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Few businesses know they don’t need to search too far to learn the secret to taking your remodeling business to the next level. It’s real and proven, that your remodel business just needs a makeover from a marketing company to put your business on the map.

More leads, converting prospective clients, and effective marketing strategies are the ingredients that make for online success and more revenue. Are you curious about how this works? Here’s the secret.

How a Remodeler Marketing Company Aligns Marketing With Remodeling Services

Using 10 specializations in remodeling services, we will examine how home remodeling marketing strategies can be used. It is important to note that the marketing strategies placed on each specialization are not exclusive to it. They are instances of how a marketing service can serve a distinct purpose.

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling services for a bathroom go from simple upgrades of cosmetics to full structural renovations. Bathroom remodeling covers both renovations and improvements to bathroom spaces. From installation and replacement of fixtures to the flooring, wall treatments, lighting, ventilation, countertops, plumbing, electrical works, and much more.

Social media marketing strategy for bathroom remodeling

Who isn’t on social media now? If you look around you’d find that almost everyone is active on one social media platform or another. You can bet that your target audience is in this flock.

Social media platforms have become highly relevant for marketing. Social media posts in the form of reels, stories, and carousels have made it much easier for users to find businesses in one swipe. Your business could be one of them too.

You can post before and after pictures and videos of your bathroom remodeling projects on various social media platforms. Visual content about the making process of every bathroom from your remodeling company can ignite a longing in an audience.

Additionally, you can tag other related businesses to gain visibility and reach more audiences. Likewise, social media offers an option for paid ads where your remodeling business is shown on the timelines and pages of prospective customers.

Another angle to which you can use social media to your advantage is by leveraging influencers who are closely in line with bathroom remodeling. Advertising through their pages can draw audiences to your business account.

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

The overall feel of the kitchen can be upgraded. Aside from fixing up broken countertops or cabinets, new installations can be made to improve the look of the kitchen. After long years of living in a house, the kitchen components may begin to wear out or feel stale. In this case, you don’t move, you upgrade.

Even as much as the change of a cabinet or plumbing issues is handled by kitchen remodeling contractors. Far more, large changes like complete renovation of the kitchen are also taken care of by this specialization.

Search engine optimization for kitchen remodeling

Search engines are useful tools for showcasing relevant information online. It is the meeting point of all online searchers and a gateway to access information on any and every subject matter. All you have to do is bring your remodeling company on board.

Search engine optimization is a marketing technique that boosts your online visibility by ranking your website on search engine results pages. You do your due diligence and you’re put out for your audience to see you.

For a kitchen remodeling business trying to gain visibility, optimizing your website using search engine optimization is a good strategy. Organic search results will push you up the scale with little or no extra charges. The best part is, it benefits you long-term.

Leverage relevant keywords, technical optimizations, off-page SEO, and other SEO strategies to drive website traffic and gain qualified remodeling leads.

bathroom remodeling

Interior Remodeling

When the interior appearance of a structure needs working on, an interior remodeler is contacted. Painting services, floor replacement, wall partitioning, and the like are covered by the services of an interior remodeler.

As long as a space needs any service that can change the inside appearance, the work of an interior remodeler is not done. The interior improvement of a space is important for a warm and comfortable feeling. Especially for home interior remodeling, maintaining an overall warm feeling is of high value.


Local optimization for interior remodeling

As an interior remodeler, chances are you have a physical location for your business. Whether you engage in online marketing or not, you will gain foot traffic. This means that you are in a local area so make it your priority.

If you can establish your interior remodeling brand in your local area successfully, you can be sure of growing out of the area into other places. The foundation for your local business marketing, when you’re starting, is your local audience.

Connect with the locals and market your business consistently. Employ local optimization strategies like business listing. Network and partner with local businesses in related industries. In this case, partner with exterior remodeling businesses, and bathroom, and kitchen remodeling businesses just to name a few.

Attend local events, seminars, and workshops where you can find businesses and audiences to connect with. Here, you build your nest far and wide. You can also host events of your own with invitations to other businesses.

In addition to that, leverage Google My Business for local search optimization and visibility to your local audience. This business profile will make your business information available to your target audience when they search online for an interior remodeling business.

interior remodeling services

Exterior remodeling

It gets a little messier here. Unlike interior remodeling which deals with the inside appearance of a space, exterior remodeling serves the outer space. It is expected and the hopes for this expertise rank high.

We so often hear, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but truly, who doesn’t? The first impression you get about a space starts from the outside. For both a residential and commercial space, the outside view tells a lot about the inside.

Services here include installation of windows and doors, roofing, patio construction, and landscaping just to mention a few.

Email marketing for exterior remodeling

Digital marketing strategies like email marketing work for personalized reach. Valuable information about your exterior remodeling company can be disseminated through emails. This means you need a mailing list of your client base (past, present, and prospective).

You can amass the emails of your client base through your website. An action step for your website visitors should include getting their emails so you can reach them periodically. Your email community can be for newsletters or campaigns.

Email marketing is a good way to nurture your relationship with your clients for exterior modeling. Apart from sending newsletters where you send valuable exterior remodeling content, you can also share updates about your remodeling company with them.

Additionally, you can make juicy offers that entice your clients through your email campaigns. Discounts on your exterior remodeling pricing, promotional offers for extra benefits, and other advantages they could enjoy from getting your services. These offers may be for a period with terms and conditions applied.

exterior remodeling

Basement finishing

Additional living areas can be created out of an unfinished basement. As the name implies, basement finishing deals with the completion of a basement. It is simply turning a basement into a usable space.

Core elements like lighting and ventilation are needed. Additionally, insulation, flooring, as well as HVAC systems are incorporated to turn the basement into any usable space for the clients.

Online reputation management for basement finishing

Your brand integrity is hinged on this marketing strategy. Online reputation management allows you to control your audience’s perception of your basement finishing business. It matters that they perceive you right so they can trust you.

This marketing strategy banks on online reviews to chart the course of your reputation. You may be faced with both negative and positive reviews which is normal but how you handle them determines how your business will be seen.

More leads to your basement finishing company may not translate to conversions if your online reputation is not set. When potential customers visit your business page, they look out for what other customers who have tried your services will say.

For the negative reviews, you can look into it and try to satisfy the customers to the best of your abilities. More so, if the reviews are false attempts to break your reputation, you may delete such reviews or report such users.

On the other hand, positive reviews should be encouraged and put on the front line. Reviews may be user-generated where your customers post their reviews themselves or they send them to your internet marketing company for proper use. Either way, encourage customers to drop reviews about basement finishings you’ve done.

basement finishing

Home additions

Just as any business needs expansion after a while, homes do likewise. Homeowners may need to expand their properties for additional spaces. To create extra rooms for the kids or an office space. Whatever the need may be, it comes up from time to time.

Creating these spaces as required is the job of specialists in home additions and their work is just as important in the home remodeling business.

Paid ads for home additions

Google ads about your services in home additions will push your business into the arms of your waiting audience. Paid advertising across different digital platforms is strategic for reaching a wide range of audiences within a period.

Ads that point your audience towards your services improve your marketing efforts. They are quick ways to gain visibility and more leads. Nicely, payment options for digital ads are tailored to your budget and you can also pay when you gain leads.

home additions

Historic restoration

Our histories are just as important as our present and future – they shouldn’t be forgotten. A lot of people do agree with this, hence, historic restoration. In a bid to preserve the original features of architecture, a branch of remodeling is relevant.

These remodeling contractors may repair or replicate a historic structure to prevent it from going extinct and retain its historic integrity.

Video marketing for historic restoration

Digital marketing strategies in video format are instrumental for historic restoration. It is a big deal. Preserving long-age structures is at the heart of cultures and nations. This is no joke and videos are best for showcasing this greatness.

Online videos about your historic restoration projects create emotional connections with audiences that resonate with such works. In addition to visibility, you get an added advantage of trust and credibility. A mark of honor that sets you apart in the industry.

historic restoration

Accessibility remodeling

Life doesn’t always go as expected so we make room. We create space for things that were not in the original plan. This is the same for accessibility remodeling. It focuses on creating modifications for structures that need it.

This is mostly to ease access and movement for individuals with disabilities. Needs for door widening, ramp installations, grab bars, and handrails among others are catered for in this aspect of remodeling.

Branding for accessibility remodeling

Scream it on the rooftops, shout it on the streets. Having your business identity in the open for everyone to see increases awareness about your brand. On t-shirts, caps, mugs, cars, online content, and many more. Show your accessibility remodeling business to all.

Content across your website (which ranks on search results), social media accounts, and whatnot should bear your stamp consistently. Your originality and authenticity speak a lot for you as well.

accessibility remodeling service

Green remodeling

Sustainability is a growing need and incorporating that into remodeling is what the green specialization has done. Eco-friendly materials and practices are used for remodeling projects. Appliances that are energy efficient, solar panels, water-saving fixtures, and recycled materials are used to remodel structures.

Content marketing for green remodeling

Let your home remodeling company be the model through content marketing. Relevant content to the audience with industry knowledge can upscale your green remodeling corporation. Content marketing strategies vary for different purposes and noting the best one for each platform and objective will give you an edge.

This is a cost-effective strategy that can showcase the importance of green remodeling. Does your audience know the relevance of this remodeling service? You may assume they do but this may not be the case.

Content marketing strategy allows you to educate and engage your audience with value-filled content. Credibility amongst other many benefits is established.

eco friendly

Whole-house renovation

The main focus of this expertise is to replace an outdated structure with a new one. As times change, structures do too. Not only in the ways they look but also in the purposes they serve. For example, the doors and windows that were used in times past served their purpose in time but not in today’s world.

Doors have upgraded hugely to provide more security. Using high-end materials and technological inventions, doors provide more security. Fingerprints have been incorporated into doors and this is just one out of many other changes.

When structures are outdated and need changing, a whole-house renovation service is called for. The overall aesthetics and function of the structure are upgraded to fit a more trendy style.

Website optimization for whole-house renovation

Let your website live up to the standard of your renovation services. The user interface and user experience alike should be user-centric. It’s about your audience so ensure that all they need to have a worthwhile experience on your site are in place.

The navigation should be intuitive, your call to action should be as clear as water, and the overall performance of the site should be high-end. This way, your audience does not have trouble connecting with your business. This also communicates professionalism.


Benefits of Remodeling Marketing Ideas to Remodeling Companies

Online visibility

Your visibility to prospective customers opens the floodgate for them to rush in. If they don’t know you, they can’t find you. Strategies like local SEO and optimization increase your visibility on local search results.

Through valid platforms like Google My Business, your local remodeling company is more accessible to more customers in your service area. As a remodeling contractor, homes and businesses can trust you with their remodeling projects when you are consistently at the top of their radar.


Your remodeling company’s website can be scaled to accommodate your growing audience and business needs among other marketing strategies. The right marketing strategies make provisions for growth.

Your marketing efforts are not squashed after a while. They can be constantly improved upon and adjusted to fit your remodeling marketing needs per time. They are flexible and can adapt to changes in market trends.

remodeling company marketing ideas

Lead generation

You gain more prospective customers who are actually interested in your remodeling business with digital marketing efforts. These leads are born from increased search engine rankings, email marketing campaigns, and social media engagements.

Your website visitors in addition to possible leads from other platforms can be retained and converted into loyal customers through active engagement of your audience. Remodeling leads are vital to the sustenance of your remodeling business and you can gain a lot more from digital marketing.


Having an involved audience boosts your business online. Your home remodeling marketing strategies create an avenue for you to interact with both existing and potential clients. You can do this regularly across your various digital platforms.

Engagement through social media platforms, emails, and your business website builds trust and familiarity between you and your client base. Potential customers warm up to you with time and feel safe enough to trust their remodeling projects with you.

A house is not built in a day. As a remodeler, you know this more than anyone. It takes a great deal of time to work through a project for high-quality output. This is the same as establishing relationships.

A relationship is the bedrock for any business that depends on its target audience to thrive. To retain your customers, you have to get a little closer. Give them reasons to trust your business and engagement does this.

This is your courtship period and even after converting them, stay married. Constant communication with your target audience keeps your relationship with them afloat and rolling and internet marketing has made it a lot easier for you.

Keeping up with a large audience can be tasking especially when you have to do that while delivering quality projects. Your digital marketing for home remodeling should include getting an expert digital marketing company to take the load off you and deliver the best results.

Speak with one of our consultants today for a quality remodeling marketing plan.

marketing plan for remodeling company


Digital marketing for home remodeling starts with proper branding. It helps you to create a solid brand identity for your remodeling business. Through your messaging and collateral, you communicate values that resonate with the audience differently.

Consistency in your brand messaging is a sure way to set your business apart from other businesses in the remodeling industry. The tone you use for your audience (friendly, silly, or whatnot), your colors (warm, catchy, comforting), the values you push forward through your content, and many more.

These distinguish you from your competition. More so, having a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your remodeling business gives you full advantage. All marketing ideas cannot fall short at the same time. If one doesn’t generate as many leads, the other will.

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Final Word

Without any doubt, you can see how each piece of the puzzle comes together to make a complete and perfect plan for your remodeling business. As prospective clients talk about their goals and expectations and you deliver, in the same way partnering with a competent digital marketing company is the best way to materialize your success as a remodeling business.

From marketing campaigns to search engine optimization for search results ranking, to retaining website visitors and gaining more leads. You as a remodeling business owner can watch your business growth spurt from a small seed to a forest.

When you partner with a remodeling business marketing company, you set your business up for revamping your remodeling business online reviews which will help your online reputation.

Don’t snooze on this opportunity. Partner with our remodeler marketing company today for an outstanding marketing success.

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