The Ultimate SEO Guide for Home Remodelers: Ranking High and Staying There

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Your home remodeling projects need a home on the Internet for due recognition and acknowledgment. Knowing precisely what it takes to do this is one way this blog post will be of immense help to you.

By investing in contractor SEO marketing, you can pave digital ways for your home remodeling company that make you stand out from the rest in the home remodeling industry.

Contractor SEO Marketing Ideas for Your Design-Build Marketing

Your SEO home remodeling marketing strategy may include the following for desired results;

Website design and development

The journey for your remodeling company’s search engine optimization begins with a functional website. Every effort geared toward ranking your remodeling business on search engine results starts from your website.

The first step to having a website that hosts your search engine optimization campaigns is designing and developing one. Develop a professional website that best depicts your brand identity beyond just being a home remodeling company.

For this, a web designer captures your goals and vision for your business and replicates it through designs for your website. And with this, web developers create the best website for your business. This sets the pace for your home remodeling marketing strategy as a whole.

A good and functional website does not just rank on search engines but it also meets the expectation of the website visitors. Interested prospects come to your business page for a reason and you should be sure that there are no obstacles to them meeting their needs.

This means that whether or not you have great remodeling marketing campaigns going for your business on your website, they are of no use if they are inaccessible for one reason or another. Yes, some things can actually hinder your website visitors from accessing your website maximally.

For instance, when a target audience visits your website for the first time, they may not get around to knowing your remodeling services if your web pages don’t load fast. More so, you can already tell the experience of your audience on your website if a particular page is inaccessible due to an error message.

These are some instances among many others of how your website visitors may not get to interface with the values you have to offer on your site due to obstacles. And isn’t it the purpose of your search engine optimization? To gain remodeling leads that convert to loyal clients over time.

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To have a website that is easy to interact with, here are some areas to pay key attention to;


Journeying from your contact page to your remodeling contractor service list and other pages on your website shouldn’t be a hassle for your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and consider what it would feel like to interact with a website with complicated navigation.

The point of your site is to lead your audience through a path to getting your services and being customers. If your navigations are not crystal and plain to get them there, you will automatically lose them.

User interface

It takes a step to start to a destination. Your home business page leads your audience to many other pages but it is the start of their voyage. The interface is what they meet first which can determine the rest of their stay on your site.

This is the general feel they get from your website. The color palette, font, background, layout, and graphics should be coherent and pleasing to the eye. Above all, they must be purposeful to your audience and your remodeling business.

User experience

Whether or not your audience has a good time on your site depends on this factor. This doesn’t mean that they must have fun and be elated as they interact with your website but they must at least find it useful and easy to use.

Your URL structure, sitemap, page load speed, and every component that makes up the functionality of your site work together to improve the performance of your website. These are some of the factors that ensure that your audience has a memorable experience with your site.


Mobile devices are crucial to your site’s functionality and relevance. Without a mobile-friendly website, you may not be able to reach a wide range of potential customers. This becomes counterproductive for your remodeling business as the purpose of the site is defeated. This option means that your website is just as functional on screens of all sizes.

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Keyword research

There are relevant keywords for every industry. These are the active key phrases and search queries of online searchers. What you do with keywords in your industry determines how articulate and targeted your contractor SEO marketing will be.

Now, you don’t want to work blindly and uncertainty, so researching relevant keywords for home remodeling saves you from this. All you have to do is take advantage of the available tools for keyword research and extract the right ones for your business.

It doesn’t end there. While you generate the right keywords, be sure to analyze them. Note the long-tail keywords and the short-tail keywords and the impacts they would have on your SEO marketing. A long-tail keyword means more precision to the keywords and better chances of ranking while a short-tail keyword says otherwise.

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Keyword optimization

It’s time to include the relevant keywords in strategic points. You use the keywords to optimize your website through content, descriptions, landing pages, blog posts, and more.

Home remodeling websites have their unique outlook and keywords associated with them are added naturally to fit into the sites. This way, the sites gain online visibility and search results rankings.

At points that may include your website content, blog posts, web pages, and more, keywords are positioned to rank your website. One way this can be seen is through your on-page optimization.

This entails tweaking your web pages’ elements using the appropriate keywords as well as other SEO features to rank them. The headlines, meta descriptions, meta titles, alt texts, URLs, and many more are optimized to rank on search engine results for better visibility using relevant keywords.

Content marketing strategy

Everything to which you communicate with your target audience may be considered content. It is basically the materials you interact with and engage with your customers.

Whichever form of content you choose to lean towards to interact with your customers, it must be well-thought-out and aligned with your home remodeling business goals.

Content marketing is an avenue to leverage valuable information to appeal to your potential customers. By giving them value through your content, they also lean toward your business.

Videos, blog posts, graphics, and other content marketing materials should convey information that is of high value to both existing and prospective clients.

Informative content about updates and trends in the home remodeling market, educational content that gives knowledge and insights into “first aid” tips for some home repair issues as well as preventive measures among others can be of great importance to your audience.

When you are the source for all their pressing questions and concerns, you can guarantee an established trust that improves their relationship with your brand.

Especially while operating a design-build marketing, content that eases your clients into the idea of taking this approach is beneficial to you. The information available from your content will better equip them with the knowledge they need to take the next steps.

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Link building

Search engines are keen on authority and credibility for search engine rankings. A lot of things may communicate this but one distinct way is through the backlinks you amass from other websites. Links from the websites of other remodeling contractors and businesses go to say that yours is an authority to be reckoned with.

To advance your digital marketing campaigns through SEO, building backlinks to your website is essential. This can be achieved through various means like building strong relationships with other remodeling companies in different niches, influencers, bloggers, journalists, and the rest.

Also, look out for reputable sites in your industry that accept guest blog posts and contribute to their content using your blog posts. This gives you a chance to build upon their foundation and link the content back to your site.

Engage in online forums and communities where your value can be noted. Answer pressing questions, give insights, and showcase your expertise in the remodeling industry. This will give you profound traction and relationships you can bank on.

Also, creating assets that can be linked like industry reports, whitepapers, and interactive tools provides useful resources to the remodeling industry that will always lead back to your website. There is now a string that will certainly lead back to your site.

Above all, the best strategy to generate long-term backlinks is to build a blog that constantly dishes out valuable content that answers to the needs of your audiences. Answering their questions and giving them value which they are yet to know gives you leverage as well.

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Technical SEO

Online reputation management doesn’t only deal with managing online reviews from your current customers. It also deals with your brand identity which may be endangered by a malfunction with your site.

The ability of your audience to access your site and have a good experience from it is managed by this aspect of your SEO marketing. Below are some key areas that technical SEO covers;


The speed at which your site responds during usage is important to your SEO success. Most times, the backend is responsible for your site’s loading time and this SEO technique keeps it in constant check.


Attacks from viruses or other threats are counterproductive for your SEO marketing. These can damage your data including valuable information about your clients. However, it can be nibbed to the curb before it even happens.

Web structure

Ensuring that the structure of your website is organized is essential for a bot to crawl through. This requires that your site architecture and overall structure are easily accessible.

Index and crawling

Duplicate content issues on your site can be avoided as a result of this. Search engine bots and crawlers can access your site when factors like sitemaps, robots.txt files, and the like are sorted out.

Technical issues

Error messages and codes from broken lines, server connections, and crawl errors can be identified and rectified on this level of SEO. These factors surely hinder the search rankings of your website and tools like Google Analytics can bring them to bear.

Local SEO (search engine optimization)

Having a rapport with your local audience and community increases your popularity in your local area. You want your local remodeling company to be well-known in your base location for more reasons than one.

Call it your safe base. It is where you operate predominantly even when you go out and beyond for home remodeling jobs. A footing in this area gives you more balance to expand your home remodeling business.

SEO marketing efforts in this light focus on ranking your remodeling company’s website on local search results. With this, you gain more leads that are nearby and easily accessible. To be fair, when your target audience is searching online for remodeling companies, their first go-to is their local area.

Why thread far for something that is nearby? You can agree that there are numerous remodeling companies around and to stand out, you need your audience’s vote of confidence. What better place can you get this than from your local community?

In other words, SEO marketing efforts for your search engine rankings are concentrated on your local community. Content marketing ideas are developed using local content, news, and events. This makes the audience feel included and understood as the content hits home.

Encourage customers in your local area to drop positive reviews about your remodeling business on local platforms like Google My Business and other online business listings. This will improve your online reputation for more leads and traffic.

More so, being on a local business listing can increase your visibility and inclusiveness in the community. Partnerships and collaboration with other businesses that are related to home remodeling like the construction industry can be brewed and nurtured to life.

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Integration of social media platforms

Traffic to and from your social media platforms boost your marketing efforts significantly. Potential clients may come in contact with your website from your social media platforms through posts and ads. This increases your website traffic thereby improving your credibility.

Simply put, search engine algorithms find this incredible and valuable criteria for ranking home remodeler websites. Home remodeling companies whose websites have the most traffic would be considered the authorities in the home remodeling industry.

Your goal is to get as much website traffic as possible and traffic from your social media channels can increase the website visitors you get. How does this work? Social media management.

Managing your social media well enough to have a strong presence with your audience makes it easy for you to gain their attention. It takes time and consistency to achieve this, however. Not just to grab the attention of your audience and have a few minutes of online visibility but to keep the attention solely on you.

It’s like wooing your prospective customers. You have to be consistent and go all the way until you make them yours. You can make your potential customers have eyes for only your home remodeling company.

To achieve this, your social media posts among other digital marketing strategies must be interactive enough to always engage your audience. Over a period, you find that your potential clients are stuck with you due to your consistent marketing efforts.

Also, your social media provides social proof for your home remodeling business. Your potential customers can be confident of the fact that you are genuine and authentic for this mere factor. Additionally, it provides them with a community to be a part of for social connection aside from the remodeling services you offer.

Integrating social media into your contractor SEO marketing gives you a lift and validation that is beneficial to your remodeling business.

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The Goodness of Contractor SEO Marketing for Your Remodeling Business

Are you wondering what the point of contractor SEO marketing is for your remodeling contractor business? Well, here are some major points to consider;

More awareness and visibility

The more you rank on search engines, the more visibility your remodeling business gets. Your digital marketing goals are halfway through being achieved when your target audience knows about your business.

From here on, you can engage and interact with them in ways that keep them coming back to your business. However, the first deal is to even get them to notice your remodeling brand which is exactly what SEO ranking does for you.

Better organic and targeted traffic

Your SEO marketing plan when successful drives targeted traffic to your website. That is, the audiences that are for you are attracted effortlessly – of course, you put so much effort into ranking on search engines but that’s all there is to it.

The website visitors you get are new customers who are very much interested in your remodeling services and will contribute largely to your business success with time. This lead generation makes your marketing work less burdening and achievable.

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Gain and retain more customers

Aside from having some new customers who relate to your brand, you can gain many more leads on a steady ranking on search results. Also, you can retain these customers over time when you engage them on your various digital platforms.

SEO opens up doors for other digital marketing ideas just from being successful and you can count on the success of your SEO to reflect in other areas of your marketing.

Boost other digital marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns like email marketing are greatly encouraged by SEO success. Usually, your website even without SEO may be used for lead generation for your email marketing in terms of gaining subscribers. Now imagine adding SEO rankings to that.

Paid ads, email marketing, social media marketing, and other vital digital marketing strategies are heavily boosted by search results rankings for your remodeling business.

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Improves business growth

You can already tell the trajectory of your remodeling company from the many benefits of SEO. The endpoint to all of it is the immense growth of your business long-term. From visibility to gaining more customers and the like, your online marketing efforts through SEO lead to one road – growth.

When your business makes it to the first page of search results when your audiences search online, you can rest assured that your big break is not far off anymore.

Final Word

Home remodeling marketing strategy using SEO marketing is a profound way to grow your business. By following this guide, you can gain remodeling leads that translate to conversions and stronger bonds.

Maximize your SEO potential today using specialized services that guarantee great results. Collaborate with our full-service SEO marketing agency for your design-build marketing. We implement the best marketing for remodeling companies using SEO and more.

Reach out to us now for more details on how to get started via virtual meetings or in-person consultations.

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