PPC Power: Maximizing ROI with Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Home Remodeling

digital marketing for home remodeling

It’s not just any strategy for boosting your ROI. It’s one of the few powerful methods that work in the home remodeling marketing industry. The massive results that come from using the Pay Per Click advertising strategy are mind-blowing.

When businesses like yours discover this they are very quick to leverage it. Why does it work this well? More importantly, how can you tap into the technique for getting the amazing results many other businesses get?

Here’s the answer you need. But first, what are the elements that make up pay-per-click advertising?

Key Elements of PPC Advertising in Digital Marketing for Home Remodeling


Digital marketing for home remodeling banks on keywords for success. Whether it’s your social media posts, content marketing, or whatnot, a home remodeler marketing company takes advantage of keywords related to home improvement and contractor marketing.

Implementing a marketing plan with the right keywords ensures that you reach your customer base precisely. Their search queries online are the bulk of keywords that a home remodeling marketing agency uses to place ads online.

Option for targeting

The choice is all yours. PPC offers you a variety of options to reach new clients in specific areas like demography, geographical location, user interest and behavior, device targeting, and many more. Your contractor website and social media can be used to track the behavior of your audiences and some helpful trends.

A home remodeling marketing agency like Padula Media carefully explores the different options available for accurate ad placement for home remodeling contractors. Web presence, google searches, and the overall activity of your client base can also be used to ascertain the right targeting.

pay per click marketing strategy

Ad copy

Ads do not exist in a vacuum, they depend on copies to thrive. An ad copy consists of key components like headlines, descriptions, and even the display URL. These components can build or be the end of your PPC campaign.

Home remodeling contractors must ensure that the copies used for their digital marketing plan are compelling enough to hook the audiences. Your ad copy can make all the difference your PPC needs to thrive. This lies under the category of your quality score which contributes to your ad ranking.

Pieces of positive reviews, valuable information, stories, and other valuable content can be leveraged to craft an impressive copy. Home remodeling contractor marketing ideas focus on having satisfied clients at the end of the day. You can sell stories of your happy customers to gain more customers.

You can encourage customers to share their experiences with your home remodeling business in the form of online reviews to create ad copies that convert. Positive reviews from your existing customers can improve your online reputation and widen your customer base.

Ad auction

An interesting fact is that aside from your home improvement brand, other home remodeling companies are putting efforts into marketing their brand and this includes the pay-per-click strategy. What then determines which ad gets pulled up for home improvement prospective customers?

Ad auction is what determines this and in what order the users receive each brand’s ad. As a user enters a search relating to home improvement, the search engine used for that search does a quick auction. Here, it evaluates bids from various advertisers based on quality and relevance.

Ad auction takes on this process;

Search from user: An d action starts from the moment a user enters a search query into a search engine. Based on the query entered, the process for ad auction is triggered and it begins.

Relevance of keyword: Next, the search engine analyzes the search query to identify relevant keywords. The similarities between the keywords from the search query and those that advertisers bid on in their ad campaigns.

Calculation of ad rank: At this point, the search engine calculates the ad rank for each eligible ad. This is to determine the order in which ads from different advertisers are displayed. The advertiser’s maximum bid multiplied by their ad’s quality score determines an ad rank. On the other hand, the quality score is obtained from factors like the relevance of the ad, click-through rate, and the landing page.

Outcome of the auction: The outcome of an ad auction is simple – the ad with the highest ad rank. This ad makes it to the topmost position on the search engine results pages. This is followed by the ad ranking second in like manner.

Ad display: The order in which the ads are displayed has been determined at this stage and this is when it is published. Based on the outcome of the ad auction, ads with the highest ad ranks are displayed accordingly. These ads are also tagged “sponsored” or “Ads” to differentiate websites with organic traffic from those on PPC ads.

User interaction: This is the final phase of an ad auction when the target audience interacts with the ads. Whether they click on them or not and what they do from there fall under this category. Each click on the ad comes with a charge.

Ad auction, general contractor marketing strategy

Bidding strategy

On social media, search engines, and other digital platforms, advertisers employ a strategy to set bids for their ads. The end goal for this is to optimize your ad placement and maximize ROI. Crucial elements like knowing the optimal bid amount for each keyword, placement, or segment of the audience help to give a solid standing for successful ad ranking.

Some ad bidding strategies for your PPC marketing campaigns;

Automated bidding

This form of bidding solely depends on machine learning and algorithms that are data-driven to automatically adjust bids on each ad. Based on various performance signals like CPA, conversion rate, and click-through rate, these algorithms do so.

Strategies in automated bidding include target cost-per-acquisition, target return on ad spend, enhanced cost-per-click, and maximized clicks.

Manual bidding

A manual bidding strategy gives a more controlled approach to ad bidding. In other words, you can place and adjust your ad marketing bids based on performance data, your budget, and your business goals. This means that all your ad placement efforts are manually executed including the keywords.

Options for targeting

Demography, geography, device type, time of day, the behavior of interested prospects, and the like are some factors that can be explored when targeting an ad. This helps you to streamline your resources and marketing efforts for your specific audience.

Scheduling of ad

Scheduling your ad allows you to place it at strategic times when it can reach your potential clients. Based on the most active time of your current customers as well as your potential clients, you can schedule your ad. Data from your website visitors and your social media posts can come in handy for more accurate scheduling.

ad bidding marketing strategy

How to Maximize ROI for Your Home Remodeling Business Using PPC Advertising

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to maximize your ROI using PPC;

Research and selection of keywords

Keywords are the bedrock of pay-per-click advertising. They determine the relevance of your ads to search queries. This simply means that you can align your ads to the actual search intent of your target audience.

In other words, while users search for information online about remodeling services, your ads are also available to them. This increases your visibility and chances of generating more leads for your home remodeling company.

Spot-on ad campaigns

Your home remodeling company may have various specializations in it like kitchen and bathroom remodeling amongst others. These specialization have their unique characteristics and can be leveraged rightly.

For your PPC ad, taking a more specialized approach is important. In other words, you can create different campaigns for each specialization. 

This way, you can reach more audiences in need of either home remodeling service. Your audiences are not lost in the confusion on an all-fitting ad that may not properly relay the message of your home remodeling services.

That said, you can maximize your paid advertising on search engines by hosting spot-on campaigns for your various home remodeling services. If you do not get more leads from your kitchen remodeling campaign, you will get more from your bathroom remodeling campaign, and more.

Furthermore, ad extensions that provide more information regarding location, callouts, site links, and the like enhance ad relevance and visibility. Leverage these tools for maximum effectiveness of your PPC advertising.

search engine algorithm

Geographic targeting

Have your general contractor marketing strategy include geotargeted ads. This digital ad strategy works with geographic locations. Based on your specific location, you can reach your target audience around you.

At any given time, you can update the location of your paid ads to fit your interest to build brand awareness or generate leads for your home remodeling business.

More so, this strategy allows you to customize your ad campaigns based on the prevalent local culture and content of the area. As a result, you can connect with the local community more intimately. You gain a large following and liking from the local audience when you speak the language of the people.

Not only do you gain visibility and the hearts of your audience, but your home contracting business experiences increased conversions as your paid ads are of relevance to the local search intent of your potential clients.


Optimization of landing pages

Your ad campaigns are the nets that catch fishes from the water but you need a strong container to hold the fishes you catch. Landing pages are great for holding your audience once they’ve been drawn in by an ad campaign.

Based on each campaign, design a corresponding landing page that contains all the information you want to pass across to your potential customers. Solely for an ad campaign, ensure that a landing page is dedicated to align with and communicate the ad campaign fully.

Add a clear call to action in the form of joining your newsletter, filling out their contact information, booking in-person consultations, and more. This would encourage them to take the next steps that could turn them into conversions. 

Most importantly, optimize your landing pages to give the best user experience to your prospective clients. Pay attention to the layout, background, navigations, and especially, its mobile friendliness. 

If your landing page doesn’t respond to mobile devices, you might as well lose a great chunk of new customers who are interested in your business and this is counterproductive for your ad marketing campaign.

ad landing page for contractor business

Compelling Ad Copies

The first 3-5 seconds of ad copy can determine whether or not your audience will stay long enough to hear you out. Make it count.

From the first word of your ad copy through the end, grab and engage your audience with your ad copy. Use compelling words and stories to get them hooked.

The unique selling points that set your home remodeling business apart from the rest in the home remodeling industry is your armor to win. Why should your audience choose your business out of the many brands available?

Your creativity, flexibility, craftsmanship, and pricing are some key points you can use to attract your audience. Also, visuals of your previous works can be slipped into your Google ads and other paid ad copies.

Additionally, spell out your call to action. It should be direct and without doubt, the next step you want them to take. Your CTA may also include a mouthwatering offer like what they stand to gain from taking action. For example, “Get a free estimation today”.

Tracking and analysis of conversions

Treat your digital ads like a suckling child. Whether it’s an ad campaign on social media platforms or search engines, nurse it by consistently tracking and analyzing it.

Set up tools that can help you monitor the effectiveness of your ads and conversions. Tools like Google Analytics can help you gain insights into the behaviors of your potential clients and factors that pose a challenge to your conversions.

With this, you can ascertain the challenges associated with your digital marketing strategies as they relate to paid advertising. Likewise, you can come up with corresponding solutions to these challenges for better ad performance.

 tracking marketing efforts

Continuous optimization

Market trends evolve and so do marketing strategies. The same applies to your pay-per-click advertising. Do not stop at one. Even if the performance of your ads is good, ensure that you constantly optimize where and when necessary.

This implies that in the case where there’s a need to do more or improve your ad through landing pages and ad copies, do so. If it works today, it may not work tomorrow. Stay up-to-date with marketing tactics and upscale accordingly.

Conduct A/B testing for your ad copies and see what works best for your target audience. In addition to that, never sleep on industry trends. They are defining factors for a successful ad copy and marketing campaign.

Above all else, strategize and work like you compete because the truth is you are. Find new and creative ways to stay ahead of your competition for maximum returns.

Restrategizing and remarketing

You can tell what worked and what didn’t from your performance tracking and analysis. This gives you a chance to right your wrongs and get it right with your ad marketing campaigns.

You have a second chance now, what do you do with it? Consider the areas that failed and why and use that to create another approach for your home remodeling marketing.

On the other hand, you may have gotten website visitors or interested customers who visited your business page but didn’t convert yet. Host a marketing campaign specifically for them. 

This may be through an email marketing campaign for those who indicated interest from your tour landing page. Re-engage them with tailored remarketing messages. Offers like promotions, discounts, and more can be included as incentives to draw them in.

digital marketing strategies

Additional Benefits of PPC to Your Contractor Marketing Ideas

As you increase brand awareness and ROI for your home contractor business using PPC advertising, you gain other additional benefits to your marketing for home contractors. They are as follows;


Supports search engine optimization efforts

As you’ve come to know, PPC ads deal with keywords and so does search engine optimization. The implication of this is that your search engine rankings rate nicely from efforts on both sides.

PPC is effective for drawing in new customers in a short time thereby making this strategy inorganic. However, with SEO, you can enjoy sustained traffic to your website.

PPC makes relevant keywords available and these keywords can be used to create solid SEO marketing strategies. You can analyze the performance of keywords on your PPC and apply the knowledge to your SEO.

More so, local SEO can be enhanced using the geotargeting option in PPC advertising. Local businesses like yours benefit from constantly popping up on local search results.

Local SEO strategies and visibility through your Google Business Profile or other business listings that help you build brand awareness are complemented largely. It wouldn’t be difficult for your prospective clients to recognize your business after seeing it one too many times through PPC ad marketing campaigns.

Search engine optimization on its own carries a lot of fruits that boost business growth. Search engine rankings, lead generation, brand visibility, and many more are some worthy fruits of optimizing your website on search engines.

Overall, when you effectively host paid ads on search engines, it supports your SEO efforts in profound ways.

local seo marketing strategy

Quick brand visibility

Especially as a new home remodeling company, PPC gives you quick visibility to your target audience. The visibility you need to attract new clients to your business can be gained very fast through PPC.

With the right keywords, a home remodeling marketing company makes marketing for home contractors effective through PPC. 

These keywords pull your business website or ad campaign to search engine results pages thereby giving it immediate visibility through the period it is on.

All other home contractor marketing ideas like content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, and more benefit from the outcome of your visibility online.

As your audience gains awareness of your business, they are likely to take further steps if they are interested in your home remodeling services. This means that they will come closer to interacting with your business.

Further interactions will definitely go beyond your ads and landing pages to other digital platforms where you are active. 

It could be your social media platforms, email newsletters, or even your website. Whichever it is, they get to meet ongoing marketing strategies in those areas as well.

In other words, other marketing materials and platforms are engaged in reaction to your PPC campaigns.

Flexibility of budget

PPC advertising offers the benefit of managing your marketing budget while achieving results. You don’t have to break the bank or go overboard to host a PPC campaign. 

Instead, you have the liberty to allocate your budget accordingly. You can reach a certain number of people with the budget you have and choose to upscale at a later time.

More so, the budget allocation is flexible enough for your remodeler marketing company to adjust your budget to fit the ads that are doing well. Also, you can cut back on campaigns that are not performing well thereby saving money and resources while maximizing your return on investment.

PPC advertising

Targets prospective clients

The most important aspect of any kind of digital marketing for contractors is reaching the right audience. If you do everything right with your marketing and still do not reach the right audience, you might have as well done absolutely nothing.

With PPC marketing, you can rest assured that your marketing strategies are well-targeted and bound to reach the right audience for your home remodeling business.

Your ad campaigns are created with your audience in mind. From keyword research and selection to the creation of compelling ad copies, home improvement marketers work your ads around keywords for home remodelers.

Also, your reach can be tailored using demography, devices, geography, and more. This data makes for accurate positioning of your ad campaign for better results.

Final Word

There you have it! From gaining more leads to positive reviews, there are only a few marketing efforts that yield massive Returns on investments like the powerful PPC strategy you have just been exposed to.

The success of your digital marketing strategies could be greatly defined by how efficient your web presence and marketing tactics are.

Our reputable digital company can help you maximize your ROI today using PPC. There’s only one way to find out for yourself. Call us today for a free consultation on how to get you an account-based marketing strategy for your home improvement company.

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