Mastering Success: The Ultimate General Contractor Marketing Strategy Guide

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Gain more leads, more ROI. But don’t stop there.

You can master the process and know how to do it over and over again. What drives the results? What’s the strategy, the secret?

The answer is as simple as getting a digital marketing company to create and implement a working digital marketing strategy for your general contractor company.

With the repetition of digital marketing efforts that work well, successful contracting business growth becomes predictable. And that’s where you want to be.

Guidelines for Creating the Utmost General Contractor Marketing Strategy

Create an exceptional online marketing strategy for your contracting business using this quick guide;

Learn the construction industry

Contractor digital marketing has to be construction-centric hence, knowing the industry is essential. Understand the landscape of construction and how you can milk its uniqueness to build your business.

Before you start on your journey of building that one-in-a-million marketing strategy for your construction company, know all the parameters of the industry. This will help you to take a targeted approach to your contracting marketing services.

You gain insights into niche opportunities and market trends that give your marketing strategy an edge. With this analysis and dynamics knowledge, you can make well-informed marketing decisions that work.

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The knowledge of the construction market trends and dynamics helps you achieve the following;

Reach the right audience: Demographic shifts, consumer behavior, and growing needs are exposed in market trends. By thoroughly going through the trends and analyzing them, you can spot key factors that indicate your consumer behavior, preferences, and needs.

These factors when properly leveraged can turn the entire course of your marketing around as you can reach your audience in ways they will respond. Your potential customers will always lean into viable solutions to their needs.

Stand out: The point of looking closely at the construction market trends isn’t to replicate the strategies of other construction companies because truly, it may backfire on you.

However, the purpose is to see the things they are doing well and improve upon the visible gaps. Most importantly, you do this in your own unique way which makes you stand out.

Custom messaging: With the right information about your target audience and the market, you can craft your one-of-a-kind message that speaks to your audience. Your unique messaging is another thing that sets you apart in the industry while reaching your potential clients.

Foresee industry changes: A close study of the market over time will open you up to knowledge of patterns that position you for future endeavors. You can tell some expected shifts in the market and strategically prepare your business for these changes.

Preparations for changes like technological advancements, consumer behaviors, and more put you high on the scale. You are not taken unaware as regards matters of construction. You are prepared to ride the waves that will soon sweep many off to shores.

Proper resource allocation: Think of how many resources you can save by directing them (your resources) to fruitful channels. A lot right? You can rest assured that your resources are working for you and not wasting them.

This means that they will pay off and in many folds. The knowledge of market trends helps you invest wisely in marketing. The right digital marketing platform for your audience as well as the strategies go a long way to save you some time and resources.

Innovations: The room for innovation is opened when you can foresee niche opportunities and emerging trends in construction. Security systems for buildings are old tales now but what are some possible new inventions? Not only are you prepared for future changes, but you join the first moves in new and outstanding inventions.

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Here are some key specializations in contracting to stay abreast with for distinct marketing;

Renovations and remodeling

Renovations and remodeling deal with the refurnishing of old constructions and buildings to look their best. It may include demolition of some parts and reconstruction as well as fresh fixes. Renovations may be for residential, commercial, or historical restoration purposes.

Maintenance and repairs

The replacement and repairs of specific aspects of a building like roof damages, plumbing leaks, and other structural problems. There can be scheduled maintenance or rapid responses in times of emergencies.

Fresh construction

Building new building structures from scratch is a major specialization for a contracting business. This expertise can also be residential, commercial, or infrastructural. In other words, it can be for homes, office buildings, or roads among other things.

Exterior services

Installing outdoor landscapes, irrigation systems, roofing, and a lot more are some aspects of exterior services offered by construction businesses.

Specialty constructions

These are unconventional and out-of-the-normal construction services. They are special requests for special purposes. For instance, green buildings with attention to eco-friendly materials and sustainable design principles are one such construction. More so, structures that support disabled individuals fall under this category.

Specialty trades

Electrical, masonry, woodworking, plumbing, and HVAC services (ventilation services) are parts of specialty trades. These are services that require expertise in many important areas of construction.

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Create a signature for the contracting business

We have spelled out noteworthy facets of the contracting business and how understanding them will help tailor your marketing strategy. The next thing is to work it out. In other words, get on the drawing board.

But before you hurry into the intricacies of marketing, work out your signature. You know your areas of specialization and your target audience, the succeeding requirement is to articulate your business identity.

What kind of contractor business are you? The factors that distinguish you from other contracting businesses are the things to capitalize on. Craft your brand identity and messaging because it is on them your best marketing strategies will be built upon.

What do you look out for? Your brand vision and statements. These are passed on to your audience through your branding collaterals like your logo, contractor website, social media posts, and many more.

Write your vision and make it crystal clear so your digital marketing campaigns can run wild on them. They are the boundaries on which all your strategies are contained and adequately managed.

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Spell out your marketing goals

First, you need to answer the question of what your marketing needs are. This way, you can create an equal strategy to address these needs. These are the things that determine your internet marketing goals.

These goals allow you to manage your expectations and be on the lookout for your marketing performance. Whether you are actually making progress with your contractor marketing services or not can be easily spotted with these goals laid out.

Also, your internet marketing company can have parameters to work with and performance management strategies. Marketing strategies can also be measured, analyzed, and evaluated.

Some practical digital marketing goals are as follows;

Build brand awareness

Being visible to potential customers as a contracting business increases your chances of gaining more leads. Contractor marketing ideas are first to build strong awareness about your business in the minds of your audience.

Brand awareness and visibility across all digital platforms give your business an advantage of trust and credibility among your target audience. Your business is perceived as an authority in contracting especially when your search engine rankings are high.

Drive website traffic

Traffic to your contractor website means more leads for your business. Internet users who visit your website translate to potential customers. Installing marketing strategies that drive website traffic like search engine optimization is an important goal to have for your contractor marketing.

More customer engagement

When potential clients engage with your business on your online platforms, it means they are well interested. Having more engagements serves your business for possible conversions. Increasing your customer involvement on your website and social media among others is a necessary goal for your marketing.

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Gain leads

Leads give hope of conversions for your business. There are never too many leads for a business – the more, the better. Lead generation is effective for drawing in more potential customers to your business and it benefits in the long run. By collecting the emails and contacts of your website visitors, you can have them closer for subsequent marketing campaigns.

Optimize user experience

If your audience is happy, you will eventually be. Making your users’ experience worthwhile keeps them satisfied with your online services. The usability of your website is a tell-sign into your users’ experience.

Your page loading time, mobile-friendliness, intuitive navigation, and more are some essential aspects of user experience that can reduce bounce rates on your website. The more your bounce rates are, the less chances you have to rank on search engines.

Have customer retention and loyalty

What would it say about your brand when customers leave after one trial? It gives neither a good feeling nor thought. In fact, it means more. They’re either not satisfied with the quality of your services or they just forgot about you.

Marketing strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management, and content marketing breed trust with your clients. Engaging your audience with valuable content gives them value that cannot be denied. Give them a reason to stay.

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Decide your marketing services for contractors

Now, you know exactly what to expect from your online marketing, how do you achieve them? Surely, there is an array of digital marketing services but you must know what works for your business. Also, appropriating the right amount of resources for each marketing campaign is important.

Check out some digital marketing services that can make up your contractor digital marketing strategy and achieve your marketing goals;

Search engine optimization

SEO marketing tactics help you rank on search engine results pages. What this does for your contractor business is that it sets you up on search engines radars. Internet users who check these search engines for answers inevitably meet your business.

This is a cost-effective marketing strategy that drives organic traffic to your business website. This is a strong lead generation source and it opens the way for many goodies.

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Social media marketing

Social media sites are hot online for marketing. Prospective customers who are more drawn to social media get acquainted with your business from targeted social media posts. Posts from your contracting business in the form of videos, images, graphics, or words attract and engage potential customers to your business.

In addition to that, you can host social media ads to reach more audiences. When your audiences are not seeing you right away due to a wave of competition in the contracting business, your ads see them. In other words, your ads reach more clients who get to know your brand as a result.

Your marketing messages are also communicated through posts on social media and your audience gets closer to your brand. Interactions and engagement through posts and DMs happen daily and subtly and your audience gets closer to your brand without even realizing it.

Email marketing

A digital marketing agency like Padula Media goes beyond direct mail campaigns to email marketing for more personalized interaction with the audiences. This marketing strategy may work with landing pages that convey details of a campaign at a given time.

Marketing automation is also possible with this strategy. You can reach more audiences in a short while when your marketing is automated. No one is left behind using email marketing campaigns. You can resend an email campaign to audiences who do not click on your emails.

Additionally, segments in your mailing campaigns help you reach your audiences in distinct categories. It allows you to follow up with your client base without mixing up their messages based on their level of involvement with your business.

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Paid advertising

Advertising in digital marketing for contractors deals with hosting ads about your construction company on various online platforms. Search engines are popular for pay-per-click ads and Google ads which leverage search engines to reach targeted audiences in construction.

More so, ads can be placed on social media sites for pecliar lead generation. Social media algorithms collaborate with these platforms to place your ads on search results. Unlike other online marketing strategies, your brand gets into places that you can’t normally get organically in the space of time.

This creates awareness about your brand, increases leads as well as conversions. Visual content is mostly used to place ads to attract a target audience and they are just as effective as other marketing strategies.

Local SEO

Your local services are better recognized in your local service area. As a business owner, strive to optimize your business with a local SEO company. Even professional marketers with no local approach may miss the benefits associated with local optimization.

Visibility on business listings like Google My Business gives your local business an edge over other businesses that are not on local business listings. This is because more customers look online for easy access to businesses in their local area. Without local optimization, you are bound to miss out on these audiences.

Google Business Profile makes you visible on local search results. A Google Business profile includes information about your business name, website address (which drives traffic), physical address (with Google Maps), phone number, working hours, and other relevant information.

Being easily accessible through this means saves users the stress of searching for businesses hence, its effectiveness. Local search visibility for your contracting business improves your foot traffic as well.

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Video marketing

A video marketing team assigned to your account-based marketing curates video content for and from your business. These videos may highlight works from your construction projects or answer questions about general constructions and need-to-knows.

Visuals are highly effective for keeping your audience hooked. Especially in construction, visuals give them the full picture of possible expectations and outcomes. Other forms of content may not quite capture the real picture for your audience hence, videos.

With the help of technology, your video marketing can have high-quality videos that showcase various angles and landscapes. Drones among other video marketing tools can be used for aerial shots and capturing all nooks and crannies of your construction works.

Content marketing

Important content and updates in the contracting industry draw in more audiences. Whether it’s a safety update, new regulations, how to care for structures in certain ways, and whatnot, your audience will appreciate engaging content.

Content marketing also serves as an educational tool for your audience. There’s always a lot to learn and most definitely in construction. Your content may be for consumers or even retailers in the construction business.

Depending on your target audience, you can create and leverage useful content in your general contractor marketing strategy. This will significantly boost your online marketing campaign.

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Performance tracking

Google Analytics is a good analytical tool to measure your marketing efforts and track your performance. Not only is it optimized for a mobile-friendly website set up to attract new clients. But it also helps you stay aware of your progress by giving you positive and negative feedback about your performance.

Tracking your business page with Google Analytics is one of the weapons in the arsenal of a good digital agency with working marketing strategies. Liaising with your digital marketing partner to create and implement an effective marketing plan will do so much good for your contractor business and get you more leads in no time.

Take advantage of this by calling us at Padula Media today.

Provide exceptional customer service

Your service of excellence begins with your contractor services. The quality of services you offer will do most of the marketing for you and at less cost. The services you provide to your client base should be of high standard.

This can earn you word-of-mouth marketing which is far more effective than any other marketing strategy. Knowing that someone has gotten your service and was satisfied encourages more prospective clients to take a chance with you.

No amount of internet marketing can convince someone as much as quality assurance of satisfaction from another client with no affiliation to your business. Leverage this marketing technique by serving your clients with unmatched quality.

In addition to that, your contractor digital marketing plan should include customer service in terms of maintaining a good relationship with your client base. This will keep you close to their hearts for more deals in times to come.

Your present or future clients may not need your contractor services right away but they will soon enough. Will you come to mind when the time comes? However, when there’s a relationship and constant engagement, your business wouldn’t be a far thought.

Get feedback from your clients to keep them satisfied. Their feedback on your services should encourage you to improve your services in every area. Whether it’s a pricing concern, project delivery time, or even communication gaps, ensure that these concerns are well considered and that they know you’d work on the concerns raised. Most importantly, consider the issues

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Final Word

Digital marketing efforts include email marketing, search engine rankings to catch the attention of online searchers, remodeling leads, cut-through sales pitches, sales funnel, google ads, and paid ads to mention a few.

One good thing about this is that the process comes at a cost-effective price depending on your negotiation with the digital marketing company you are partnering with.

Partner with our contractor internet marketing company today for a good deal. Get quality contractor marketing services at fair pricing rates. We can tailor your marketing services to suit your budget without compromising on quality.

Contact us now for more information on how to make this happen.

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