Data-Driven Decisions: Using Analytics to Fine-Tune Your Home Remodeling Marketing

Data for home remodeling marketing

Just like most things in life, information is key – the facts of life that make everything work out perfectly. 

Using data for your contractor marketing keeps you on point and positions you strategically for many opportunities you may not possibly guess on your own.

You can learn of these many opportunities and gains from adopting a data-driven approach to your remodeling marketing strategy and the ways to generate accurate data as well.

Sit tight for some mind-blowing insights.

The Impact of Data-driven Decisions on Your Home Remodeling Marketing

Higher search engine rankings

Ever heard about Google Search Console? It is one of the SEO performance tracking tools available to SEO marketers to monitor their search engine optimization activities. Important factors like keyword ranking and CTR from search results are derived and analyzed for accurate information about SEO services.

Your contractor SEO services will be monitored from these tools to determine how they are performing. In the cases where they are doing just fine, analysis into how the success was obtained are noted and replicated on other search engine optimization efforts on your site.

In another case where the contractor SEO services are not doing well, they are also analyzed, understood, and improved upon. Knowing the areas to channel more effort into makes it easy to restrategize and implement better SEO marketing strategies which in turn improves your ranking on search engines.

Your online reputation management is simplified with this such tell sign as it speaks about your credibility in the industry. You’ve made it to the big leagues. Prospective customers slowly have trust for your business as a result of higher search engine rankings.

contractor SEO marketing

Improves quality leads and conversions

The most effective marketing strategies for generating leads and gaining more traffic to your digital platforms are exposed by data. Real-time data about user activities on your social media platforms, website pages, email, and more are pointers to what works.

It may be from a PPC ad, social media post, or even, a particular blog post on your website that you draw insights into the pivotal factors that generate leads for your home remodeling company.

In addition to the leads, you can also convert website visitors to customer likewise leads from other digital marketing campaigns. Your campaigns are based on accurate entail about the behavior of your target audience which you now leverage to optimize conversion.

Helps you save more

You had a budget before you set out for digital marketing for your home remodeling business. Regardless of how huge or small of an amount it is, it must be allocated across various digital marketing services.

For a wholesome marketing experience for your remodeling business, you may need to get a couple of digital marketing services. Investment in areas of content marketing, social media, paid ads, local SEO, email marketing, and many more are bound to increase your success rate.

As a result, managing your budget is more reasonable for your remodeling business than throwing caution to the wind. In order to make the best of your marketing budget, being spot-on will save you some money and resources (time and human resources likewise).

Data-driven marketing gives an apt approach for all home remodeling company marketing ideas. This means that you are not second-guessing your marketing so much thereby wasting resources. You rather save and achieve more.

data insights for remodeling company marketing ideas

Accurate targeting

Accurate data is what ensures that you reach your prospective clients. Internet users are scattered all around – on various social media channels and search engines. The possibilities of reaching the potential clients unique to your local remodeling company without data are slim.

Algorithms and machine learning among other artificial intelligence tools provide data on where to find your target audience. More so, your content marketing efforts as well as paid advertising are automatically set to reach your prospective customers.

This sets the tone for impeccable marketing where all your online marketing efforts and strategies are streamlined with purpose. Based on the factors that distinguish your potential customers like demography, age, location, preferences, and behavior, your audience is categorized and targeted.

Additionally, online searchers for information in the remodeling industry become leads for your business when you are properly positioned. Relevant keywords for home remodeling are some of the data you will gain from taking a data-based approach.

In other words, you can create a marketing strategy that works solely for your home remodeling company based on your unique features and style. A custom contractor SEO strategy, personalized email marketing approach, and unique social media presence will all lead to a path of realizing your business goals.

Personalized experiences for your audience

Your audience is at the soul of your internet marketing. If you can get them to be happy and satisfied, your work is half done. Generating leads from your marketing strategies starts with understanding your audience.

Even before they interact with your home contracting business, it is important to have a grip on their expected behaviors. Not to worry, this can be easily sorted with analysis into the trends of the market and other remodeling companies.

For example, potential customers visiting your home remodeling company’s website should be able to experience a unique journey separate from other audiences. Home remodeler websites are created to reflect the craft of home improvement which meets the expectations of the audience.

More so, in your email marketing, segmentation features allow you to get closer and more personal with your customers (both new and current customers). For each category, content marketing efforts are directed to address specific needs and you can address them by name as well.

it only gets better and all these and more are possible as a result of accurate data derived from market research into trends and customer behavior among others. You can count on personalized experiences to increase customer involvement and engagement with your brand.

This builds a strong relationship with them that not just converts them but turns them into loyal customers.

 social media strategy

Adapts to trends

You must have already noticed the reiteration of trends with your marketing strategy. All your efforts to sell you home remodeling services must take on the shape of certain trends. Whether it’s the market which includes your target audience or the industry changes.

Remodeling contractors are known to be creative and innovative with their craft. Finding out new trends in the industry and its demand can put you at the top. Imagine gaining more leads and the bulk of them find out a trend. Not just that they do and want the same but you are not even aware of it.

You can already guess that these leads would not convert. How can you remedy this? By staying updated with trends. Now, this sounds a little too easy until you think again and understand how impossible it may be for you to follow up with everything while working on remodeling projects.

The way data helps you largely at this point is that it not only shows you the market trends, but the behavior of your target audience toward them. With this information at your fingertips, you have a better advantage. You can see opportunities faster too.

Sustains growth long-term

Data is fact and it takes away every sentiment that may arise during the course of analysis. Over the course of gathering and analyzing data, you can count on the fact that they are unbiased and accurate. This takes away the emotions or sentiment that may arise from any marketing strategy.

In the same vein, the execution of your strategies when directed by data is spot-on. Such as keyword research, on-page SEO, content marketing, and other strategies in internet marketing. The outcome when aligned with data is predicated and can be replicated as well.

Marketing this way means that you can continuously improve on your strategies instead of always trying new things which may not work. You can easily identify areas and things to tweak to enhance your marketing plan.

For example, your search engine optimization when it takes a data-based approach is bound to increase your search engine rankings. You will gain online visibility, organic website traffic, and more leads. The outcome of this is usually long-term and sustainable unlike strategies that are formed from uncertain basis.

business growth

Crucial Facets to Derive Data for Your Home Remodeling Marketing Analytics

These are key areas to gain data insights for your remodeling company marketing ideas;

Website Analytics

Your website is an important source of your online marketing and every activity that goes on there can determine your success. Whether it’s the user experience, page load time, or the activities of website visitors, website analytics provide information about everything that goes on on your site.

Tools like Google Analytics can help you keep track of all these activities. Keeping track of your website activities equips you to optimize your website to perform maximally.

Constant updates about your page loading time for instance is an opportunity to improve performance to avoid bounce rates.

For your tour website analytics, you should look out for key areas like the total number of website visitors. From there, you break down the visitors into those who clicked on links and how long they stayed on your website.

Moving forward, you also pay attention to your page views and the amount of time spent on each page. Also, consider the bounce rate for these pages and average session time.

More so, the source of traffic to your website matters as much. Are they organic or inorganic? Where is the bulk of your traffic coming from? These questions when answered can help you determine the more successful marketing strategies.

Whether it’s organic traffic from your search engine optimization efforts or inorganic traffic from paid ads, you can determine the strategies that work better per time.

Web analytics

Search engine optimization metrics

High search engine rankings of your home remodeling website is a game changer in the digital marketing world. It gives your business credibility and builds trust with your audience.

A website goes through a series of scrutiny and vetting by Google and other search engines used by internet users. For you to make it to the top, it means that your website has passed the mark by these engines.

Doesn’t that say a lot to you? It screams that you know what works! And if you do for your digital marketing, you definitely do for home remodeling services. Every user is looking out for high pointers to rate your brand and ranking on search results passes the mark.

For your remodeling marketing, you can gather data from your SEO metric through key areas like keyword rankings. Keywords are the foundation on which SEO marketing efforts are built.

They are the search queries your audience is using to find businesses or content related to businesses online. Working around these relevant keywords means you are providing answers to their searches.

Keyword ranking tools provide you with relevant keywords in the remodeling industry and their rankings. From this, you can determine the best keywords to use for your SEO to rank on search results.

Furthermore, the organic search traffic you derive from your SEO efforts helps you stay at the top of your game. You can study the things that worked and improve on the ones that didn’t without losing much time.

Also, how many clicks did you get on each content? And equally on your website links. The click-through rate on your website is also indicative of your performance.

The backlinks that lead to you and referral domains can tell you if you’re doing well or not. It means that your content is valuable and useful enough to be referenced. Additionally, search engine algorithms use these as a metric for measuring your credibility as well.

Your SEO campaigns can be affected by your site’s performance. The loading speed, responsiveness to mobile devices, URL structure, and more all work together to improve your SEO performance. Tracking these elements allows you to make adjustments and realign your SEO strategies.

Google Search Console among other SEO third-party integrations can help you with every aspect of tracking your SEO metrics.

SEO metrics

Social media analytics

Social media as you may have come to know is an essential part of digital marketing. It encourages customer engagement largely through shared content and posts on the platforms.

You can easily tell when your social media is doing well by the followership you gain or your different channels. However, it is important to state that this does not necessarily mean your audiences are active with your brand.

Aside from increased followership, you should look out for some basic markers that show your audiences are engaging with your remodeling company.

First, you can track the engagement on your social media posts on average. How many of your followers actually engage consistently with them? Likes, comments, and shares are strong indicators of engagement on your social media.

Your reach and impressions are also powerful pointers to your performance on social media. This could be through your social media ads or traffic from other platforms during a campaign.

Additionally, you can monitor your social media growth using metrics from click-through of links on your social media pages. The more clicks you get on your links, the more leads you’ve gained.

You can also track how many conversions you make from your social media marketing. More conversions mean an effective strategy.

Thankfully, most social media platforms come with an inbuilt system for analytics especially for businesses. Even without that, you can integrate analytics tools that help you track your social media performance.

SM analytics

CRM data

Customer relationship management systems provide impressive insights into the behaviors, preferences, and lifetime value of your audience. With this, you access data that can change the course of your online marketing for good.

Knowing exactly how your customers act, the things that cause them to move, and how their purchases can be influenced gives you a bonus. Now you can craft custom marketing strategies that serve them appropriately.

CRM systems can be integrated into your marketing platforms for these insights and data from it can chart the course of your marketing.

crm data

Feedback and surveys

Your business does not exist in a vacuum. At the center of everything you do is your target audience. They determine whether or not your business is successful or not.

Using their basic information like demography, preference, behavior, and whatnot, you create a marketing strategy to reach them. The goal is to convert them from just an audience to loyal customers.

The good news is, the influence of your audience doesn’t end there. They can go as far as being your marketer. While every customer has a unique experience with your brand, they can attract more customers for you directly or indirectly.

First, they can refer clients to your remodeling company through word-of-mouth based on a personal or shared experience with the potential client. This right here is free marketing and all you need do is provide quality remodeling services and maintain a good relationship with your clients.

On another hand, their feedback about your services can be a source of encouragement, endorsement, and validation for new customers to take a gleaning from.

Encourage customers to drop online reviews about your business online or directly to you. Whether on your social media platforms, website, Google Business Profile, or text messages, evidence about the experiences of your current customers serves your business.

Make your clients comfortable enough to give you honest feedback about your services so you can make appropriate changes where necessary.

You can know their pain points, satisfaction levels, and preferences from feedback and reviews. Feedback forms, surveys, and polls are also great ways to gather feedback from your customers.


Email marketing metrics

You can tell how well your email marketing campaigns are doing from the open rate- that is, the percentage of subscribers who actually opened your mail.

Next is the clicks you get from the links embedded into the email for CTAs. The click rates can give you insights into the performance of your email.

You can evaluate a series of your emails over a period whether the open rate and click-through rates increased or reduced.

Also, your bounce and unsubscribe rates are telling of your performance. This means that you are losing your leads. While some potential customers may not engage with your emails, some will outrightly unsubscribe from your list and this is not a good sign.

As you go on, you also want to check your conversion rates through your email campaigns. What has it been over a period? Is it increasing or reducing? And is it even good enough for a single campaign?

email data

PPC metrics

If you’ve invested in paid ads, it is expected that you get a return on your investment. Check your ad positioning in terms of audience reach. 

Your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and the like are supposed to reach your targeted audience, and tracking them shows you whether or not they’re doing so.

Also, look out for the impressions, cost per click, and above all, the conversion rate. If your ads are not converting, they’re clearly not working and this is an opportunity to shake things up.

Save on your budget and change your strategy for a better outcome.

analytics, data

Final Word from an SEO Company for Contractors

As you have seen, data is the life of remodeling marketing. One wrong move and you can lose a pool of resources and risk the growth of your business.

Another step that can change all these, however, is partnering with a professional who knows their way around metrics and data.

This is not a distant dream with our digital marketing company closer than ever to support your home remodeling marketing goals.

Get a date with us for a free consultation on how to make your marketing experience worth it.

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