Dominate the Digital Space: Marketing Strategies for Home Remodeling Businesses

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Day or night, the internet never sleeps. It’s constantly growing with innovations, and tripling its information every second. This is good, right? It means more digital marketing opportunities for businesses like home construction and remodeling.

However, while opportunities like these increase, it doesn’t automatically remove the need to reach and connect with your client base digitally. There’s more to it. You don’t just want to reach your target audience, you want to dominate the home remodeling space and make huge sales.

The marketing strategies you employ for this purpose make all the difference. Here are the digital marketing strategies that keep you at the top of your field.

Powerful Contractor Marketing Ideas for Your Home Contracting Business

Create a professional contractor business portfolio

Your portfolio is a safe and quick access point for your client base in your home remodeling business. They get a feel of your home contracting business from your portfolio before they experience it firsthand. If you sell it well enough, they will buy it.

Your professional contracting business portfolio bears not only evidence of your previous works but a wide expanse of your capabilities. Whether you have threaded on some home remodeling grounds before or not, your portfolio can convince your audience about many possibilities.

Your portfolio also showcases your ability to adapt to industry trends and the unique preferences of your target audience. This convinces them of unlimited options with your home contracting business and builds your brand image significantly.


A contractor business portfolio for your home remodeling business is important for these reasons;

Better representation of your brand

Portfolios for home remodeling businesses are not just filled with words but life. Images and graphics of your brand projects take things up the notch. Where words fail, visuals conquer. Especially for your home contractor business, visuals are high-ranking for attracting potential clients.

Giving your target audience a sneak peek into your world of home remodeling gives them something to look forward to. It opens up their imaginative minds to create a personal identity for their homes. Seeing is believing and a look into your works makes your audience believe in the magic of your brand.

More so, your portfolio is an avenue to tell your brand story. Using pictures and videos, you can share your unique story that captivates the interest of your target audience. This also carries a trace of your unique brand identity which sets you apart from your contemporaries.

With your portfolio, you can wrap your identity in a foil and serve your audience hot. There won’t be any mistaking your brand for another as your distinct imprints are conveyed across the board.

A report card for your expertise

Great works will always speak for themselves and the best way to present these works is through your portfolio. A professional portfolio for your business will speak on your behalf even when you’re not present. It is an opportunity to go all out and flaunt your capabilities for your target audience to see.

If you’re good, show it. Shout it on the rooftop using your portfolio and draw in potential clients who love what they see. Your skill set including unique ones in home remodeling can be capitalized to your advantage.

Clearly state your capabilities as well as your experience in home remodeling for your target audience to pursue. The works will speak for themselves about your brand’s expertise and rank in the industry.

Fosters repeat business and referrals

A good portfolio includes testimonials from satisfied customers. What better way can you convince new clients of your expertise than through word of mouth? Your portfolio works nicely for improving word-of-mouth marketing strategy as feedback from clients.

Additionally, the impression of your previous clients is reinforced with quality portfolios. A previous customer can attest to your work and be encouraged to return for future business or even refer new clients.

business portfolio

How to build a mind-blowing portfolio for your home remodeling business;

Pick your finest works

If you’re going to build a power portfolio that represents your business perfectly, then choose the best. Your portfolio serves as an insight into your expertise and capabilities so make it count. Pick the best of the best from your projects for sampling.

Most especially, you may want to use projects that express your unique abilities and versatility. This will shine light on many areas other than just your expertise and experience in home remodeling. Highlighting your creative and delicate touches to your work will also give you a boost.

Gather materials

You’re going to need some materials to make a successful contracting business portfolio. Don’t worry, they’re not far-fetched. These materials are associated with your previous projects and they would be put together to create the absolute portfolio.

Videos, images, sketches, plans, designs, and the like are some makeup components you need to make this work. Most importantly, ensure that they are of high quality. It otherwise represents your brand and good quality formats make it all the more attractive.

Put content together

This is the stage where you put two and two together. The selected content for your general contractor marketing plan is aligned and categorized here. For your home remodeling business, there are likely some specializations. These specializations are neatly placed in categories for easy access.

With this, your potential clients can effortlessly spot the designs for each specialization like kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, bathroom remodeling, and more. This also speaks about your organizational skills as it makes things easy.

content marketing

Compose compelling descriptions

Details about each project give perspective to your target audience. Details like project goals, roles and responsibilities, materials used, challenges faced, and whatnot can be included in the description of individual projects.

Also, how you contributed uniquely to the projects can be helpful in the description. These compelling details must be concise and captivating enough for your clients to understand each project in a short time.

Showcase client testimonials

Keep your current clients on your side always. Encourage customers to give you reviews and feedback on the home remodeling projects you handled for them. This will take your digital marketing efforts to the next level in many different ways.

Attach each testimonial to the corresponding project on your portfolio. Your brand value and credibility are bound to shoot up by a lot when you include customer reviews in your portfolio.

Exhibit your work process

Your portfolio is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. On its own, it can be used for online marketing and this may include showcasing your work process. What goes into the work? How do you do it?

As unnecessary as this may seem, it fills up the jar of your digital marketing strategy. Showing your work process makes it authentic. Your potential customers can attest to the fact that the work is truly yours. This also puts a stamp of your identity on your works.

business page

Use simple yet impactful design

Less is more. This is true for most things especially when it comes to designs. Be deliberate about your portfolio. Incorporate your branding collateral into your portfolio for personalization.

Align your portfolio design to your business branding (colors, font, voice, and more). Also, be attentive to the background, layout, and let your design be clear enough to communicate your branding services and works yet aesthetically pleasing.


The scope of home remodeling is endless. From creative innovations to trends and industry changes, many factors influence home remodeling. New skill sets and knowledge may be needed to stay relevant in the industry. Always be in the loop.

Constantly acquiring new skills relevant to the industry and staying up-to-date gives you leverage. You will not go extinct as you always evolve with the system.

Regularly update your profile

If trends and innovations are predominant in the industry, that means that your projects will also reflect it. In addition to learning new skills and upscaling, you need to regularly update your portfolio accordingly.

Your best yesterday wouldn’t be your best today hence, the need to keep your clients in the loop. Your business should be the first place they catch wind of changes and creative possibilities. This would topple your market value and demand likewise.

reputation management

Create a digital portfolio

In all your doings, have a digital portfolio. It is most definitely going to be in high demand while dealing with digital marketing for contractors. Most of your client base will interface with your business online and will most likely request for your portfolio.

Your website could be a good platform for this or dedicated websites like Dribble, Behance, and more. Even so, your portfolio may be in a PDF format and sent on request. Whichever way, ensure that there’s an accessible portfolio for your potential clients online.

Build your unique website

The weight of digital marketing for contractors rises and falls on your website. It is your online office. Even with other digital marketing platforms, you need the website as the central head office for all your online endeavors.

A professional contractor website leads the way for numerous internet marketing opportunities. SEO, content marketing, brand awareness, more leads, paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and many more can be linked back to your contractor website.

Additionally, you can gain website traffic that transforms the course of your business from having a mobile-friendly website. This means that you paid great attention to reaching your audience.

Also, you can use both positive and negative reviews to the advantage of your digital marketing campaign. In the pool of your marketing tactics using websites, you can explore paid advertising like Google ads to reach more customers outside your zone.

mobile friendly website, mobile devices

Plan for a custom contractor marketing strategy

From the moment you started your home remodeling business, you had a vision for it. This is the foundation on which every other thing about the business is built.

What you see and hope to achieve with your home contracting business is unique to you as a business owner. As many other home remodeling companies as there may be even in your local area, your vision sets you apart.

This vision is captured and communicated through your branding services which are used for your online marketing. Your branding services may include your logo, brand colors, personality (tone, messaging, style, etc), and other printed collaterals.

Symbols, images, graphics, texts, and every single content that is used for your general contractor marketing services hold up a light in honor of your brand vision. This automatically distinguishes your home remodeling company from the rest.

To take it a step further, they are used to create your digital marketing strategy. In other words, your contractor digital marketing plan embodies your unique essence for the best results. This is to say that the best digital marketing strategies thrive on unique selling points. As general as contractor marketing ideas may be, they reach their full potential when wrapped around a peculiar course.

That being said, let’s examine the best marketing strategies most successful contractors use for their marketing messages;

Social media marketing

Humans are social animals. Even with the evolution and advancement of technology, man has found a way to stay in the social sphere. Inventions to foster human connection and socialization are evident in social media platforms. The world became a global village and social media left no one behind.

With just a click, you can connect with someone far across the Atlantic. Professional marketers like Padula Media further explore this brilliant innovation for the success of businesses. If everyone is connecting on social media, simply join the train and make significant connections with your target audience.

Social media marketing takes advantage of an existing network of people to market products and services and in this case, your home remodeling business. Social media posts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X, and YouTube can turn things around for your home remodeling business.

In addition to the posts that help you connect with your client base online, you can engage in social media ads and influencer marketing to build brand awareness and generate leads. Valuable leads are gained from these forms of social media marketing and they can be sustainable with the right strategies. 

Our expert home remodeling marketing agency can develop a solid social media marketing strategy for your home contraction business. Check us out for more information.

social media marketing

Email marketing

Don’t we all love the ease that comes with sending and receiving emails from our comforts? Instead of having to wait hours or days for important mail through the postal services, electronic mail has made it so much easier. And the best part is that you can achieve so much with it for your business and your direct mail campaign.

Staying in touch with your customers and keeping them up to date with the latest juiciest deals from your business just got easier. You can reach the bulk of your clients (both new and current clients) via weekly email alerts.

Details of mouthwatering offers, promotions, discounts, and other information about your business can be easily passed across to your customers. This keeps them aware and involved in your home remodeling company. There’s no second guessing or missing out on opportunities and valuable information when they are part of your active email list.

When your contractor marketing plan includes an email marketing strategy, each marketing campaign is a chance for generating leads and getting conversions.

email marketing

Search engine optimization

Search engines are the hub for information across the Internet. Through them, online searchers gain access to information on the Internet. As a business owner in home contraction, you want to be a source for your customers. Take a quick moment and think about this.

If you had a business website where you got all the valuable information you needed about an industry, would you leave that company for another one you barely or never get anything from? You get the drift, right?

Your potential customers are looking and they will definitely find. Now the question is, where will they find what they are looking for? From industry-related content to the variety of your home contractor services, entice and engage your audience on your website.

One thing is to create valuable content and another is to make it visible to your audience. As much as your content may be highly educational and insightful, it doesn’t weigh until it reaches the right audience, and search engine optimization makes this part possible.

Search engine optimization adopts various methods to increase the search rankings of a website. This means that your website and webpages can have a throne on search engine results pages of various search engines like Google. You can therefore enjoy brand awareness and visibility, lead generation, website traffic, and other benefits of search engine rankings.

SEO efforts for your online marketing may also be done locally for local visibility. Keyword research among other SEO services is focused on your local area for your targeted audience. Business listings and directories like Google My Business give your local business traffic and visibility necessary for gaining your local audience.


Video Marketing

Virtual tours and 3D rendering are great ways to sell your home remodeling business as well as improve your brand identity. With high-end video content, your business is properly represented and showcased to your audience.

Gadgets like drones can also be used to cover every inch of your projects thereby giving them an appeal. Additionally, videos for your internet marketing campaign are best for design-build marketing which is also a great contributor to contractor marketing.

video marketing


A tree does not make a forest and most certainly, your business cannot flourish independent of some external influences. Your target audience for one is a force outside your business you can’t do without. To bear more fruits in your home remodeling business, you have to partner with these influences in unique ways.

Here are the formidable forces to partner with;

The local community

The behavior of your local audience can make or mar your business and what you choose to do with this matters. For successful contracting business marketing, you should understand and leverage your customers’ behaviors.

Market research and analysis are strategic ways to gain insights into your audience and their behavior. More so, you can engage with them on different levels to which they can adequately relate to. Local events, news, and content marketing efforts that carry the locals along are ways to connect with them.

Ranking on local search results is a singular aspect of involving your audience in your business. Now, this is mostly for your business. A proper partnership with your community means meeting them at the points of their needs. This gives them the safety to take your hands in business as well.

Local businesses

Other contractors in the industry can be of immense help to your business. For instance, collaborating with a construction company can score you gigs in home remodeling and vice versa. A Google Business Profile is one way out of many to see potential businesses to collaborate with.

Partnering with a construction business in your local area can gain you access to an already existing customer base. As the construction company completes a project in their specialization, your company can handle the remodeling aspect.

Professional marketers

You do not want to go on this digital marketing journey alone because it is a long and daunting one. When you consider the truckload of responsibilities resting on your shoulders, taking on some more may be impossible.

Professionals in the same are well equipped with resources and technical know-how to effortlessly develop and implement the best marketing strategies for businesses like yours. Whether it’s a design-build marketing strategy that fits perfectly or not, expertise and experience teach us that.

With our home remodeling marketing agency, you can enjoy account-based marketing that caters to all your distinct needs as a home remodeling brand.

Final Word

All in all, your perfect contractor marketing strategy rises and falls on your execution team. Who you pick to craft and implement the best marketing strategies fitting for your brand determines a large part of the outcome.

At our home remodeling digital marketing agency, we run a transparent and ethical system that puts our clients to rest while delivering exceptional results.

Contact our agency now for your custom contractor marketing strategy.

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