Leveraging Platforms to Grow Your Home Remodeling Business

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Marketing products or services takes a lot of time and effort to achieve desired results. Consumers may think that marketers are just after leads and conversions but digital marketing has proven to us that it is not just about that.

With digital marketing services, you are equipped better to build a relationship with your clients and interact with them more personally. This is because it offers avenues and platforms to keep track of all your clients and follow up on them no matter how much they get.

Today, we will examine the social media aspect of contractor internet marketing and how it serves as both a relational and marketing tool for your home remodeling business. Gear up to experience social media marketing services and how it contributes to the bigger picture.

Some Social Media Marketing Services for Contractors

The following services make for effective social media marketing for contractors;

Consistent branding

The social media channels you use for your social media contractor marketing are a front for your remodeling business. They are platforms that represent your business and should look the same.

This simply means that your social media platforms should be consistent across the board with branding materials that distinguish your brand. The colors, patterns, style, tone, logo, and other branding collaterals should be put out across all platforms.

Consistent branding is a test of your brand integrity. Not only does it showcase your identity, but it communicates authenticity. Your target audience can easily spot and differentiate your home remodeling company from the rest.

You don’t want your potential customers to wander in confusion and fall into the trap of impersonation and fraud. One way this can be avoided is by clear and consistent branding across all platforms.

On another hand, you also want your messaging to be the same. Whatever contractor digital marketing services you implement on one social media platform, ensure that they agree with the information on other social platforms.

Furthermore, always remember you’re in a relationship with your audience. Going silent on them will not foster the relationship rather it will destroy it.

Be very active on your social media and have particular times you interact with your audience via posts and content. This goes a long way to build trust with them as they are certain you’ll show up at those times.

You build anticipation and a longing from your audience with your remodeling content. Being able to count on your remodeling company when it comes to social media engagements speaks about your integrity with remodeling projects.

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Quality content

In case you’ve been in doubt at any point about the basis of the comprehensive services of your contractor marketing, here’s a reminder. Quality content is everything. Whether it’s for email marketing, search engine optimization, or even online reputation management, good content is vital. It is the tool by which you convey all your marketing messages.

This will need you to get a little more involved in the process. You may need to create video content that educates your potential customers on how to make some minor DIY fixes. Content like this is of high impact and value to your audience and is best communicated through videos.

Additionally, images and graphics are highly valuable for social media marketing. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook ride on visuals for better engagement.

Home remodeling content does the following;


Your content should educate your audience on the various aspects of home remodeling and how they can benefit from them. Tips for renovations, when to renovate, the right materials for what, and some trending design trends can make up the materials for your educational content.

Also, basic tips on how to prevent some damage in the home and what to do in critical times can come in handy for your audience. You can use data and keywords to create spot-on content to educate our audience with.

This puts your business in the position of authority and expertise in the industry. Your audience can comfortably lean toward your business just because of the value they gain from your content.


Content is an avenue to engage with your clients and get to understand them better. Don’t be the only one in the relationship with your clients. Establish a safe space for them to ask questions about home remodeling and answer the questions appropriately. Allow the relationship to be a two-way street.

You can do this by leveraging content and posts that instigate responses and comments. Quizzes, polls, and feedback can also enhance engagement with your audiences.

Brand Messaging

You can convey your brand message thanks to content. Either through visuals or text, your brand content carries the very essence of your business goals. Whether it’s to educate or market your contracting services, your content bears the heart of your brand existence.

Your audience should be able to clearly identify who you are from your content to align accordingly when necessary. Without clarity in your messaging, your audience may look another way in search of a clearer vision.

Quality assurance

Content like online reviews puts your audience to rest. Worries about your credibility and expertise are distilled by reviews of other customers who have experienced your services firsthand. More so, your portfolio may be included in your content to showcase our work and expertise. This also births an assurance with your clients.

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Relevant hashtags

Hashtags in the contracting and construction industry as well as for your local area help push up the visibility of your posts. 

This means that when you make a social media post with relevant hashtags, they are likely to pop up when users search for related content.

Your reach expands beyond your followers to active searchers in your industry as well as your local community. For example, users who search for home remodeling companies and content will see your social media page when you use industry-related content.

Also, you can create personal hashtags for brand recognition and encourage your customers to use them for user-generated content. Your online visibility will be impacted greatly and you reach a wider audience.

Rich partnerships

Social media platforms like Instagram have made it so much easier for you to collaborate with other social media accounts for a social media post. With this, your remodeling business can partner with related businesses and influencers and gain more exposure.

While you’re building your social media presence, you can benefit from a partnership with construction companies as well as other relevant brands to gain more visibility and credence. This means that the post you collaborate on will be visible to both your audiences and theirs as well. You can generate leads from their audiences. 

Nonetheless, collaborations should be with brands that are relevant to your contracting business which means that their audiences can make for qualified leads.

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Manage reviews

For every service in your home contracting business, there is a customer’s feedback. The feedback may be good or bad but one thing is certain – there must be one. Managing reviews is one active form of reputation management for general contractors’ marketing. Home contractor businesses like yours are mostly artistic and require a lot of work. 

The preferences of your customers may also differ from person to person hence, the variation in feedback. It may not necessarily mean that your contractor services changed or aren’t good enough. More so, people communicate differently and this could affect the way a remodeling project comes out.

Through regular feedback and reviews from your customers, you can fine-tune your customer service to suit the needs of your clients. Areas to improve on and the ones to cut back on will be exposed from your customer reviews.

Furthermore, you can manage spam and outrightly wrong reviews posted on your comment sessions before they negatively affect your marketing campaigns.

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Advertising services

Online marketing strategies are either organic or inorganic. Whichever, both complement each other nicely. The digital marketing campaigns for your contractor business may be on point and rich but without advertising services, it may take forever to attain business growth.

Paid advertising may not get you organic traffic but it gives you a wide reach in a short time. Your contracting company can become visible to a large number of your potential customers just from a single successful ad.

Pay-per-click advertising is one form of social ad that uses social media algorithms to reach prospective contractor clients for your home remodeling business. You gain online visibility, brand awareness, high-quality leads, and possible conversions.

Home contractor advertising via social media advertising can take various forms. It can be pay-per-click advertising or even influencer marketing. The PPC ad form works with a contractor marketing agency placing a social media ad through the social platform.

The ad is displayed on the feeds of prospective clients which are determined by algorithms and data from users based on their interests and more. This social media advertising is usually targeted and effective.

The other way of placing ads on your socials is through an influencer. This is popularly known as influencer marketing but is usually done through social media. A popular influencer in the construction business can advertise your contractor business on their social media pages thereby drawing their audience to it.

This is especially effective when the influencer is an authority and trusted in the contractor industry. Their words become an endorsement for your contracting business.


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Performance analysis

Just as you would review your home contractor and construction services, contractor marketing agencies do the same for all their online marketing services. It is important to include performance analysis in your contractor digital marketing plan, especially for your social media marketing.

Closely watching your digital marketing efforts gives you insights into trends and updates you can adopt for your contractor marketing services. Also, you can identify strategies that work more effectively for your social media and ways to improve your digital marketing strategy in general.

Relevant Tools for Home Remodeling Social Media Marketing

We have discussed the social media marketing services for contractors, here are the tools that can help you build a solid social media presence for your contractor marketing;

Management tools

To remain consistent and effective with the delivery of your social media posts and campaigns, scheduling them ahead of time will be of great gain. Management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer can help you manage your accounts. From scheduling posts to managing multiple social accounts from one dashboard, analyzing your performance metrics, and many more.

Content creation services

Creating compelling and engaging content may become a daunting task especially when you have to do so for other digital marketing platforms. Content creation is one marketing strategy that shouldn’t be outsourced to tools but should be handled by humans.

This is because AI tools and bots will not be able to connect with your target audience humanly. Compelling content involves stories that evoke emotions and this is one area that might be lacking in using tools.

Instead, a contractor marketing company can take up the responsibility of creating valuable content for your contractor marketing. We can be your contractor marketing partner for your content marketing among other marketing services for contractors.

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Pay-per-click campaigns

Targeting options for advertising using your social media is a good tool for putting your business online. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and more are some social ads that leverage targeting options to reach a variety of audiences for contractor businesses.

Your local business can generate leads for potential customers quickly using ads that are targeted for them in your local area. These campaigns are tools to improve contractor marketing on social media.

Review management tools

You can maintain your online reputation using platforms like Yelp, Google My Business, and more. They help you to manage reviews from your customers online and in turn, manage your reputation. This is a big addition to your contractor digital marketing.

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Community management services

You should understand that your social media space is a community for your audiences. They don’t just interact with your business but can also make connections with other customers from your timeline. More so, each comment and DM is an opportunity to connect deeper with a target audience than before.

This task is continuous and plays a huge part in boosting your identity and reputation. An in-house marketing team may not be able to handle this sufficiently and getting a contractor marketing company may be your best option.

The Role of Social Media in General Contractor Marketing Services

Social media marketing campaigns play these roles in contractor internet marketing;

Brand awareness

Social media marketing contributes to contractor marketing services by raising brand awareness through various means. Social ad campaigns and influencer marketing increase brand awareness by going beyond your scope of influence to reach your target audience.

A growing awareness about your contracting company makes it easy for your other digital marketing services to be effective. See it this way… as a result of your video marketing via social media, prospective customers get acquainted with your brand. But it doesn’t end there, they start to get comfortable and open up to you when they encounter your website on Google search results.

It is that easy. Contractor marketing services may take a while to yield results but each digital marketing strategy is a seed that will surely grow for good.

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Relationship building

Talking about your audience getting comfortable with your brand is one way they can become more than just leads to your contractor business. The relationship is what keeps your customers coming back even when they are not fully satisfied with a particular service.

They allow for second chances and hope for better contracting services even when other contractor businesses could easily take your place. All this is as a result of a working relationship with you and your customers – basically, your customer service.

Your digital marketing efforts are assured when your customers have a relationship with your contractor business. They show up and back up your digital marketing campaigns through online reviews and user-generated content among others.

Lead generation

Leads for your email marketing can be generated from social media marketing. Proper management of your socials elevates your market value and reputation online. As a result, your audiences are encouraged to take further steps.

The next step may include collecting their emails for more personalized marketing. Email marketing has its perks and contributes its quota to contractor marketing services. Additionally, lead generation on social media can be used to drive traffic to your website for further marketing.

lead generation, more leads

Search engine optimization

Ranking on search engine results is a big deal in contractor internet marketing. It has got to be the most organic way of driving traffic and gaining visibility. And how does this relate to social media marketing? Here’s how.

Successful social media marketing generates website traffic for your contractor website. This of course means that you have gone through the web design and web development process for a contractor SEO site.

While you gain traffic from your social platforms, you increase your site traffic which is a ranking factor. With more leads from your socials, you boost your search engine optimization efforts, especially for local SEO services.

Content marketing on your website can serve as content for posts on your social platforms. Talk about branding consistency throughout your contractor marketing services, having the same content on both your website and social platforms unites your messaging.

Visibility on search engines attracts contractor clients to your business. Another form of lead generation is bred and you can maximize growth using your website traffic as well.

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Customer service improvement

Social media offers valuable insights into the performance of your online marketing services for contractors. From this, you can understand market demands, trends, and customer preferences among other things.

It also enables your contractor marketing agency to monitor customer engagement with your brand, track the trends of the contractor industry, and even analyze feedback from your customers. All these are beneficial to your contractor business as they help improve your services.

Whether it’s your contractor services, contractor marketing services, or customer services, you gain knowledge on the areas to improve upon in order to maximize your relationship with your audience.

Most important is your customer care service. How you attend to your customers online has an immense impact on your contractor marketing services. Responding to messages in a timely manner can convert a lead or lead to a loss.

Messages on our social media platforms may be inquiries into your contracting business and the services you offer. It may be about a promotion, deal, or offer recently made by your remodeler internet marketing company. It can also be about an ad or a general contractors service question.

Handling this aspect improves the quality of your services and increases the experience of your audience with your business.

Final Word

Social media marketing like other digital marketing strategies has its unique features and advantages. It can grow your business greatly and also contribute to other digital marketing services. From more leads to both inorganic and organic traffic, and many more.

With social platforms, you can build a contractor growth network for your home remodeling business from your local area to a global space. Nonetheless, you cannot achieve this by yourself. You will need to partner with professionals with digital marketing services to take full advantage of this service as well as others.

Our marketing company is fully equipped to serve you right. Get a free consultation with us today for a comprehensive contractor internet marketing plan.

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