Unleash the Power of SEO: How an SEO Product Manager Can Amplify Your Success

SEO product manager

More often than not people take up a great amount of responsibilities that weigh them down while distracting them from the things that matter most. It may seem cost-effective to outsource and take on more responsibilities, however, it doesn’t always work that way.

Are you looking for a way to better manage your SEO projects, SEO PMs are the best bets.

SEO Initiatives of a Successful SEO Product Manager

How can you tell that we can manage your SEO project with ease and effectiveness? Find out below.

Trends and algorithms of search engines

SEO best practices keep up with the trends and algorithms of search engines in order to be at the top of your search engine optimization game. This gives product managers an SEO roadmap for all their SEO efforts.

Search engine updates like Google Trends bear the full details of expectations and SEO requirements from Google for websites to rank on their search engine. With your SEO product team in on the latest juices of ranking factors, you can rest assured that your SEO success is near guaranteed.

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Local search marketing

The business impact of search visibility topples the mere chances of succeeding without one. Small businesses with a need for local SEO strategy can gain visibility on local searches if SEO product managers leverage it.

Local SEO strategies help local businesses achieve their business goals in more than one way. By leveraging marketing initiatives that target the local demography, your business can become easily accessible to your target audience.

SEO product teams take advantage of resources like Google My Business to provide your information in a business context to your prospective clients. What you do or sell, your location and directions, business hours, website details, and other necessary information.

This information makes it easier for users to find and locate businesses like yours when they are searching around their area. Interestingly, the more users search for your business, the more traffic you get and in turn, drive organic growth.

Keyword research

There are a thousand and one companies out there doing the same business as you. What makes you stand out? How can you attract customers to your business without having to compromise or sacrifice everything?

Your answer is right here – keyword research. This SEO strategy leads you to your audience before they come to you. Basically, it is a great form of SEO data that helps SEO teams achieve organic traffic.

Researching keywords is an SEO feature that SEO professionals use to create search engine-friendly content. It gives quality assurance to the content as they are accurately what your audience is searching for daily.

An SEO product manager may use tools like Google Search Console to determine keywords for website content. This is an iterative approach that would be done for every content on the website. This is because data on users’ search intent may change with time.

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Content creation and optimization

The surest way of drawing people to your website is through content. Content creation may take different forms and whichever it may be, you cannot remove content from an SEO strategy.

Product managers identify opportunities to create and promote content in order to optimize and rank on search engines. Content may be promotional videos, animated instructional videos, educational content or tutorials, and lots more.

A content strategy from an SEO manager would require a content calendar that states the flow of content on the website and what kind of content it would be.

This helps an SEO product manager to better oversee the SEO product management process and keep it consistent as well.

Market research and analysis

As you may have heard, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. The world of business is a competition and you have to be at the top of your game consistently. If you snooze, you lose.

SEO projects are more effective when influencing factors like the market are put into consideration. Researching the market and conducting competitor analysis are all effective ways of keeping yourself in the loop.

SEO project management requires much more than just writing content or optimizing on-page. These things are all important, however, comparing these efforts with the outside world will help an SEO product manager to work circumspectly.

During SEO project management, project managers study the market, and analyze the data, before they execute or implement SEO strategies.

A company with cross-functional teams has an edge in SEO product management because other teams like engineering and product teams leverage their expertise in aspects like this.

Unlike companies that only focus on on-page optimization of a website, a good product management SEO team takes an all-around approach to SEO projects.

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User experience

While driving organic traffic may be the goal of an SEO product manager, giving users an all-time experience is important. A development team is able to incorporate user-friendly elements into your website.

Functional teams with great communication skills simulate the experience of users on the website making it engaging for the audience.

Engagements on their own open up a world of opportunities where the website gains organic traffic and visibility.

Technical SEO

Along the lines of implementing SEO strategies for accounts and businesses, an SEO product manager will require the SEO expertise of engineering teams.

This is noteworthy because most people believe that search engine optimization deals largely with elements like title tags, internal links, link building, and the like.

Contrary to that, technical knowledge is needed to ensure the success of SEO. Technical SEO deals with this aspect of SEO that is just as important, maybe even more important than on-page and off-page optimization.

Technical SEO resolves the background issues that are highly probable to disrupt SEO. Such issues may be broken links, sitemaps, site updates, and many more.

While these should be sorted from the start, ensuring mobile accessibility, increased page load speed, and more, periodic maintenance is still important.

Development teams may also have a need to build a minimum viable product (MVP) for a business given its unique needs.

The technical aspect of SEO helps to reduce the bounce rate on a website which is just as important when it comes to optimizing your website.

Final Word

The success of SEO project management lies in the hands of different teams and SEO professionals. A good product manager leverages the expertise of these various teams to achieve results.

Here at Padula Media, we recognize the role of the senior management in overseeing SEO projects as well as the key function of other stakeholders.

Send us a message now and get an SEO PM with the best sense of direction. And remember, if you snooze, you lose!

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