your home base.

Strategies in local SEO make you a domain authority in home improvement for your local community. As your authority in home remodeling grows, you gain new customers beyond just gaining more leads.

Most consumers are likely to patronize companies that are close to them due to the turn-around time of the project and the possible costs that may be accrued from choosing one from afar. More so, a local business is more accessible and can be trusted more than one that is far off.

Furthermore, local SEO connects your home remodeling business with other related businesses that can boost it. For example, collaborating with a construction company can make you the go-to guy after a construction work for all the home improvement needs.

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PPC advertising

Advertising has been a major part of marketing even before digital marketing. Ads are an effective way of reaching a wide audience outside of your sphere of influence. For instance, TV ads, radio ads, social media ads, and any other form of ad that you can think of are usually placed in places that a business or company has no influence or control over.

It is simply taking advantage of an existing platform with a ready audience to market your services. These ads are usually paid for due to the value it adds to the growth of a business. In the digital marketing world, social media platforms, search engines, and other digital platforms are used for placing ads.

Importance of Paid Ads

Paid ads in the form of Google ads, social media ads, and other pay-per-click ads are usually targeted to a specific audience in need of your services or related services. This audience is determined by your preference and request based on your unique business needs.

In other words, you are bound to reach your prospective customers. In reaching your audience accurately, you save on money, resources, and time. The time and marketing efforts it would’ve taken to shadow-box different audiences are reduced significantly causing ease as well.

Your home improvement company gains brand recognition as your ads appear on various websites that are used by search engines to reach your audience. This will increase brand awareness and online visibility for your home improvement business.

Additionally, you gain new customers, leads, and probable conversions that impact your remodeling company. More customers and increased revenue are the strong pointers to your business growth that is gained from targeted PPC.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are done at a reasonable cost and give you a flexible option to manage your marketing budget. You can adjust your payment to ads that are doing better than the other and you can reduce the investment on another ad that isn’t doing well.

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Video marketing strategy

Video content is the perfect fit for design-build marketing which is an effective marketing strategy for general contractors. With it, you can carry your audience along through the process of your home improvement for a better understanding of the projects.

Your audience can gain knowledge on how home improvement works and what to expect for their other home improvement. It covers the amount of time it takes to execute a project, the materials needed for certain works, the work that goes into a home remodeling project, and many more.

These moments and processes are better captured in videos than any other form of content can. Designs and structures in trend and possibilities that exist are communicated to the audience through video content.

Importance of Video Marketing

The home remodeling market has references to their works and projects thanks to visuals. Whether it’s in picture format or videos, the quality of your work is best captured in visuals. However, the impact of videos cannot be compared to pictures.

Videos capture and communicate the true essence of home improvement projects as it is. Your audience can interact with your previous works and have a knowledge of your craftsmanship when they make reference to your videos.

Selling your business this way tells about your confidence in your home improvement skills and this builds trust with your clients. Video marketing can be leveraged across various online platforms and is versatile.

In addition to that, they are easy to share from one platform and user to another. There are dedicated online platforms for video marketing and sharing like YouTube which allows businesses like yours to showcase your craft and skill to your audience.

Customers can engage with your videos online through likes and comments and can also save and share the videos to other digital platforms. This increases your online visibility as more people see your video content across platforms.

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Videos are also effective for driving traffic to your business as well as attracting new clients.

Tools for High-End Video Marketing for Your Remodeling Company

You should know that a lot of work and resources go into video marketing for a quality outcome. These resources are mainly hinged on tools used for the entire process before the final product.

However, it is worth noting that you don’t need to get all these tools to get started. A remodeler marketing company like Padula Media can take care of the process to take your video marketing game to a whole new level.

The following tools are needed for high-end video marketing;


You want your videos in high resolution and the journey to achieving this begins with your camera. This is the first tool that comes into use for video production and the outcome can be determined from the kind of camera you use.

While shooting content for your design-build marketing or other content types, ensure that you choose professional cameras with at least 4k resolution for quality output. DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras are great choices for this.

Equipment for stabilization

Detailed shots of your remodeling projects may involve a lot of movement and this may reflect in your videos if not properly managed. Stabilizing equipment like sliders, tripods, and gimbals give you focus and are highly effective for taking smooth shots without unnecessary movements.

This makes the work a lot easier as you’re not struggling to maintain a steady foot while capturing every important little detail of your remodeling projects.

Drone technology

There are just some areas you may not be able to capture smoothly on foot, especially in the exterior of the building. Using a drone, you can get aerial shots that add to the aesthetics of your work.

More so, you may include shots of neighboring homes to the home you worked on to highlight your project amongst others and how it fits into the framework of the landscape.

Sufficient lighting

The beauty and essence of your work will be lost when you don’t have proper lighting. Lighting literally sheds light on your projects and makes them visible. They also contribute to the quality of your videos.

Tools like ring lights, LED panels, and softboxes are instrumental to lighting your video production and marketing.

Software for video editing

You have the raw footage of your projects now, what happens next? No doubt, you may try your best to shoot your video content with zero mistakes but that is not all that comes with video editing.

In addition to cutting out mistakes, you may need to remove some unnecessary clips that may make the video boring to watch. Also, you may increase the speed of the video for areas like your working process in order to keep it exciting.

More so, effects that engage your audience are included at this stage. Software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro are good for your video editing.

Voiceover and audio

Apart from the video, audio is important for engaging the audience. Professional voice overs narrate your videos with vivid tones and effects that captivate the audience. Also, you can include soft music with no licensing issues to bring the video to life.


Motion graphics and animations

Text overlays, graphics, and animations on your video content are exceptional for customer engagement. Adobe After Effect is one software that can help you incorporate motion graphics and animation into your videos.

These are especially important for highlighting important areas of interest. For example, if your keyword for a video is plumbing services, you want to highlight that with features like this for emphasis.

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Social media management

A strong social media presence can ease the great pressure of marketing from your shoulders. Social media management is everything that goes into having a solid social media presence for your home improvement brand.

As the name implies, social media is where people in this digital age go to distress and source information. Whether they are just surfing and socializing, they can come across businesses and brands that are of benefit to them.

On the other hand, some users actually go to social media platforms to actively search for these businesses in areas where they require their services or products. As a home contracting business, you can gain ideal clients, new and old, through social media platforms.

Importance of Social Media Management

Posting and engaging with your audience consistently on your social media platforms build strong bonds. You are able to interact with your audience in real time by answering their questions and concerns through posts, comments, direct messages, and the like.

More so, parts of your posts may include excerpts of previous projects and works in home improvement. This becomes a sort of portfolio for reference for your clients. It exposes your expertise in the industry and this evidence is undeniable.

Not to mention that your business gains massive visibility online as a result of consistency on your social media. You can gain feedback from your clients which will inversely encourage ideal clients to draw closer to your business.

Social media management is an avenue to manage your online reputation. You can control the view of your audience about your brand on social media by professionally and carefully handling negative reviews directed at you.

More so, you can use positive reviews to your advantage by making it marketing material. It will surprise you how effective they’d be at generating more leads and leading to conversions as a result of increased trust.

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Email marketing

Most digital marketing strategies focus on attracting new customers and gaining qualified leads as their first objective but this is not the same for email marketing. This is majorly a strategy for nurturing new leads and servicing the relationship with existing customers.

With a good knowledge of email marketing, a single email marketing campaign can move a new client from being a lead to a customer and an existing customer to a loyal one. Isn’t that fascinating? This means that an in-house team or personnel may not be able to achieve this fit as it should be.

Importance of Email Marketing

Email strategy offers an opportunity to nurture your relationship with your clients in a more personal way. You may customize the way you wish to address each client on your email campaigns. This may be using their first names thereby making the experience more personal for them.

The analytical system available to email marketing makes it possible for you to track your marketing efforts and improve upon them. You have access to data about how many clicks you get on your campaign, the rate at which your mail was opened, as well as your inactive subscribers.

One of the major highlights of email marketing is the fact that you can segment your audience into specific categories and relate with them more intimately. This means that all your clients are not burdened with emails that are not of importance to them. You can group them in a way that their messaging is specific and suitable.

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Final Word from a Remodeler Marketing Company

The world of digital marketing is fully armed with massive weapons and can only be wielded by the courageous and skilled. It can get pretty messy and exhausting if you’re not well-equipped to fight consistently.

Our remodeler marketing company, however, has fought for a long time now and we still stand strong. We haven’t failed to bring all our clients to the finish line and beyond. Get onboard and experience the beauty of winning.

Contact us now for more collaborative information.

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