The Power of Marketing in Business

What is marketing and how does it affect your business?   There are two types of marketing,  marketing your product or service and marketing yourself or Branding.  First, let's talk about the service or product side of marketing.  This is where we use copy ad words to tell a story that draws you into what we are selling.  The idea here to get you engaged and into in my case the houses that I am selling.  Making you feel like you are walking through the home for yourself.  I need to be able to get feelings stirred up you so you want to see the house in person.  We do this with the use of print copy,  professional pictures, and videos.  We need to get you excited about the description and draw you in with the pictures.  As they say, a picture says a 1000 words so that is where the magic is.  This side of marketing is rather straightforward as companies have been studying this for years.

The other side of marketing is Branding and today with all the social media tools available this has become incredibly powerful.   I think the best tool for this is video.  Just using your smartphone and telling a story about life and how it has made you who you are is in a video is Branding yourself.   The best way to do this to have a rough spur of the moment raw videos mixed in with professionally edited video like Padula Media produces.   You need to do both as they are both powerful.  They reach different audiences and produce different emotions in people.  Branding is the WHY  people find you and the service marketing is what they will get from you.  You really need to have both types of marketing to be successful in today's marketplace and you need the service of someone like Thomas to pull it all together and make the message unified.

Jim Bernardine is the team leader of at BHHS Fox & Roach Malvern.  Jim can be contacted at (610) 203-8843.

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