The Art of Online Reputation Management for Home Remodelers: Building Trust and Credibility

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More than anyone can count, the fate of businesses like home remodeling often depends on what opinions the digital market has of them.

Online reputation is key if you want to thrive in the modern and digital market space. If your prospective client doesn’t trust you either because your brand has a bad reputation or there are no positive reviews to speak of your competence, then you lose.

But, that doesn’t have to be the case for you. Your home remodeling business can tap in to, and leverage the power of a good online reputation to speak for it.

“How is this possible?” You may ask. Here’s your answer.

Major Contractor Marketing Ideas for Online Reputation Management

Social media posts

Your social media posts are a meeting point for you and your customers. Social media channels are literally a gateway to most opportunities in digital marketing and online reputation management is one of them. With your social media platforms, you successfully host home remodeling marketing campaigns that boost your brand visibility and awareness.

Your home contracting business can also interact with prospective clients thereby warming them up for the possibilities and benefits available to them from choosing your business.

The engagements from your social media posts keep your audiences interested and open to the idea of getting your home remodeling services even before they are completely ready. Engaging posts wet their appetite and make them eager to be a part of the experience.

Social media platforms provide an ample amount of ways to engage with your audience consistently. You can explore reels, stories, carousels, and normal graphic options. You can also choose to use texts to interact with your target audience.

Having a solid social media presence communicates discipline and consistency to your audience. Constantly showing up to post, respond to comments and DM which may be inquiries and concerns about home remodeling, and many more.

Furthermore, social media ads which put you in many spaces for a wide range of your audience are available on various social media platforms. You can gain more traffic to your social media pages which will introduce your prospective customers to your seasoned social media marketing.

social media posts

Online reviews and mentions

Mentions and reviews online go a long way to leave your imprints in the digital world. Carefully following up and managing them can earn you points for your reputation management endeavor.

What really are these? 


Mentions as the name goes are simply being mentioned or called out by another individual or body online. In other words, businesses or individuals may have an opinion about you that can either be positive or negative.

This may be as a result of an encounter with your remodeling business or otherwise. Whichever way, this can have a huge impact on your brand and staying aware of them can help you manage them better.

Some management tools are available to remodeling companies and other businesses to track their mentions across all online platforms.

You can resolve or report negative mentions depending on its nature and leverage the positive ones. This will place you in the limelight. And not to forget, how you respond to a mention speaks about your brand as well.


The best marketing strategies for contractors are tested and tried by reviews, especially ones that cannot be controlled. Of course, you can manage the feedback and reviews online but there’s just so much you can do when your customers have strong opinions.

Just in the same way that your customers can engage in word-of-mouth marketing for your remodeling company, the opposite may be the case when they are unsatisfied.

As much as you may manage reviews online, you cannot control what your audience thinks about your remodeling company. Nonetheless, you can aim at satisfying your customers for a well-rounded review.

Solicit feedback from your past clients and receive them with an open mind. This way, you can find areas to improve upon and actually give your customers remodeling solutions suitable for them.


No one goes into business wishing or anticipating a crisis along the way. However, this is inevitable at one point or another and how you get through it determines the fate of your business.

How you handle a crisis can tell whether your remodeling business sinks lower or rises stronger. The aftermath of a crisis can elevate your brand identity greatly and establish power trust with your audience.

Sure, averting a crisis is important, but when you’re face-to-face with it, don’t back down because you can wield it to your favor.

Being armed with ORM marketing strategies helps you to identify potential issues quickly and nicely before they escalate. You can detect and manage issues at their early stages before they cause any damage to your contracting business.

Online reputation management

Search engine optimization

With your SEO marketing efforts, you can manage how your potential customers view your home remodeling business. Search engine optimization involves marketing methods that make you rank on search engines.

Especially using local SEO, you can attract prospective customers in your local community just by being visible on local search results. This communicates your credibility and builds trust with your audience.

How does this work? The metrics that make it possible for your contractor website to rank on those search engines are tight. They are geared toward putting out the best content for online searchers.

So, if your business website made it to the top list, it means that you have authority and credibility in the industry. 

Imagine searching for remodeling services on Google search, what would you immediately think about the first website that pops up which isn’t a Google Ad? That’s likely what your audience will think as well with your business site ranking.

Content marketing

The quality of your content across your digital platforms is a report card of your remodeling business quality. Like the saying goes, you cannot give what you don’t have.

If you don’t have it in you to deliver quality remodeling services, your content will tell it. The entirety of your home remodeling marketing is a representation of your brand identity.

The quality of content you choose to represent your brand tells your story in the same light. From your tone to the kind of content, sound and picture quality, and a lot more.

When you create videos to market your remodeling business, what are the things you consider and your goals? These factors can help you align your messaging and your content marketing nicely.

You don’t want to be a different entity and have a very different representation from your content marketing. Adopt a contractor marketing strategy that encourages valuable information for the audience.

Among other content marketing strategies like blogs, social media posts, email copies, and the like, video marketing beats the chart when it comes to marketing for home contractors.

This is because your work deals with visual appeal and the best way to capture this for your clients is through quality videos. 

Video marketing covers aspects like client testimonials about their home spaces, previous projects that showcase your expertise and creativity, video ads about your home remodeling company, and many more.

Apart from outrightly marketing your company using video content, you can give your audience value. This increases their interest and dependence on you for all home remodeling-related content and service.

Your content may serve as educational tools to your clients to help them improve the life of their homes and manage some simple homes in your business site ranking.

Customer feedback

Why ORM is Needed in Your Home Remodeling Marketing Strategy

You can ask why all of this is even important and if you should have expectations from your ORM. Yes, it is all worth it and here are some pointers that your online reputation management strategy is giving you a run for your money;

Builds trust

Your reputation online determines whether or not your potential customers will have faith in your home remodeling business or not. If it’s good enough, you’re in for a big win but if it’s not, that’s a huge loss.

But then, you don’t want your reputation to be average – just good enough. There are already businesses with average online reputation and standing out gives you an advantage of gaining your audience’s trust.

Your contractor marketing strategy has more effectiveness when your customers trust you as a business. They are more malleable and accepting of your digital marketing efforts when they trust you. Unlike when there is no trust, your efforts become futile and your audience is a hard nut to crack.

With the trust of your audience, your contracting business gains a stable footing for all other marketing campaigns. Your relationship with your customer base becomes stronger and yields more fruits.

Their trust can also give you the confidence to push past challenges knowing that they are always by your side. There’s no telling that more than just gaining more customers to your business, you gain loyal ones with trust.

Elevates how your brand is perceived

Your brand reputation online just as offline is very important.

Your identity as a home remodeling business is essential for the progress you make. If your identity is weak and unimpressive, you may not experience the full benefits of owning a contractor business.

But when you’re highly rated and valued in the industry, you enjoy the benefits from your customers and other related businesses in the industry.

The more you manage your online reputation, the better reputation you have. Your brand reputation is what makes your audience trust you largely with their homes and also to refer you to others.

Furthermore, you can cash out on your reputation investments when the going gets tough. In times of crisis, the positive reputation you maintain overtime will make it easier for you to resolve such issues.

Also, the communication between your remodeling brand and your audience is smoothened when they have no reservations about it. They can freely relate with you and vice versa.

In another way, the engagement is more positive. Even without soliciting for it, your customers can go all the way to generate reviews enthusiastically for your business. This cannot be faked and its authenticity is undeniable and attractive to new clients.

Brand perception

Improves customer relationships

As we’ve earlier established, positive brand reputation breeds trust and this trust has many advantages of which customer openness is one of them.

From here on, your email marketing campaigns, content marketing, social media marketing, and all other marketing strategies begin to sink in. When your customers have no shield up, they can see more clearly the message you’re passing.

Your brand messaging which is wrapped in value becomes a benefit that keeps them loyal. It may be as simple as creative content but your audience will stay on with your brand.

The credibility of your contractor business as well as your expertise is seen better from your marketing services and this opens up room for engagement as well which improves your overall contractor marketing strategy. 

As new leads, current, and past clients engage with your digital marketing strategies across all platforms, you gain more visibility.

Interactions, tags, likes, and shares from your customers engaging with your business takes your branded content far and wide. Your brand has more awareness and visibility to other prospective clients as a result.

Even so, your clients are more comfortable communicating with your brand and can give you genuine feedback on areas to improve in both your remodeling and customer services.

Gives you a competitive advantage

Your marketing tactics alone will not give you the advantage you need to conquer the remodeling industry. Your business’s online presence alone is a leverage. Now think of having a positive reputation as well.

Being at an advantage sets your business apart from the noise of the industry. Instead of being just another home remodeling company, you are considered “the remodeling company.”

This way, you can effortlessly capture the attention of your target audience. In addition to that, you retain the bulk of customers that you attract due to your excellence conveyed by your reputation.

Another upside to having a competitive advantage is that you earn more from the market share. As most remodeling companies are unable to replicate the level of reputation you have, you gain a greater share of the market. This means more revenue and profit.

As much as you will not manipulate the market price mischievously, you gain a great level of power to do so. Your company sits at the helm of affairs to command the prices of home remodeling services.

The goal is to deliver quality services and if increasing the prices of things will ensure that, why not? You can comfortably deliver quality home remodeling projects to your clients without suffering through it.

Additionally, when you have a competitive advantage in the industry, you upskill and upscale at a comfortable pace. You have a head start and can navigate the market without pressure. Now, you’re the standard, and other businesses are trying to get up there.

Home remodeler marketing company

Attracts quality partnerships

Being at the helm of affairs automatically makes you an authority and a force to reckon with. Local businesses and influencers along with your target audience will want to associate with your brand.

Your audience is for the obvious reasons. However, local businesses are for partnerships that can benefit both parties. 

For example, a top construction company and a top home remodeling company in partnership can refer each other for projects as they are complementary.

As a reputable business, you also earn the trust of businesses and organizations that can award you with contracts beyond individual home remodeling projects.

Your reputation means you are dependable and can be trusted with bigger deals in home remodeling.

Getting investors and top talents to partner with won’t be a difficult thing because your reputation will speak for itself. It will waste no time to tell about your potential to multiply investments and produce great turnouts.

Increases your search engine rankings

If reputation management increases your brand visibility, you can also say that your website traffic tells the story. If reputation management increases your brand visibility, you can also say that your website traffic tells the story. Online reviews on your website contribute to your search ranking metrics.

The number of positive reviews from your customers are high factors for search engines to rank websites. Reviews may be in the form of ratings or user-generated content. Whichever way, they are a vital tool to your search rankings.

With a high rate of positive reviews, you also get more clicks on your site. Everyone wants to see where it’s happening and be on the winning team. When it’s happening on your business website, you will have a pool of audience there.

ORM is improved in the form of mentions and this is a reputable way to build backlinks for your site. As you may already know, backlinks are a ranking factor for businesses in search engines as it communicates authority and credence.

Another way that ORM is expressed is through search engine optimization as you saw earlier. And a defining factor for a successful website optimization is improved user experience.

By optimizing user experience, you improve the quality of your online services through your website. Your website is user and mobile- thereby impacting your visibility.

Now, high-quality content on the site is visible to more customers. Your reputation gets a boost ranking on search results.

More so, optimizing your Google Business Profile makes room for reviews from previous clients and better visibility on local search results.

Marketing for home remodeling company

Provides valuable insights

Your contracting business deserves a big break – like the course changing transformative kind of change. Getting it right requires that you know some essential facts spot-on.

Knowing key details like your customer’s pain points, their preferences, the factors that influence their decisions like their age, occupation, location, and more can help you come up with targeted marketing strategies for them.

Online reviews reveal the heart of your audience. The things you did right, areas they had more expectations and can be improved upon, and other relevant information to your contracting business.

Grows your business in general

With everything going in the right direction, the end is sure. You can already tell how your remodeling business is going to turn out when you pay close attention to your reputation management.

As every aspect of your home remodeling marketing succeeds, you can bet that your business will grow significantly.

You leverage quality partnerships with other corporations like a construction business or real estate agency, influencers in related industries, and more.

With more website visitors, you gain more leads that can convert to loyal customers with careful nurturing. New customers will soon become die-hard followers and supporters of your remodeling company.

Through good times and bad, you can count on these relationships built overtime to come through. Your ORM builds lasting trust that keeps your clients going.

There is also long-term sustainability with the growth you accrue from having a positive reputation. You have a wealth of benefits that won’t run out for a long time.

Above all, your revenue increases as you gain more customers and control over your home remodeling services and charges. You get to have a say and set the pace for many operations as well.

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Final Word

To this day, many are still discovering and using the unlimited potential of digital marketing to boost their online reputation and get clients to trust their brand.

You too can get this for your business. There’s a lot for your business to gain from having a stellar reputation.  

Get in touch with a digital marketing company ready to help you. Contact Padula media to get started on your journey to undeniable wins today.

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